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February 16, 2009


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I tuoi amaryllis sono meravigliosi come il tuo blog!! Sei bravissima!!!!!!!!


Beautiful. It puts me in mind of Georgia O'Keefe. The way if fills the frame is perfect.


very lovely flower display , such great colours. naughty barbie ! ha ha its usually waving lightsabers in our house that do the damage!!

kitschen pink

Oh I do love floosie flowers.Quite nice to have them bloom on little jars - but really - get that Barbie girl under control - you see this is what comes of extended boobs, clearly she is totally off balance! t.x


Tsk, Tsk, never mind. They're still beautiful, just stemless!!
That Barbie has a lot to answer for.
Looking forward to seeing the others, are they the same colour??


Good Morning sweet Lucy,
Your Red Lion is breath-takingly beautiful. I can't have them because of my kitties. They chew anything resembling live plants in the house and amarylis are not cat friendly. So thank you for sharing yours.

I am anxiously awaiting, no - buzzing with impatients, our upcoming flowery event. Last fall we planted a surprise for our neighbors in our front yard lawn - about 100 multi-colored crocus in the shape of a peace sign!!!!! The green tips are popping up through the grass now, even though it will be next month when they have their audition. I will watch from the front window at the neighbors surprise and joy when they witness the bright yellows and purples springing up to shout PEACE! I'll be sure and post a link.

Thanks again for all the joy you share.


They are too much of a temptation for little ones. I remember Oriana holding budding flowers in her fat little fist. Too squished for salvation. It still blooms though, this will be its 11th year!


WOW!! How beautiful they turned out to be. And red, my favorite color!! How did you know? :) LOL!! I never got around to buying any this year but you can bet I will next winter after seeing how pretty yours turned out.

Don't the little stories of how things just happened crack you up. Believe me, I have had my share. I still give the "Really?" look and the truth just spills out. Too Funny!! At least you have the lovely blooms to still look at.

Have a great day Luce!!! :D



OH dear naughty Barbie - at least you get a beautiful flower in the vase to gaze at. Love the little flower border on your shelf too - are they hamma beads?



Poor Vera and Minerva - they didn't stand a chance!!!


Oh, they are lovely! I love red flowers. They look gorgeous on that shelf, the display is great.

Funny how everything happens "all by itself," hmm? I have a lot of that around my house, too. ;)

French Knots

That Barbie is always up to mischief!! Amazing amaryllis!


prefect angle, perfect shot added value to the beautiful flowers.

Shelley in SC

Oh, I love the gorgeous red view of the "performance." And I especially love the story of the not-quite-perfect 2 dropped flowers who still continue to bloom.


Lucy Thankyou! Just returned from work with a belter of a headache, seen your post & smiled at your post of sunshine & colour.... Think I might (no, need too) bottle you & take to work for my patients....Glad to see I'm ot the only one with mischevious toys in the house... Love Lydia

Liz Lee

Beautiful flowers and a story to be kept for future years. Can I just add how wonderful it is to see all the clours in your home. I happened on your blog via Scrapbook Inspirations while I was looking for crocheted flowers and it really caught my eye. It is so nice to see so many colours especially at a time when everything seems so grey :)

susan hall

Lovely to see your flowers especially as my own amaryllis are all done and dusted.
Loving the red lion name, they need "big" names to match their flamboyant personalities.
Thanks also for the pretty valentine you gave us, it brought sweet memories for me of not so long ago, of my children before they found valentines day just a total embarassment and certainly not to be mentioned by parents. I used to make a pink iced sponge cake in a heart shaped tin-I wonder where that went. Susan x


These are the stories you will always remember and they are as sweet as the flowers themselves. Thank you for sharing. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic


Totally exquisite!!!


What lovely flowers! If you plant the bulb outdoors in summer,it should bloom for you again next year. Don't let the bulb freeze, though...you have to bring it in.
Oh yes, I remember Barbie and her evil doings!



What a lovely show that has been! I too love watching flowers open...too beautiful, that red color is just perfect. And to me, well, the flower Barbie took hold of, well, I think that's the most special of all, I love the way *her* story unfolded, just as special as the flower :-)

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