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January 26, 2009


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Joan Irene Whorlow

Hi Lucy
I discovered you when I spoke to a fellow crochet lady in a charity shop who said your site was amazing and it truly is. I've been looking at mandalas on my facebook site but some of them are so big and I wonder how they make them. Your mandalas look easier to achieve. I shall be making some if I can get the time but at the moment I'm making things for the stall I have at Christmas at my son's cub/scout fete. I'm not that quick so things take a while to make and time flies.


Do you have the pattern for the bunting? I would love to make this!! Thanks so much for your help!!


Has this pattern been posted? I looked but couldn't locate it. Thank you! :)


Just completed this recently (and blogged about it too!).

Looks so lovely in our living room...makes the whole place a little cheerier. Thank you so much!

Samantha Cook

Do you sell the patterns for any of your bunting banners?? I would love to have any or all of them!!


Yes, please could we have the tutorial? I'd love to make this.

Sophie Fodden

Please can we have the pattern! :) Im teaching crochet for beginners and think my class would love this, thanks.


Hi from (another) USA fan! Love all of your items! So colorful - where do you find the time? I too, am looking for the bunting tutorial. Please send to me - I can't wait to start making one! Thanks much!


Hello Lucy,

You mentioned that: "Edited to add :: Bunting-lovers, the pattern/tutorial will be coming very soon xx"

I'm wondering if you ever managed to get around to doing a pattern on this delicious bunting? If so, where on your blog can I find it? You have so much here of interest, it would be very helpful if you could maybe have a "search" function? Your blog makes me happy and having recently discovered it, I've started to come here when I need cheering up!



I love them!!!! I do not know how to do them... but I am working on it! :P



your bunting is amazing and the bun looks scrummy, is there a pattern available for the bunting?


sara lambert

Hi Lucy, just checking back and wondered if you ever did a tutorial for your crochet bunting? Many thanks x


Please Please Please can you do a bunting pattern/tutorial! BIG HUG. xxx


Hi Lucy, yes yes been waiting patiently for the bunting tutorial also, will there be one, please please please add one soon, i dont think i,can wait much longer, pixie. x


Hi Lucy,
Did you ever manage to put up a tutorial or pattern for the bunting? I'm keen to give it a go.


Have I missed it, is there a pattern of the bunting?



Hello from the States!
LOVE your blog. I learned to crochet because of it. Thanks for the inspiration. Your color choices alone rev my creative engine.

Hey, Lucy, what are buns? Are they cupcakes? Or breakfast muffins? They are lovely and look tasty. Maybe your son will grow to be a television chef with a crew to clean up after him.

greedy nan

... reliving your year with you - where is the bunting pattern pattern? I'd love to make some triangular ones to go with the other that I made.
Happy New Year!


Hi Lucy
Love your bathroom and I am having a panic as I cannot find your instructions for the corchet bunting !
Hope you are well x


What a wonderful, touching story, Lucy. I can just feel his excitement. What an accomplishment!

Looooove the bunting! :~)

Mrs Bun

Beautiful colours. Oh your son's baking and your response. It sounded just like me. That dawning realisation of mess, being annoyed and then feeling guilty for being mean when your child has done something wonderful. Didn't you even nibble the edge of one?


Just found your blog via crafster and the hexagon post. I will be coming back. Little man sounds wonderful and I have a similar aged boy who I can see doing something similar. Glad they came out OK and the bunting is wonderful. I love your colour mixes.


I suppose you should be pleased that one of the male species knows where anything is in the kitchen and at least attempted to bake! Did you manage to eat one of his little buns in the end?
Wonderful crochet - you are causing an epidemic in blogland!


Loving your blog! I have also made crocheted bunting and your looks fab. You little bun story brought a tear to my eye. Jamie Oliver in the making. How cute.
Bonita x


Just found your lovely blog! I'm always on the look-out for other UK sites. Your bunting is gorgeous and the stitches look easy enough for a crochet novice like myself. I'd love to try your tutorial, will look forward to seeing it. Thanks!

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