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January 08, 2009


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Hello Lucy, I hope you're feeling better :)
I've never grown amaryllis before but I'm going to look out for some bulbs. I have a jasmine on my kitchen windowsill and the smell is wonderful, husband isn't so keen sadly! In fact I think it may be preventing him from doing his share of the washing up!
Roanne x


Amaryllis are such show offs! Just what is needed in these dark winter days, even with the boost of the New Year.

We used deep red ones in the shop over the holiday weeks and have now converted to some lovely light coral with white ones,that we supplement in their heavy rock-bottomed square glass vases with some odd tall stemmed green leafed, but also coral colored berried beauties. Since I am in New York, I will plead ignorance about what those berried stems are, but will strongly state how beautifully they add to the sculptural bliss of the amaryllis.

At home, I am into the second paperwhite forced crop. They are coming on nicely.

Is it not lovely to have spring with us indoors, and still be able to step outside and see ... yes, it is still winter, and snow might just flurry, as it did midday today in New York.

Lovely to visit your site! Hoping you feel better and better. xo


Thanks for coming by my blog Luce! The blanket I am doing first is just plain single crochet with edging and then I will embellish it with embroidery stitches and flowers to go in my bedroom. Then I will start a hexagon blanket. I will post pictures for you to check on.

I will have to go find some bulbs and add some color into to my blah little world here. I've thought of doing it before but never have. Now I have the will!

Have a GREAT day and hope you feel better! :)


hi Lucy, good luck with the amarylis bulbs I have never yet managed to grow one successfully, maybe I'll give one another go this year. Have been ok with hyacinths though and the scent if just the best.



I love Amarylis - we normally have one but we havent this year...boo hoo

Love all your crochet and looking forward to the tutorials - I've only been crocheting a week and I am just about managing a plain stripe blanket - really enjoying it though


Bertie Meadows

Hi Lucy.
There's a lot of, looking forward to , in the air at the moment. Planting bulbs is a lovely way of doing just that. They never fail to make you smile do they, when they start to pop out?
Bertie x.

A Thrifty Mrs

I really agree about the hope and promise within a bulb. They are hold such wonderful and beautiful potential.

rebecca thorne

Great minds indeed!
I love your cushion, it must bring a smile to your face everytime you look at it.
I really really wish I could crochet, i'd have cushions and blankets everywhere lol!
Perhaps I should get a book!
Take care
Beki xxx

kitschen pink

You see, for me, bulbs represent a mouldy mess in a pot of mud - until this year that is when I finally had some success! But Amarylis I love - Maybe I should try some whilst I'm on a roll - they just make me keep singing that song all the party entertainers play to kids - "Is this the way to Amarylis....." Think I'd be insufferable?


Completely off track from the lovely Amaryllis but I was wondering what size hook you used for your ripple blanket . I'm going to be attempting one very soon and have been watching ' how to crochet' videos on Youtube and have bought some lovely yarn but the size of the hook baffles me ? Thank you..
Lisa x


I treated myself to a few bulbs this week too - an amaryllis, some mini-daffs and some hyacinths. I can't wait for them to grow and bring their lovely spring cheer to my windowsill :-)


I like the look of the varigated one the best. I have just bought a pot of 3 white hyacinth bulbs and can't wait for them to grow and scent the kitchen.


Ah! Sounds lovely! I'm new to your blog, Lucy, and am enjoying the peek into your world! I incorporated your lovely crocheted flowers onto a bonnet for my niece! Thanks! Hope you are feeling better!

Anne Bebbington

Yes bulbs are so magical whether grown in the garden or in pots - colour in the drabness of winter


I just discovered your blog through Syko and I love it! So colorful and fun to read. I've to go exploring now!


I grew an amaryllis in a large bulb holder, (the glass ones where you use water instead of soil and can see all the roots tangle!) it was just like one in the middle picture. It's lovely to have some colour on a windowsill in winter.

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