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February 05, 2009


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I really love those stars you have in the middle of your drinks. Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside! But then again, your entire blog gets me in that mood ;)!


I love the make do & mend feature. No shops near me & I want to buy it NOW!!! :)


Ah, Lucy, I am a fellow magazine-a-holic, completely obsessive, I must buy at least 6 each month, though like you, I usually have a flick first in Smiths. Homes & Antiques has really improved recently and they have more emphasis on homes now, I've bought the last 3-4 issues. I've seen the "train carriage house" in lots of mags, it's groovy. I wonder, do you ever get Easy Living? Most of it is girly clothes n make up stuff but the homes bit at the back is marvellous. This month's has vintage railway posters in the home of Laura Ashley's daughter who is a textile designer for Elanbach. Last month was Rita Koenig, Nina Campbell's daughter, and lots of bright funky Cath K and vintage stuff too. I was just literally flicking through last November (strange, I know) and it is the house of our dreams, owned by a Danish designer who works for Rice (you know, manufacturer of our groovy coloured melamine spoons, beakers, plates etc) (ie. the ones we bought in Emma Bridgewater). I'm going to get a subscription 'cos it's £12 for the year and you get free hair gear!
Off to brave the rain now. Have a happy day.
Hen x


Yes, we all covet those scenes..
but from looking at your blog you are doing very well in incorporating many of those aspects into you home already.
I agree with all recycling/eco deco, something that we try to do here in Crete ( mostly from neccessity)


You take a good photo. When I got to the end of the magazine photos, I thought "Oh look - they have a crochet throw the same as.....oh yeah - that's her picture!".
I thought that your photo was one from a magazine.

Love your colours.


I understand you so well. I don't buy many here but when I go to England I buy a lot and save it to when I'm home and think about England - and miss it.


Once we've dug ourselves out of the snow - again !!! I am off to the shops post haste - they look amazing.

I too am a magazine addict - when I have a sort out to pass them on I find myself saying "I had a lot of them given me and bought a lot in charity shops!" Is this a sign of an addict.......................


karen smith

Ok you got me I'm a magazine-a-holic too I only wish I could stop at one a week though lol.
Those spreads are delightful though aren't they.


Oh so gorgeous, Lucy. Whenever I imagine country living, I think of the really old dusty country gingham look, with chicken and duck statues everywhere! Haha... I LOVE the new modern country "eco-chic" look. Thanks so much for sharing!


Country homes March issue!! I don't think I've read February's yet.

I'll blame it on my moving to the country lol. It's still in a box somewhere ...

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