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February 13, 2009


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Just to let you know I have just finished my first hex from your instructions. It is fab!! I'm addicted!!


very yummy the colours just reek of spring!


Looking really, really, really good!!! By the way, I tagged you in Flickr - I thought your photos over there deserve a wider audience, and as I have a few contacts who love knitting and crochet, tagging you was a good way of getting their attention!!


You're a great teacher Lucy and thanks for taking the time to show us your methods. I think there will be a lot of yarn being manipulated by crochet hooks this weekend. Who could resist it with results like yours. Have a jolly HT with the littles. Eli

debra cooper

Looks gorgeous already!!


Oh I'm a long way down a long list of lovely comments. Have only done plain granny squares before so am stopping all projects to try the hexes. Blocking looks great and explains why mine are wobbly but what happens once it's washed? Do you have to pin it out again to dry?
I think you are a crochet genius!


just to say happy valentine's day to u...


Hi Lucy
Your Grannys looks absolutley grandios.I like
the colour.
Have a nice weekend and a Happy Valentine!!!


Once again Luce, you do not disappoint! The squares are turning out to be gorgeous! Nearly done with my hexie blankie. Next will be a scrap bag that I have also been waiting on making. Love yours. :) Have fun at the shops buying all the little fun things for the weekend. I bought a crochet mag yesterday and I will have to email you about something I saw in it. I was so giddy looking through it. Yes, doing a jiggy dance. Have fun with your Little People and have a FAB weekend dear. :D

kar xxxxx


Glorious! Just breathtaking, the colors are so vibrant! Now, do tell...what is PinkFizz???


Absolutely! Looking great!


your blanket is totally beautiful. It would soooo look great in our bedroom. I'm in the process of making some grannys for a small lap blanket for my mum so thanks for the tips on blocking as it's the first granny blanket I've made. I'm also doing a stripy blanket for Jamie in red white and blue. But then I've bought some lovely springy summery colours and following your tutorial I've taught myself to do hexes so I think thats enough things going on for now. Hopefully, I'll get chance to do a fair bit during half term which started today. In the meantime I've already been to the shops for our weekend shopping which sounds remarkably similar to yours - chocs, pink fizz and I'm hoping Neil sorts out the flowers...have a great weekend and half term.


Oh, I can see you galivanting off to your shops today with a bright huge smile and buying all your favorite weekend pleasures...magazines, chocolate and flowers! Did you ever see the movie "The Enchanted April"? Well, I have a copy and it's one of my very favorite feel-good movies. I watched it two nights ago and I had to laugh...the main character, Lottie, is such a sweetheart. She reminded me so very much of you with her joy for life and finding the best in people. Try to watch it sometime...it's beautiful! Lucy, have a happy contented weekend...hope you enjoy a lovely Valentine's Day...and drink a glass of pink fizz for me too. Now...about that sweet garden blankie...lovely, lovely, lovely...it has the joyously happy 'Lucy' love signature written all over it.


I love the white edging round the squares it really freshens the colours and makes it look crisp. I hadn't realised how you were making the four small squares into one larger one before and having the white edges makes it neater when the squares are joined - so clever!

Have a lovely weekend! Louise

The Fairy Glade

Absolutely lovely, I cant wait to see it finished. I particularly like the white edging and the little round shapes at each corner. The first thing that sprang to mind was a tiny crotchet flower at each junction...don't know where it cam from it just popped into my head. Dev X


Wow, absolutely gorgeous. I agree wholeheartedly with the feel of the block after blocking. I don't know why but it does make a "feel" difference. Thanks for sharing. Keep it coming.


Oh wow - the grannies are looking fabulous. The white border works so well. I love your ability to use colour in a random fashion. Try as I might I just cannot cope with random.

A Thrifty Mrs

Such a useful and pretty post.


Lovely. I have completed two different scrap blankets in the last few years. So satisfying to see all the colors come together so happily.

I sure would love to see a picture of the bag you have your work pile in.


Those square foam squares meant as a childs outdoor toy you buy in places like the early learning centre work well for blocking on too. I got some from Asda at the end of last summer and block everything on them now. I've even scratched lines into them so I don't have to bother with a ruler. The squares are looking fabulous.


Looking good!! Thankyou for the instructions on blocking. I am scasred stiff of joining blocks so I just do one large square for my blankets but maybe joining would be easier if I blocked them. Cherrie

Shelley in SC

Not just looking good, looking wonderful!! You've started my morning off with a smile again. I can't tell you how fun it is to click on the icon and find a new post is up. It's like finding a little gift in the mail!!


I have a hit and miss husband on that front too! doh!

Have a lovely weekend. The crochet looks amazing by the way. Lovely colours. I am doing a blanket out of a rowan catalogue at the moment. Keep getting distracted away from it though - it has been one of those weeks!

Love Emma xxxxx


wow, wow, wow, i'm doing the same crochet design ... thank you for this wonderful photos


Beautiful! That's my next project, after I finish the bag you've inspired me to make. Loving the colors in this dreary month!

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