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February 03, 2009


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Hi, Lucy! I found your blog from a link posted on one of my crochet groups, & am enjoying it very much. I was sad that you think your blog may be "boring" to others, & I just had to tell you how much I'm enjoying reading about your favorite things (which also happen to be my favorite things)like crochet,cooking & family. I love the bright cheery colors you use in your crochet,seeing your pictures of England, hearing about what your daily life is like & comparing it to mine here in the state of Oregon,USA. I also like how you can hear a person's "accent" by the different words & terms they use. Thank you for the fun I've had looking through your little "window on the world". I hope you'll keep posting,cos I'd like to come back & visit! HUGZ, GINA


I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful trip filled with so much color and joy, and good company. I love a good day trip. :~)


Wow, it looks wonderful. Just as well you got in and out before all that snow! What is it about the yarn in the shops over there that it just looks so much more appealing than the yarn over here? The little stores are so beautiful!


oh hey! thanks for that!
Guess where I'm going tomorrow (grin)

Talking about yarn heaven have you ever been to the Handweaver's Studio? here's the link (http://www.geocities.com/athens/agora/9814/index.htm) the website is not much to commend it - but the shop is great! The staff are lovely - very helpful. OH and go on a weekday if you can - weekends its stuffed (takes the fun out a bit).

miss sew n sew

Hi Lucy
Looks like you had such a fun day I can't wait to go back to London for another shopping trip the shops are just so good and a love the hustle and bustle of the city that you get. It's good to know where these shops are thanks for sharing I'll note them down. Those cupcakes are gorgeous I've been making big cupcakes like that for my daughters party this friday as their having a cupcake decorating party and seeing those have really inspired me!


Looks like you had a fab time in London. Better than I did the other day, anyway! ;-)

And how funny that you bought the same spoon in Divertimenti that I did, only I bought it in orange! :-)


those cupcakes are amazing, mini works of art.

Sounds like you had a fabulous fun filled day, but I bet you were shattered on Sunday! Thanks for taking us blog readers along for the trip and for sharing all your wonderful purchases. x


Lucy, what fun! I quite enjoyed reading about this fabulous day. May I kindly ask if it is possible for you to share the circle flowers crochet pattern? They are lovely and I can think of many ways to use them. Thank you for this beautiful blog.


What a lovely trip. Brilliant photos. Thanks for sharing them. Those cup cakes are amazing.


hi, thanks for coming over the pennines to my blog. I did not realise you were from skipton, I figured it must be somewhere near there because the places you write about are familiar to me. How lucky you are to live there it is a lovely town. Is your friends cafe the wild oats cafe?? My friend who always goes in there when she is in skipton and swears that the food and the atmosphere is fab and right up my street. Me and Neil have a week off in March when Jamie is away on a school trip so we are determined to get there this time. (hope the wild oats is your friends cafe as this will be a bit embarrasing now if it isn't...)



I just discovered your blog! It's amazing, lovely, beautiful and I already love what you write about and how you do it!

So now you're blog is a favourite of mine. Already!

I don't have a blog of my own. Yet.

Have a good time,

A Thrifty Mrs

Looks like you had a wonderful time in the big smoke.


Hi Lucy, what a fabulous day you had, thank you sooo much for sharing it. The cakes are utterly gorgeous and I pressed on the link left by one of your comments (above) and wow, the wedding cake is utterly beautiful. There are so many clever people out there. My crochet is going fab!! I am making a hexagonal cushion but it may turn in to a blanket depending on time!! Have you had snow? We had lots yesterday (finally!) and the school was closed but nothing today, it is as if we dreamt it! I am off to my knitting course today, love it, although I adore crochet more, it just seems much more pretty. Kathy


Next on my to do list: visit London Attic24-style. Great blog entry again.

It's so much fun reading your stories.
Started the hexagon blanket (6 hexagons done already) and my babette blanket.
Have a look at my pics on flickr soon.

Thanks for charing



what a fantastic day! i must plan a trip to loop......looks devine.

Bertie Meadows

Oh what a lovely day you had. Can I come next time ?
Bertie x


What a fabulous re-run of the whole day! still on a buzz - trying to persuade sarah to open a 'loop of the north'!hope your're havin' fun in all this snow! love C x


Phew! I need a coffee and a sit down after reading that. Yorkshire to London and back in 5 minutes with all that eye candy has worn me out completely. What a day! I feel as if I was with you every step of the way. Your head must still be spinning Lucy, such a pity all those fab places are so far away. Bet you're already planning the next trip! Eli


What a fantastic day out.Very impressed that you managed all those gorgeous shops.Lovely goodies!The cupcakes look divine.I must go to the Loop shop,it's on my To Do list,which is very long!
Rachel x


Phew!! Beautiful colours, beautiful cup cakes, and a beautiful blog! Thanks for sharing your inspiring trip.


Thank you for sharing your day with us. Your photographs are always such a joy to look at, so much wonderful colour.
I can't wait to see what all those lovely crocheted flower circles are for.
Debbie x


Il tuo blog èmeraviglioso e tu sei bravissim davvero !!!
Ti seguo con interesse, ti ho messa tra i miei preferiti.
Ti auguro una buonissima giornata :)


Hello Lucy,
A small message from France.
I love your fabulous blog. It's realy a great pleasure to read you.
Have a nice day.



I love your colourful blog and your nice and colourful crochted blankets. You have inspired me to make yet another one... have a nice and colourful day!


What a lovely day, I hoping for a shopping trip in March.. maybe staying over & seeing 'Oliver'. Need a London fix! :)

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