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February 27, 2009


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Lori French

Absolutely delightful, colourful, ready to brighten my day too, sweet flowers, thanks such a lot for sharing with us your joys! It helps me no end. Thanks, Lori xxx


Oops, sorry, back to business, can you show us the neatest way to join the small squares together, I'm drowning in the little blighters.....
Thank you


love your blog !!and thanx for sweet flowers:)


Thankyou for the help with the photo mosaic Lucy, i will have to give it a go (or pursuade hubby to help!).

Congratulations on being featured in the mags, must make you feel very special. I must say that i do think your blog is worthy of such attention though, its just such an honest and enjoyable read.

Aqeela xx

Margaret Milburn

What beautiful flowers, they look perfect and really cheer you up.


cheryl martin

Lucy, believe me, your talent does all the talking... I absolutely adore your blog. From waaaaaaay up here in Northern Canada...thanks again.


Sweet Lucy of Yorkshire! You have inspired me to start my own blog. While I may never be able to bring as much beautiful color or creativity to the web, your blog make me want to at least try.

Those flowers you posted are absolutely lovely and I hope you enjoy them as much as your sweet success!


Hi Lucy
I just wanted to say congratulations for all the praise and press, fame!!! he he!! I think you really deserve it, I love your blog, I love the bright photos, and the way you write about your day, and I love the fact that you take the time to reply to people too, Your crochet is really inspiring!
All the best and thanks so much for your lovely blog, I think you're the English 'Posie gets Cosy'!! you wont be able to stop now!!
Felicity xx

Shelley in SC

Thanks for the lovely flowers, Lucy. I hope you're feeling the joy coming back to you that you bring to us.


I tried to post before but not sure what happened. I just want to say I am so happy to have found your little attic. The flowers are beautiful love them and also love your crafts you are a talented yound lady. Bunny

Suz Reaney

Thanks to a link from Ullabenulla, I spent the last ten hours rading your blog from start to finish. It took me from a rather joyless place (not typical of me) to a happy, happy, smiling fresh new perspective. So many things are common...I am a disorganized person; I love to create; I love your colors; I am fascinated with little crocheted flowers at the moment, though I am primarily a beader; I adore Kaffe Fassett. And yet there is this wonderful "English" feel that I love and have missed so much. My best friend was from Brighton and died several years ago and I felt like I had returned home.

Thank you for this great joy. I live in Minnesota and we currently have nine inches of fresh snow on the ground and I am tired of winter but will go on to to create more sunshine in my home.

Sending you hugs for making my day,

Nina - Tabiboo

Gosh, you must have really long arms!! Lovely flowers and photos (as ever), well done and congratulations again.

Have a lovely weekend (lots of celebrating??)

Nina xx


Beautiful flowers and crochet work, you are a talented young lady glad I found your blog.


You better not go anywhere ever!!!!! my goodness Luce what would we all do if we did not have you in our lifes every day! Love the flowers as well hunnie
Have a nice w/end and see you monday

Lisa x

Sew Recycled!

Well done Lucy,
You deserve the flowers for giving us so much joy with your blog.
Congrats on the magazines, it will all start rolling in, you will have to practice that signiture of yours!!!!
Have a good weekend.


the bestest flowers! well done again and have a great weekend! noelle x


I can't believe I have only just found your lovely blog!!! I have had a go at your flower tutorial this morning and have managed to make one!!!! and so have just ordered lots of lovely cotton to make more.


The things that make your blog stand out: unlike a very famous blog you make your reader feel happy by the way you look for the little things to be happy about, you are so generous withbyour patterns and write the best and clearest lessons I have ever seen (and I am a teacher!), and you teach us so much about colour. Thank you for the thanks but they are all yours!


Well done Lucy thats such good news. I love coming to the attic to brighten my day so i am sure the magazine editors do too!!
The Flowers are Lovely and I am so pleased for you.
Louise xx


Thank you for the flowers! You give so much to others just by being you!

Tamara Erbacher

You've been tagged, play along if you want! I have given you a little wrap on my blog...not that you need one...ahh but really you can never have enough, can you?


You deserve all the lovely comments. Your blog always brightens my morning and helps me get out of bed! You've inspired our living room paint colour and my new found crochet addiction. Thankyou. Enjoy your gorgeous flowers.


You are such a sweet person... Soo happy i found your blog..I love your flowers, they are so pretty.
Have a nice weekend...


How you have explained it all, is
'Living in the Moment' or 'Living Now'.
I do it all the time, not purposefully, or intentionally. It just happens to be that way. I wake up each day, not knowing what is ahead, I just let it happen.
I get sidetracked, by pottering around, and enjoying my craft, ie: crochet quilting garden, arranging, decorating, shopping, thinking, reading, and my head just full of thoughts. No deadlines.
I feel you are a kindred spirit.
What we posses, I now believe is a very valuable gift, and I don't want to be any other way. So please stay the same. Enjoying the NOW. :)


your blog is such a delight, i'm glad more people get to experience it! thanks for just being you and sharing - it's why we come and read. congrats!

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