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February 03, 2009


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Umm Hibaat

Glad you had such a wonderful day Lucy! I can't wait to be back in London to check out Loops!


Hello Lucy, before I forget it, I do want to say how much I like that buttony gift wrap. I would also have wanted it.

Now, thanks so much for the report on your London visit. You are my proxy, and have saved me lots of airfare, and hotel tariff, and all the rest. Where you visited are spots that I would have on my own list.

I think that Loop must be somewhat akin to my own favorite NYC yarn shop, Purl, on Sullivan Street in our SOHO neighborhood.

You were well advised to take along your crochet for the train ride. I do recognize that table top under the multi-color crocheted wheelies.

Looking at all the comments above, and those that appear often on you site, I am sure that you do realize what a following you have with this happy, inspiring site.

Keep up the lovely energy from your attic. The views both inside and outside are what keep folks coming back to 24.



What a lovely day! Those cupcakes look so yummy. And I love those teaspoons!


Oooops! bad grammar. I should have said beautiful 'simpleness'. I didn't think it looked right. I am sure you all know what I mean. :)


It was so lovely reading about your day full of delights in London.

What a lovely world it would be if 'eveyone' got such enjoyment and pleasure out of the beautiful simplicities of life. I know I do. But I wish so many more people did.


You hit loads of my favourite haunts! My feet ache just reading about it. What fun!


It sounds like a perfect day, right down to the cupcake. Thank you for sharing the journey and the beautiful pictures of what came home with you.


What a fabulous day you had, I love hearing bloggers stories on their trips into London, certainly gives me some ideas for my next shopping trip. Working in London I tend to pop here and there after work for a quick hour but i really need to spend some weekends shopping up there, after all I have the paid up travelcard to do so!

Victoria xx


Ah, Luce, it looks wonderful, so glad you had a good time. Am seriously impressed you managed it all in a day, you must have been shattered on Sunday. It's funny to see tastes so similar to my own; I have those Rice spoons (had the long handled ones a while and got the little ones last time). We sort of have allocated colours in our house, I get the pink, naturally! Those cupcakes look so divine, not sure I could have brought myself to eat such beauty. I'm also loving the Cath K stencil print teatowel now it has been re-coloured in all those sugary pastel shades. I'm hoping she'll release the fabric otherwise I'll just have to buy loads of teatowels!
Hen x


My kinda day! All my favourite hotspots - I must make more of an effort to have days like that...


the cupcakes are gorgeous and look very yummy.


Hi Lucy, sounds like you had a wonderful shopping day. My boyfriend lives right near the Loop shop yet I have never gone in it! I will have a peek next time I go! It is funny that I live in London yet hardly visit any of the shops you have mentioned. I think a little shopping outing of my own is needed! XXX Gem


what a perfectly fantastic day - my idea of shopping heaven.



What a fabulous fun packed day!


What a fun packed day! I am a Londoner and have never even thought about organizing my shopping day. No wonder I miss out on so many good shops. Next time I vow to plan my day before I venture up town. I have product envy of all the lovely goodies you bought back with you. It's a good job you made it there and back before the snow!

Dawn Glover

Hello, just to let you know how much I'm enjoying attic24. I think your crochet is delightful. I'm just a beginner, so appreciate the skill involved!
Looking forward to reading more of your day to day life and looking at your pretty photographs.


Hi Lucy

Glad you had a good day. I bought exactly that ribbon too. I liked the stripes and the turquoise. I also have loads of stuff from rice. I have just ordered some more bowls from Nettle Green, which as long as the snow hasnt stopped them, I should get tomorrow. Also I have a pink version of the turquoise cooking spoon. They are great - they dont get tomatoe stained!

Glad you had a fabulous time. I'm in the process of sorting out which Julie Arkell course to go on Brighton, London or Launceston or Marlborough. Decisions decisions.

Have a lovely day.

Love Emma xxxxx


Sounds like a great day trip and the cupcakes were wonderful! I have never made it to Loop when its open, but its sounds like such a brilliant place.


Wow Sounds a great day - wish I could have been there

You captured it all so beautifully and your purchases are beautiful

Just put the crochet book on my wish list


kitschen pink

Help! I need a stiff drink to calm down after all that eye candy- there's enough here to keep me happy for weeks! Oh you lucky thing - what a wonderful day out! t.x


Lucy, Im exhausted just reading about your day. I adore Liberty and going to London, but could never live there, its far too busy for me.


Beautiful day! How do you do to make it so sunny?!?


Thank you for taking me on a lovely trip to London, I enjoyed the browse so much too!
I also own a big bright turquoise serving spoon, bought as a 'souvenir' from Denmark. My family didn't really 'get it', but I love using it to dish up home cooking-Simple pleasures!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

It sounds like a blissful day! We went to Loop in November and it was a fabulous shop and experience! I'm going to have to follow the link for the crochet book now! I can't wait to go down to London again, hopefully for another bloggy meet up. I just have to find a time when the trains are reasonably priced and the journeys times haven't been doubled (like most of March on the East Coast line) with railworks and bus connections.

My only problem is that I can't crochet on the train because it makes me feel sick - I can knit though!

Lucy x


Glad you both had a lovely day. Ah....Liberty...no shop quite like it is there. Off to re-read and check out the links.

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