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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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February 26, 2009


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Hi Lucy~

I wasn't certain how else to alert you to this little tid bit, but I hope this gets where it needs to go

Attic 24 (specifically you and your new ownership of Connievan) are mentioned in the July Issue 2 of Handmade Living in the "What's on the Web" section (they spotlight blogs, from what it seems)

I am clear across the pond, in the USA but picked up Handmade Living, in part, because of all the beautiful UK magazine you regularly feature on your blog. I was thrilled to find the blurb about you and Connie in the pages!

I love your work and your words

thanks for all the color!


lovely! blog inspires! I also love the bright rainbow colors!


everyone needs some kind of boost. i'm so glad you got TWO mentions. mention sounds kind of weak, since you are in two publications of reknown. you are an inspiration to me, and i'm about to get off my duff and make the mural for our big wall. really i am GOING TO D O IT! you inspired me. thank you! and kudos to you! jkj

elizabeth of course

I think -a blog like a rainbow- is the PERFECT description!


I'm catching up on blogs...How exciting for you. Congratulations!

Victoria Leather

Well done you!! Your blog is lovely, its day to day-ness is what makes it so great. I wish I could be as creative as you but alas, I simply make do with enjoying others' great arty bits and stick to colouring in with the small people here at the Manor. You should be so so proud, you deserve the recognition. Am very chuffed for you. Victoria xx


I fully agree with this magazine!
It's a while now that you are mentionned in the bookmarks on my blog and that I daily drop by;D
Thank you for your splendid and charming blog!!!


Your blog is definitely like a rainbow - and it colours my day :-)

You just keep right on being you - not that you need my permission or anything. lol

Mademoiselle M.

Congratulations! Well done my dear!

I'm going to try your cookie recipe right now by the way!



Enjoy, You Deserve it!

María Isabel

Lucy, I follow your blog from long ago and all what it is said in the magazine is true. You are an inspiration for all of us and reading your daily life and thoughts, we feel we are many women with similar interests and dreams. It´s funny but sometimes I feel as if I know you... Continue being you, you are nice and a great person who can transmit only good things for others. Hope for you and your family always happiness, good luck and a wonderful year...
M. Isabel


Congratulations Lucy! How exciting for you! You deserve it. I just love to visit and see what wonderful colors you'll us each time.
It cheers me just o look at all the photos and then when I read the words too, I feel like I've just had a lovely chat with a good friend.
Hugs, Rhondi

Nina - Tabiboo

WOW! How completely and utterly amazing for you, congratulations, you must have as enormous smile??

Nina x


Congratulations! You deserve all the honour, after all your blog is like a rainbow - that´s why I keep coming back for more! :-)


Bravo you are all they say and much more! You go girl!!


Hi Lucy. Not only is your blog like a rainbow, but you
are like the sunshine---I read your blog everyday!


Congratulations! I found your blog a couple of months ago, and like everyone who has commented, I love it! I am a crocheter too, but your use of colour is absolutely WOW! My mum also loves your blog - it is her absolute favourite - your writing is so evocative and intimate. I am not at all surprised to find your blog in magazines - well deserved recognition.

The Coffee Lady

we wouldn't grow if we didn't wobble. I'm sure that's true.

You deserve it - your blog is so cheerful. I have unsubscribed from several blogs recently because I decided to only read those that brightened my day - yours is one of the first I go to when I see an update.


Congratulations Lucy! You deserve it and I suspect this will the first of many recognitions of your talent.
Tracy, xx


Wow...well done Lucy. I am not surprised! Your blog is lovely. xxx

petit caillou

Congratulations! Your blog is a so beautiful rainbow!!That's true!


Dear, sweet and shining Lucy......

I was having a 'bit of a wobble' when I quite accidently (or so I thought) found your blog. I couldn't find a rainbow even if it hit me over my head at the time. Then you popped up all smiley and bright. All those wonderful colors and notions that everyday life is absolutely delightful.... Things like walking in the rain, having some hot tea mid-way walk, pictures of a tulip, a muffin, a view from your attic, delightlfully curling up with a magazine or a few skeins of fresh picked cotton yarn. You gave me back some color in my life....something to look forward to. You, my sweet girl, have been my mood enhancing drug for this dreary and very tough winter in my life.

So, whenever you think you don't have a clear and useful purpose in life, just know that is absolutely untrue. You bring joy to so many women and it spills into their lives, husbands, children, friends like a wave of happiness. People mention over and over what an inspiration you are. They don't say you inspire them to be perfect, or to have an impeccibly clean home. It's your spirit and the color you bring to others, the joy in the little things, the inner bubble of delight, the constant fulfilment of creating beauty and your total and complete gratitude for everything and everyone in your life....that's what's inspiring about you.

Thank you, Lucy.
Moonie from Oregon, USA


Just wanted to add my hug congratulations to the hundreds above me! Well done Lucy, you absolutely deserve it, I really do think you should consider writing a book, I would definitely buy it! XX


Lucy, I am giggling for you here across the sea....so many comments. I'll bet you are just glowing with radiance and happiness. Are you surprised? Are you awestruck? See...this is your time....bask in it....you so deserve it. I can't even begin to tell you how very happy I am for you. Enjoy your weekend, sweet Lucy.


Congratulations. I began reading your blog this winter, a long very cold one this year here in Washington, D.C., so you've been a great splash of color and brightness. My own fiber work has branched out in more vibrant colors as a result. When things are dreary at work (as they are these days when, like me, one works at a federal financial regulator), quick glimpse at your blog cheers me up!

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