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February 04, 2009


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Scott S

No eggs, really? Why?!! Thought they were a must in a cookie recipe.


Hi. Since I'm American and went to American schools in the 50s and 60s, I never learned metric measurements and weights. Can anyone be so kind as to convert the grams to cup measurements for me? simply must try this recipe. I'm at my wit's end trying in vain to get a "soft" cookie to come out of my oven. Thanks.


Just tried these with fudge chunks! Equally good. x

Ana Martín

Hello Luci...I'm sorry but my english isn' very good. I'm made the cookies and they are delicious. Thank you very much.

Ana Martín

I'm sorry but my english is very bad.....I'm cooking your cookies and they are delicious...Thank you


I don't know if you see new comments for older posts?
In the US you can find Kings Syrup ( red label with a picture of a lion), that would be our closest equivalent to your golden syrup. More flavor than plain corn syrup but not at all "mapeley" tasting.


I made these today and they are gorgeous. Just like Millies Cookies. I always wondered how they got that chewy bit in the middle. Know I know ;) Thanks again Lucy. x


fab recipe... idea for me who is always running out of eggs and voila! no eggs in this recipe! just need some choc chips now! lol


Hi Lucy,
I made these cookies yesterday with my girls and we loved them! They were really yummy. Once again thanks for your lovely posts. Pati xx ps: I made 8 squares for my first ever blanket and feel proud of myself, yippie!!


These wonderful cookies went down a treat this ChrisMoose! Thank you for the recipe, Lucy!

I'm currently at home with a feverish boy snuggled on my lap....think when he goes for a nap I'll whip some up. Poor little man...needs a treat!

Thank you very much for your blog! It cheers me up when I'm stuck inside!

Ali and the boy xx


My 4 yr.old and I made these and they came out delish. It was a cinch to put together! Thank you for posting a 1 bowl,egg free recipe Lucy!
Cookies in a jiff is a very good thing. :)


No eggs? Really? Lucy please tell me this is true!

hill upon hill

It is a winner. I have posted a link to this recipe on my blog. Thanks.

Michelle Picken

I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago, and I love it! Your use of colours in your crochet is wonderful, and I have just made these cookies, they have turned out soooo delicious! glad I trusted you about only baking for 8-10 mins, they are lovely and squiggy in the middle!


Just come across your blog and I am keen to try this recipe as it sounds rather yummy. Not being a baking whizz can you tell me will it make a big difference to the success of the recipe if I was to use butter instead of margarine as I don't have any margarine or should I just buy some margarine just so I can try this recipe. LOL.... Sounds like I will want to make the recipe more than once.


I'm from New Zealand where golden syrup is plentiful and a normal part of baking. Corn syrup would be nothing like it. Golden syrup is more like treacle but probably wouldnt use that in this recipe.


I spotted this recipe when you first posted it and came back to say YUM! I've made these cookies twice now (weirdly, they came out better the first time but the second batch was still amazing!). They're great broken up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Thanks so much!


Oh. My. Goodness.

I came across your recipe today via Rachel's "Contented" blog.

I made these after dinner. It took me no time at all. That was 30 minutes ago....there are 2 out of 18 left (and that's only because I've secreted them away to have with a cuppa tomorrow!!).

Thank you - this is the BEST recipe. I love it.

(My DH is cursing you though because he's on a diet but he's just eat 6 of these babies :)).



Okay - I thought well everyone says their cookie recipe is the best but when it had Golden Syrup then I was intrigued. I found Golden Syrup when I was in China in 2007. I love the stuff and I found that I buy it on the internet and I have some. I made the cookies and yes, they are the best. It's the Golden Syrup as I can taste it and our syrup would be okay but you wouldn't taste the flavor of Golden Syrup. Thanks so much and you are the queen!! I also doubled the recipe to USA measurements as I'm sharing with people today!!

Rachel L

I've just made a batch of these cookies (my 2nd actually - the first time I only put in 100g flour - doh!) and just wanted to say THANK YOU! They are absolutely delicious, and so easy to make. There is a very real danger that there won't be any left by the time the kids get home from school! Thanks for sharing.

Victoria Leather

Hi Lucy, What a lovely Blog you have! Think this is my first comment so apologies first for lurking & not commenting and then, THANK YOU for the perfect cookie recipe! They're the best I've ever made, (though had to substitute maple for the golden) and will go down a storm at my youngest's 1st birthday party today I'm sure.

Thank you!!

Victoria xxx

twist vintage

Wow. I had a go at making these yesterday - what a great recipe! I am going to have to try making the carrot cake next.
This post has prompted me to make my first comment, after reading blogs for ages. I've just started my own blog - the cookies have made an appearance already!


fantastic to find a cookie recipe - with choc chips no less - that is egg-free. My little daughter has egg allergy yet loves her biscuits - this will be perfect to make with her! btw, I adore your crochet work, and love the colours of your photography; your trip to London is my idea of a perfect day out. To find someone so at peace with being a SAHM & who considers it a joy & blessing is fab x

Mademoiselle M.

They do look fantastic! I wanted to try them but I have a question : no egg..? not even one?



Mmmm, I can't wait to try this recipe, thanks!!

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