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January 12, 2009


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Your photos are so beautiful. We were in Yorkshire many years ago but I remember being taken by the wonderful wild beauty of the countryside.


What an adventure, what a beautiful landscape...thank you for braving the frozen nose and jelly legs to share those photos with us!


You live in such a beautiful place. Even in winter, it's lovely.


It was so wonderful to drop into your blog and see these photos! I remember hiking with the Girl Guides as a young girl at Malham Cove. Beautiful... and your photos are stunning! Thank you for a trip down memory lane.


What a gorgeous place and such wonderful pictures! I like the sound of the pub lunch!
Rachel x


Magnifiques photos !!!!;-))


gorgeous photos... thank you for sharing! :)


You have such a beautiful countryside!


Lovely photo's Luce, I could just do with a long walk like that....blow away the cobwebs :) x


What a wonderful virtual walk you've given us. I've always wanted to visit the Yorkshire Dales, ever since reading James Herriot. I do hope to make it there one day!


Yorkshire dales, you are taking me down several memory lanes. And I thank you!

If you were able to be out and to take these glorious photos, I think that you must be on a new years mend. Glad that you are over that illness.

Now. The colors in these photos are beautiful, so cool, silvery, and so different from the hues that I usually associate with you. Does your natural palette have a seasonal variation?

When I paint, I do have a comfort zone of colors, but often find it great fun to deny them, and explore what the rest of the rainbow might show me.



Lovely photos Lucy as always. Glad to hear you are feeling much better. Nicola xx


lovely pics - thanks for sharing. You were quite brave to have that long walk mind you - it does really look freezing cold!



We live in bracing West Yorkshire and have had several face achingly lovely Winter walks recently :) Your photos are wonderful, haven't been up in the Dales for far too long, you've reminded me why we should return! I love January and to celebrate I'm having a little giveaway so feel free to pop on over, I'll have the hot water bottles and hot chocolate ready :)
Twiggy x


Wow....it looks gorgeous. I love proper cold, frosty winters like the one we are having. Looks like you are making the most of it! x


Beautiful pictures - it sounds a great walk - worth the jelly legs and frozen nose to see all that wintery beauty!


A very beautiful place; thanks so much for sharing!

Victoria Plum

What wonderful photos! Me and my husband did a similar walk around Malhamdale during summer 2006 - it was spectacular then - but looks simply amazing in the winter! We may have to venture back! Have just discovered your blog, and it's great!


We went to Yorkshire for our summer holiday this year. It rained so much every single day that we never saw much of the countryside - cloud was too low! How lovely to see what it all looks like really, especially with the frost.


So lovely! Thank you for sharing...Your photos took me on a little trip with my morning coffee...;)


I am so Jealous! I love hiking and that looks like such a beautiful place to explore and soak up all the beauty. One day we will have to take a trip to England just so we can see places such as this. You have made me want to go hiking here but I have to wait till the snow melts from the forest roads in the mountains. I will enjoy your pictures until I can go up and pretend to be a mountain goat myself. :) Thanks for sharing Luce! Have a great day!

Helen Lambert

I needed gas and air when we went walking in Malham...but I think Mr B took a different route to yours...on a very very hot sunny day..I felt like a mountain goat... oooh I can still feel my old ticker going...it looks much more spectacular in your photos...I have decided to try a granny square blanket as my next project I wonder who inspird me??? Can you recommend any good learn to books????

Mary Poppins

Malham is one of our faourites too :)

Lovely photography Lucy, note, I must take my camera out more often :)



Lovely countryside photos but they look somewhat desolute, lonely, and almost haunting looking, but in a good way, as in a place to go for some solitude and deep thinking. Is that the view of the faraway dales from your attic window or another place?

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