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February 17, 2009


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Kathy Prickett

So stunningly gorgeous Lucy. I admire and love nature like this also. More times than not I either don't have my camera in reach or the battery has run down. Thank you so much for sharing in the beauty.

Umm Hibaat

Beautiful. Lucy, I always come to your blog to brighten MY day and it always does. Thank you!!!


Love those pictures, Lucy. I hate to say but we have had a lovely sunny day here in Sussex. My oldest son only wore a t.shirt when we went shopping and the warmth has brought on the crocus and daffodils. Plenty of colour inside your house to keep you cheerful whilst its grey outside.Karenx


Envy you your beautiful view!! And especially the precious time you have to sit and enjoy it!! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics!!


Beautiful pictures Lucy - you really are blessed to have such a view! I love that syrupy sort of light you get at certain times - it turns everything golden and wonderful! Sigh.


What a wonderful view Luce. I too get lost in different scenes around where we live. Especially when hiking. I will just stop in the middle of the trail and just lose myself in the moment. Isn't it wonderful when something just takes your breath away and for a moment nothing in the world matters except the beautiful sight before you.

toodles! xxxx


Hi Lucy
You have a very nice view!!!
Just wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a nice evening,


you do have the most amazing view from your attic, but it's also so true that we can miss so much of the beauty around us through always looking for the next thing. Blogging, and especially your blog, is teaching me to savour the precious moments in life, be that beautiful views or Barbie's exploits, because all too soon they'll have gone. x


Thank you, Lucy, for sharing your golden moments. You do have an awesome view at all times of the year, in any weather. I really always enjoy your 'view from the attic window' posts. Hope the rest of your day is full of delightful little moments to treasure.


Breath taking! The size of the moon shows just how big space seems. Thank you for taking the time out to post in what must be a busy half term week!


Thank you for alway sharing this moments with us. I'm a new reader of your blog and I like to see all the little things you do, I enjoy your photos and your words. You seem to be a very kind and sweet person :)
Sorry for my bad english!


gorgeous view..I would sit there all day watching the world go by:-)


Thank you for sharing it with us.

Alex Mason

Gorgeous view x



such a lovely view, I think if I had your view I'd never leave the atticxx


You have the ability to lift the spirits,
such wonderful posts. Thank you. Have you ever considered being a councellor?( spelling?)Best wishes and long may you continue to blog.

Bertie Meadows

Hello Lucy, such a lovely post. It's so true, we do need to appreciate those special moments don't we. That veiw is magnificent. Hope you are enjoying the half term. No drizzle here yet!
Bertie x


Thank you for sharing such a magnificent view with us Lucy. If only all our window views could be so spectacular! Thanks for commenting on the crochet post. I will get around to using a good quality wool for my next project. I just wanted to see if I still had the touch first!!! I think I am becoming a little addicted to it!

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