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February 18, 2009


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What a great, simple idea. I've bookmarked it for future rainy days with my 2 1/2 year old!


I made these same cookies once with a couple of boys in school. They had trouble reading, had trouble behaving and were always being told off. I felt they had a really tough time of it all so managed to persuade the Powers That Be to give them a break and let them have fun for once. The boys were incredibly creative and made lovely cookies - at least they thought they were lovely, I reserved judgement!

Strangely enough, their behaviour improved (albeit for a very short time!)


I've discovered your blog today and I love it..
You're in my links till now!!

Mrs Bun

The eating bit made me chuckle. My girls offer up things they have made with such pride and I also have to say mantra like don't think what they've done to it, just chew and swallow. Lovely post.


What fun, that book looks fantastic. Will have to check out Amazon, not that we will be baking for a few more years (Cara is coming up one in April). I can't wait to be able to bake with her though.

The cookies your little people made look fantastic, no wonder they were happy.

Hope the weather gets a bit better soon.


That's just too cute! I wish I had kids to bake with. Thanks for sharing the book. My nephew has his birthday coming up and I might get him a book just like that. Have a wonderfully, rainy day. :)


How utterly adorable and precious! My little peeps love helping in the kitchen more than anything. My toes get run over often when a chair or a bench try to make their way into the kitchen so counters can be reached. :) I try not to freak out too much about the mess and keep telling myself that things can be cleaned up after. Kind of hard when my working past was in a HUGE kitchen and you had "clean as you go" crammed into your brain daily. I take a lot of deep breaths so not to ruin their moments of gratitude. It's all about nice, warm memories.

Thanks for sharing another wonderful Little People moment with us all Luce. What lucky, lucky Little People they are with you as a Mum. :) It just makes a gal want to give you a big bear hug for being so darn wonderful to them.



Perfect timing Lucy - my own little men have just made these cookies thanks to you. Now I'm just going to clean up all the sprinkles all over the kitchen floor! xx

Lucy Locket-Pocket

But surely pounding and slapping the dough around is a great way to get their fingernails clean?!!


I bet the little people felt a great sense of achievement. I know what their dad is going to have to sample when he gets home from work!


Hi Lucy
Wonderful post.Happy Kids and a lucky mother!!

Have a nice day


PArt of this book, according to the picture, makes me think I should've written a book myself. When my boy was little, I had a box in the basement--THe Rainy Day Box--that he was allowed to open ON RAINY DAYS (duh) but only on those days. It wAS filled with toys that were really no exciting than others, but the idea that they only were allowed to be played with on these days was really exciting to him. I would refill it occasionally (secretly) and that just added to the excitement.

Sigh. I miss those days. Now he's 13 and wants nothing to do with me. Hold these days dear, Lucy.


hi, today is a promised mid week computer/dvd day for Jamie (ie I have some paperwork I need to do this week)but as for the rest of the holidays we have a baking day planned and a wooden crocodile building day (an unopened Christmas Present)to tackle. We were lucky yesterday this side of the pennines the weather was dry and mild enough for Jamie and his friends to build an obstacle course in the garden so it's actually been nice for them to have some outdoor play for a change. (we missed out on most of the snow and just had the rain so it seems like months since we've been out). Have fun


they do look nice but i know what you mean about the taste! still, it keeps them entertained. we are having dry weather down here in the westcountry for the half term so sam is able to go out and play with his friends , leaving me to play with felting or sewing!!!! oooh lucky me!

Sharon Sunday

I have been enjoying your blog for a while, but I must comment on this one. I loved the book and the cookies. I will definately do this with my grandchildren, who also love to bake. Thanks!


well they look good even if they dont taste it :-) i will have to resort to baking tomorrow after my week so far that ive just blogged about - luckily having a few hours to myself whilst the grandparents do the entertaining ;-)
Lesley x


Oh many thanks - we were going to make biccies this morning anyway - we even have sprinkles in. This looks like such a simple recipe. I spy a cocoa version in the book though, and we have some green and black's cocoa in the cupboard - how much shall I add?


Thanks! As it rains in Paris and I have no appropriate book nor kit. I am going to buy "sprinkles" (?) :-)

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