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February 13, 2009


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Cant wait for you to write down----what ply you use and how to make this up etc Im dying to try this----wish me luck---Please hurry cant wait to do it love Jeanette from South Australia, Australia


A friend pointed me to your blog last month and it's been an inspiration! We've just moved in to a Victorian house very like yours in structure, but on the other side of the Pennines except it needs renovating and is completely painted head to toe in Magnolia. Not fab, but we'll get there eventually. I'm just making a granny's flower patch inspired cushion to bring some colour to our living room :D Thanks for brightening up my day.


The garden is coming along fabulously, Lucy! I'm so excited about this blanket! Thanks also for the details about blocking.

Bairbre Aine

This is absolutely beautiful.
Love the colours.
Well done!


Hi Lucy!
Every morning I turn on my computer,first I look at your blog,you have wonderful pictures and I love your crochet!
I would like to know how much does your granny blankets weight,so that I know how much yarn to buy.
Thanks a lot!
P.S.Sorry if my english is not perfect. :-)

The Coffee Lady

the colours of your work are so lovely - I remember my grandma making blankets in the same way, and my mother still has a lot hanging around. But it was a time of using what you had, and the colours just don't sing in the same way. It makes me look at them again though and appreciate the work that went in.


I'm so inspired to learn crochet, from your wonderful and colorful pictures! Unfortunately, there are no lessons in my area, and no crochet-crafty friends - I amy have to try learning from books. I love your blankets and pillows - soooo beautiful!
Your blog is so colorful and happy - thanks for sharing! :D


Your blog is lovely as is this blanket with it's beautiful color!

Thank you for the pics & explanation of blocking.


I made your chocolate chip cookies for valentine and my mom loved them. Personally I'm a big fan of your carrot cake recipe. Well as long as everybody's happy.
BTW as I have an English BF I was asking him about flapjacks. Something we Belgians never heard of. So we made some and I absolutely love them. Planning on taking some on Skiing trip ; )

I'm seriously considering moving to England ; )
Love the yarn, love the cookies, love the landscape.


PS Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog


Your blanket looks amazing Lucy! All those colours are absolutely gorgeous together!


I check your blog everyday and it always inspires me. You have a unique way of looking at the bright side of everything in life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and projects. You are so talented and delightful. After seeing your beautiful creations I have taken up crocheting again. Such great relaxation. Your children are blessed to have a joyful and creative mother like you. Keep it up!


Whenever it is a dull overcast winter day (like today) I come to your blog to get my hit of sunshine. It's similar to the feeling I get when I walk through a pretty garden.
Cheaper than therapy ....LOL!


ooooh, it's looking fabulous.

Hope you enjoyed your Friday jaunt (and the pink fizz!)

Have a lovely half term with the Little People. x


they look fantastic, i never finish my blankets...i have 4.....you inspire me to plod on.
i think i could do with a good blocking! ooooh! no, that sounds rude! maybe i should say a 'good spa day', hehe!

Umm Hibaat

They look gorgeous! I've recently realised the importance of blocking and it's so true, the pieces are transformed!


Thanks for sharing, will help me no end with the next stage of my blanket, would very much apreciate a tutorial on sewing together! I just cant get it as neat as yours! lol

X Alex

Kelly Bassett

Your work always inspires me!!! I'm in love with color. I just cannot have enough of it. Your blanket is absolutely fantastic!! When you do get the time, I would also be interested in how to fuse those beautiful grannie's together. Your blog always leaves me with a smile. Keep up the fabulous work.
Also looking forward to that new bathroom of yours.


it's turning out beautiful, as always!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sian Kneller

You use the most vibrant colours. Just the combinations I would use if I knew how to crochet! I'm going on a course at the end of March. I'm dying to have a go at making the wave blanket that you made! :-)


Lovely squares. I finished my bag this afternoon, and we had satay noodles for dinner. Have I been inveigled into a cult?!!! Can't wait for your next post. enjoy your weekend.


Wow...Lucy it looks absolutely GORGEOUS! The white edges look lovely. It is funny how we all have ways of working. I make all mine then block them all at the end (same with weaving in the ends and decided to do them as i do next time as doing the ends of 40 squares one after the other is not great!). I am really looking forward to seeing the end result. x


Lucy! They are gorgeous! You make me want to crochet one for myself! Thanks for brightening my day yet again.

P.S. Last day for my handknit scarf giveaway at Salihan.com. Pop on over if you haven't done so already. :)


OMG! The blanket is looking deee-lish-us! Thanks for the blocking how-to....great tip about the tepid water spray and leave to dry....we downunder tend to block then press it with a damp cloth and hot iron *gulp*.....is it better if it dries quickly or slowly....i suspect it may dry too quickly in our climate so am keen to know how long it takes for yours to dry.....
ps:can't wait for the joining together tutorial :>)


First time crocheter, working on a granny square afghan. Love your color and pattern choices - 4 smaller squares into 1 larger one makes a great look. Your colors are uplifting and inspiring - The white adds a neutral Pop! Thanks so much for the blocking info and pics. Very much looking forward to the tutorial of joining the granny squares.


simply beautiful..Great job!!! i love all the colors...

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