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January 15, 2009


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kitschen pink

AHA! China flowers - Oh I love china flowers! So kitsch. I have a large collection and many I have inherited. Some 19thC and most 20thC. If you visit the potteries you can still get them! They're a so and so to clean and dust - I use a soft paint brush!

elizabeth of course

Okay, I realized what it reminds me of! These sweet little things in the new Anthropologie catalog!


What a pretty posy! My grandmother used to have brooches like that - who knows where they ended up. Thank you for popping over to my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. Can't wait to see the blanket project and bird feet... Cat x


Hi Lucy, I found one of those today too! From a charity shop, yeah!! I have a few of them and have been collecting them for an age - they also come as earrings too. I love, love, love them - your one is v. pretty too. I think I should blog about them, yeah, I think I will do that today. Kathyx


What a delightful little brooch. I can just see it nestling on the Boden coat, next to the crochet scarf. I think they (and you) would look fabulous together.

Am sitting on my hands waiting for both the bird and the blanket reveals. Note to self, must not check the computer every two minutes. Must not...


Oh Lucy, you've reminded me about the brooches. I have a few which I put in a safe place (hope I remember where). They belonged to my late Mum-in-law. She was Polish but came to England after the war, and loved to browse thrift shops...an inexpensive way to aquire ornaments. My grandma and aunts used to wear them too.
Off to have a look. What an interesting Friday post!


Hi. I read your blog regularly, but not been brave enought to comment before. I have two of those brooches, one sadly missing a flower, which were given to me by my grandmother and an elderly cousin about 20 years ago. I don't remember them wearing them then. Its a pity they aren't at my house, or I'd be checking this evening for any makers names.


I'm so impressed and incredibly inspired by your lovely blog. I've dug through all my yarn and am already eight granny squares into a pillow. Thanks.

Lace hearts

I am absolutely green with envy. I've been collecting for some time, but never or rarely find them unchipped. I have a project in mind. But my love for these china flowers dates back to my mum bringing them home chipped from work when I was a child(she worked in a china department). They were handmade and handpainted, and they sometimes had the girls from the factory come in to give demonstrations. I've got some un-kilned flowers somewhere that one of the women once gave me after her demonstration. Safely in a box ever since! And now don't know exactly where they are! LOL. I've got some Coalport brooches and a couple of Aynsley posies. Fab things, they really are. x
ps. fab wool as well!


It's a beautiful brooch....what a bargain too!


Hi Lucy,
Yes I took the plunge, I think I was spurred on by your Flickr comment actually but thankyou for visiting! Your brooch is gorgeous, I have never seen any like that in real life but I have in blogland - it is very pretty I wonder what you are going to do with it. I am really inspired by your photos at the moment - must try to capture some of that cheerfulness in my own images! Will pop back tomorrow to see the blanket unveiling! X Gem


Your squeal at the end made me chuckle!

Love the brooch and the sound of all your projects. Where do you find the time?

I am a hopeless charity shop shopper, can never find anything half as nice as everyone else can....and ours are expensive too. That BHF shop sounds like a veritable Aladdins cave!


Hi..I worked in a large old fashioned dept store in the late 80's mid 90's and we sold brooches like these...earrings too..I had some little primrose earrings. Beautiful.


Hello Lucy! What a gorgeous blog you have created, I am VERY impressed! I greatly enjoy having a look into your world. I have seen some pictures of flowers that are truly captivating. Yes, like it all and I like it lots! I find it a real shame that every time I see you in the cafe I am working, as I would love to have a natter with you as well! Perhaps another time? It looks like we like similar things, and I moved into the area only recently as well.Drop me a line if you like! Have a lovely evening/day! Love, Patricia (the Dutch girl)


I don't know about the brooches, but my Nan collected the posie bowls like this and has them from way back when she was first married (war time?) to reasonably recently. Now I have a few of them on my dresser in my bedroom. I love them - husband loathes them for being too cottage chintz. What does he know, eh?!

elizabeth of course

it's so sweet an delicate and perfect. What a great find. I would be afraid to wear it to chip it. But I have two crazy, rough and tumble boys and life here is definately full contact!Haha!
Maybe use it as a light pull? Ooh, or as a nail head cover for a hanging picture. Sometimes people use old drawer pulls. That's a poor description.
Like this:
can't wait to see the blanket beginnings tomorrow!

Bertie Meadows

Hello Lucy, your brooch is a very pretty find. I bet it will look lovely on your new coat. Looking forward to checking in on you tomorrow, to see your new project revealed.
Bertie x.


Ooh, yes, tomorrow my friend! Same time same place?! Would ones new brooch go on ones new Boden coat, perhaps?x


What a pretty little brooch. I haven't seen any in years. Brings back memories! :) Can't wait to see what your creative little mind started last night. The waiting will probably kill me but I will try to be as patient as I possibly can. Hurry though! :) xxxx

Lindsey (ethel & edna)

Hi Lucy
Your bag of gorgeousness (OK it was yesterday but never mind) has prompted me to pass on award to you. If you'd like to collect please pop over to 'ethel and edna's' x



happy to see you liked my piece on these ceramic flower brooches. They were made through from the 1920s to the 1970s ish. The later ones are often pale in colour and so yours is probably 1920s throught to 1950s.
I hope this helps
Anne x

susan hall

I've never seen abrooch like this before but in my 1950's childhood the elderly relatives(usually the childless maiden aunt ones) would have little bowls or fake china logs filled with these pretty flowers.I always coveted these ornaments and being forbidden to touch could only run my probably grubby fingers over them on the sly! when I had my own home my mum remembering my old passion for them bought me a bowlful one christmas. Alas 5 children and china.... it didn'last the year!
I'm sure your little brooch is a better bet. love Susan

A Thrifty Mrs

I bought a near identical one today. I'll have to take a photograph to show you.


So pretty this is.I like very much this sort of things - and charity shops too. Each time I go to England I can't see a charity shop without going in.
About the birds: now I can't wait to see them.


Bird feet AND brooches......... are we long lost sisters? My own postings over last couple of days have included both!
Yours is such a joyful blog! a pleasure to read. x Cathy

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