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February 12, 2009


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Jules Francis

I have just made your lovely noddle recipe and oh my was it very yummmmmy!! Will definitely be one I make again. Tx for sharing it with us. Mmmmm! Tx Lucy. X

ann clements

will try this for tea one night but will leave out the tomato sauce as hubby is allergic to tomatos

Anne Marie

Oh, the COLOURS of your food! I might just do that with chick peas as a veggie option. LOVELY. Even your food is colourful.

Carolina Elizabeth

Oh, your brilliant photos are so inspiring. Please, come visit my blog. I have lots of colorful paintings and things about other artists that also inspire.


inspiring. just wonderful. jag är en svensk dam som stickar å virkar mycket Syr också se min Blogg----Min engelsak är ej så GOOD sorry ima.


thank you for sharing, I will try to make this one - for sure!!


That sounds good!
I like noodles very much and also baby corn cobs and brocolli. Also ginger and coriander. I use it all the time.Tomato I don't like but I use it everyday in everything the same way I use salt, to seasoning not to feel its taste.

jennifer plante

i had to let you know, i love your blog. so inspiring. just wonderful. thank you for sharing.

mia i diö

ello,,, i tray this recipe now .. weekend.:)


This recipe is so similar to lots of variations (using the Italian conventions) that I make over and over again. A great mix of colorful, healthy vegetables are always the focus.

Some oil, some noodles, some form of protein,

Toss it together and you are ready with a wonderful meal.

Color is the key!


Yum Yum! Another great recipe of yours I will have to try. Thanks for sharing and the fab photos.


Mmmm yum! - Do you get your little ones to help in the Kitchen? (not forgeting your sons valiant attempts with the cupcakes!) My 8 year old is getting reluctant to try new things - apart from meat (he's a dinosuar apparently) - this is a pain when me & little miss are more veggie inclined. I know you've got good eaters - any hints?... Love Lydia xx


Yum...it looks good.


Hello again, this sounds great. Will certainly pass the recipe on to my son who is also a whizz in the kitchen! Don't know where he gets it from?! Love the photos as usual.

karen smith

Sorry this comment isn't about food although it does look rather yummy.
I have a question for you:
I have just started learning to crochet (inspired by you and your wonderfull blog of course)and I have now mastered a basic granny square and was wondering if you could tell me what is the best way of joining all the squares together to make a blanket?
Hope you don't mind me asking


This sounds soooooo yummy Luce! I am adding the ingredients on my shopping list now. My crew loves anything with noodles and even if it looks and smells like Chinese food. YUM!! Recipes like this are so awesome when it is cold and damp out. Tell Stu thanks for sharing!

Have Toodly Noodly awesome day Luce! :D LOL!!

kar xxxxx

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Sounds yummy! We'll be trying this one soon!

Lucy x


Sounds good!

A Thrifty Mrs

One of my utter faves.


February NEEDS this recipe!!! I usually buy a ready made sauce for a stir fry but I will definitely give 'Stu's' sauce a go!

susan hall

Looks absolutely yummy Lucy! I'd love to have ago at this one and soon. would it be ok do you think to use de seeded tomatoes instead of peppers? Iam horribly allergeric to peppers. As usual your photos are excellent. love S


Sounds yummy. We are having something similar for tea tonight, but I never thought of putting peanut butter in with the soy sauce and ketchup!

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