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  • Hello! Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x


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February 27, 2009


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Thank you, Lucy!
It's been a wonderful and awful day and I cried a bit when you gave me the flowers. Well, not exactly to me, I know, but I got emotinal there. Hope your days are much more wonderful. Kay


Hi Lucy. Congrats on one year of your great blog. I am struggling trying to remember how to do the ripple crochet. I made a ripple blanket many moons ago. Do you have any instructions on your links? Thank you. Sally.


Dear Lucy~ I just would like to share with you, that I stumbled across your blog, oh probably about 6 months ago, and I love-love-love it. I read it everyday. I have never been to England, so all of the beautiful photos, and the stories are just such a joy. I am from the US (oregon). You are a very talented lady, and I would just like to say Thank You. Reading the blog is kind of a stress reliever for me :) I love to set my laptop (on my lap) with my cup of coffee, and I can just sit and read. I would like to know though, how you get the cute little designs on top of your tea or coffee... To be honest, I have never seen anything like that. Well, happy Blogiversary- I enjoy it very much. And if I were closer, I would love to take one of your crocheting classes... Beautiful work.

Karen from Kalamazoo

I love your pictures, the many colors, the flowers & your blog. Don't know how you get so many things done, but I love visiting your blog!


Vous avez un blog extraordinaire, votre sens des couleurs est d'une poésie extrême et est un ravissement.
Sorry but I don't speak english.
Bravo pour tout ce que vous faîtes vous transformez la laine en or.
Best regards


Hello there, Im much like you in that I need a fix of sea quite frequently, so these lovely pictures were a tonic for the soul!
Lovely to find you and your delicious blog
Julia xxx


Your flowers are beautiful as always. I'm surprised the magazines have only just found you! Where have they been??? Oh yea, I only recently found you too. I'm sure we'll be seeing you grace many more pages to come. Lucky us :)


Congratulations on being published! This has become one of my favorite blogs since I discovered it a few months ago. Thank you


Oh what lovely flowers, how sweet of you.
I have almost finished my crocheted bag! will post a picci of it soon.


beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.


Thankyou You Lucy



You deserve it!!!
Thank you for brighten up our days!

Christine Warren

Hi Lucy,
Congratulations on your magazines! I want to say thank you for posting your patterns. I made your crochet bag with the flowers. It turned out very nice. I added a row of flowers down the back of the bag to hide the seam. I would like to show you a picture. If you want to see it just email me.
Have a great day!

Rachael Rabbit

Hey congrats on such wonderful magazine articles!! It sounds like you are super smiley and you deserve every moment of it.


I've only come across you in recent weeks and I love your colourful blog.

sara nixon

These are my Mom's favourites. I love the blue one. How do you get the colours to pop on your photographs?


So pleased to see your news! You are incredibly talented and it's nice to see that talent rewarded. I check your blog every day but it's not the first one I check. I always save yours for dessert ;) It's my own special little treat to see what you've been up to :D


Oh Lucy - What a beautiful blog you have created here ... Blog aounds the wrong word to describe this world you have created ... it sounds too ugly a word. I stumbled across your world through a friend who is obsessed with your hexagons! I saw your beautiful photos of the anemones and remembered by dear Nana - those were her favourites. I have made friends with my conservatory today - too cold out here in the winter and not viable to heat - but now we have a wonderful spring day I can sit out here - it feels like sitting in the garden - but with shelter. A lot of my craft projects end up in here as well as crafty gifts from friends. My baby boy is 5 months this week ... time he started to live in colour ... We're going out to buy some anemones when he wakes.
Thankyou Lucy - I'll come back soon to visit your world of colour
Emma x


My turn to leave a comment. I've discovered your blog a few months ago. I love it. I love your colors so I do a little visit to you "attic" as often as possible to light up my Norman winter. A few weeks ago I adviced the readers of my blog to come and visit yours. Some of them thanked me for that!
French readers love your universe.


I discovered your blog some days ago and i think it's fantastic!
I LOVE it a lot!
You are always a surprise and you're able to create the colors!!
Thank you!


Wow! What stunning color! Congratulations on your recent magazine mentions -- SOOOO well deserved for such a beautiful blog!!!


Hello Lucy,

I discovered your blog last week and have enjoyed looking through it while I should have been doing other things. I have a deadline that just passed, but had the need to go out and buy a crochet hook and some yarn yesterday instead of doing what I should have been doing!

Anyway, it's inspirational and so very beautiful. I'm moving soon and will be renovating a cottage and suddenly it is clear in my head how things are going to look. I am going to embrace colour!


Nan K.

Lucy, I just started reading your page a few weeks ago and I can't tell you how wonderful I feel after I have finished. Bravo, to you for the inclusion in two magazines! You truly deserve it. Your colors are bright and eye-catching and can perk up anyone who is not having a great day. Nancy
ps. Hope you don't mind me asking - do you live anywhere near Tingley? We have distant family there. It's also wonderful reading what's up in your area of the world.!


You should be really proud of yourself- somethimes we feel that we have to live up to other people's expectations or lifestyle.
I think that you, your home and family are lovely and I for one am really glad that I found your inspirational blog!!!!
Hope you had a great weekend- you deserve it!!!
PS, I made your lush cookies this week and they were yummy!!! Another reason to thank you.
Love Tara


Just back from a short trip for work to find all this excitement...you thoroughly deserve all this acclaim for your lovely blog, it always lifts my spirits and inspires! Well done!

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