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February 05, 2009


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elizabeth of course

Oh I wish thast Make do and mend print was more affordable!!!

Lindsey (ethel & edna)

*hands up* I am another potential member of MA. I buy and flick and dream and drool, then look despairingly at my hovel. My house-proud gene is in hibernation at the moment.
It's much easier to turn to the magazines - and to read your blog (which is easily as sumptuously photographed and scrummily styled as those glossies) - than to make any efforts to sort my own house out. Maybe in the Spring...


That Country Homes mag looks great. Wonder if I can find it in Australia.



I love magazines too and now you've teased us with all those wonderful images I'm going to have to rush out and get my own copies!!

Victoria xx

Mrs Bun

That railway carriage was featured in an old Country Living article a year or two ago. When I read it then I fell in love with the cosiness of the bedroom, it truly was a room to hide in and snuggle up. How I wish I was rich and that was my holiday bolthole. Magazines - I tell myself I mustn't. My fingers linger and then I give in. There are worse habits.



I've got that coffee pot but in yellow!!!, I found it complete with cups, jug and sugar bowl in oxfam one day on the way home from pre-school!
Im stuck in bed after pulling my back and the only thing thats been keeping me going is my mags and my fave. blogs!! (i think i might have to get someone to get me the bbc mag though, he he!!)
thanks lucy! xx


Looks like I'll be taking another trip to Borders to view the wonderful British edition of Country Living. It's always so cozy to sit in the store and sip Chai while reading in a comfy chair. I'd much rather be sitting in a comfy chair at home but buying a British issue is just too expensive here in the States. They are always a month behind, so I won't be reading the spring March issue for awhile. Thanks for showing these beautiful pictures, sweet Lucy. And enjoy your magazine reading time! Oh, and how do you get those lovely designs in your cups of coffee or tea? So charming and fascinating and so YOU!!!


Oh, I love magazines - thanks for sharing! I call them my house porn! Another one for MA here :) love the second picture, although I'm not sure I'd manage to keep all those jars empty! x


Oh I so identify with you! I have resisted in buying too many this year but I really will have to go and buy one now! LOL


Sometimes, it is great just to disappear into 'Magazine land'. I do it often ;-)


You are too darn funny! Maybe we should all start a MA group (magazine-aholics anonymous)! :) Not sure that would work though. All those pics stir ideas in me to gets things just the way I want them in my house. Not enough time! Thanks for sharing again Luce. Such wonderful inspiration dear. :)

Well off to getting something done. The hex blankie is "yelling" at me to get back to work. :) Hope you have a FAB day tomorrow.!

kar xxx


Thanks for the peek...It'll be probably another month before we see those issues in Vancouver!

Elspeth Thompson

Dear Lucy
Thanks for the message about the railway carriage house - it looks FAR whiter and tidier than mine - but hey, that's the Wonderful World of Magazineland for you... I used to work for these mags, so I know EXACTLY what mess and chaos may be going on just out of shot...
Lovely pics - though I have to say I really like yours, too.
And Cara thanks for the link to my blog.
xx Elspeth


If you like railway carriage houses you must visit Elspeth Thompsons blog :


(Yes we share the same name!)

Julia Guthrie

Ok...now I need a Country homes magazine to go with them bloomin cookies you've made me fancy! Bah!
Btw...how do you get your chocolate star sprinkle on your coffee? I love those when we have Cappuchinos upstairs in the bookshop (I think its a costa coffee).

Julia x

paty z in mex

I´m a magazine-a-holic too.I love Country Living and Living by Martha Stewart. I live in Mexico and we don´t get over here the UK version of Country living, so I really appreciate your photos.
The site of the lady living in an eco house is:
Love your blog


Andrea's comment made me smile .... my reply to my husband is "I'm shopping off-list"

Wonderful post!

A Thrifty Mrs

BBC Home and Antiques has really stepped it's game up recently and is on my must have list every month.


Oops! I meant to say, how do you get that little star on your drink?!


Like you I buy Country Homes and Interiors every month and love escaping to that beautiful place. I've just recently found your blog though and I find it provides that same lovely escapism! Keep up the good work! :)


Magazines aside, how do you that little star on your hot drink? It must make it taste even better than it normally would.


Cara @ Turvys

If you liked the railway carriage - you'll probably love this blog: http://elspeththompson.wordpress.com/

C x


It is so nice to see you have the same addiction as me! Magazines are my weak spot- almost all types( not trashy, tacky ones- just all the rest)I have mazine files from when i was just married. I tore out the most loved pages and put them in a binder. i have them in seasonal categories for ideas. A good magazine is always a treat.I will take a subcription to one of my favorites over jewelry any day.


Oh, tell me about it, whenever we go to the supermarket my husband heaves a sign when he spots me heading towards the directions of the magazines and shouts we have only come for whats on the list remember!! They sooo don't understand do they??!! Andrea x


There's a blog out there written by a lady who is doing up an old railway carriage by the sea, but for the life of me I can't find the link!! Wonder if it's the same one that's featured in the article? I'll hunt around some more for it!

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