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January 06, 2009


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Your blog and your pics are so beautiful and heart warming.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Gorgeous photos Lucy!!! So saturated in colour! I've been inspired by you to make some collages of my photos from last year - sadly I'm no photographer! I will be blogging the first 4 months tomorrow - it's a lovely reminder of the key points in the year!

Lucy x

Miriam Glen

Oh Lucy - Your life is SO COLOURFUL!!
Have a Great 2009. Love Miriam


Lucy, I've come back this morning three or four times now....because....this post is just stunning. I love it. It is you all wrapped up in one little post. I agree, also, that you could sell a calender...on Etsy, perhaps, with all this loveliness. I am so happy you are feeling better...I was worried about you. Anyway....thank you for adding this beauty to my drab little Tuesday. I see myself returning and returning and returning......you are a true breath of fresh air, dear friend, and my wish for you is a breathtakingly wonderful dream-come-true new year.


Its very strange Lucy, but as I'm reading your blog, I have a collage of my own pictures and magazine cuttings all around me. I was just deciding on which ones to put in this months frame when I started reading about you doing the same. Some of the images are quite similar, although I am still unable to crochet(great knitter) because I just cant pick it up from books and dont know anyone who can show me. Anyhow, I agree that your 3 x 3 images would make lovely, calendars, posters or laminated would make great placemats. Happy New Year to you and your family - jacqui

susan hall

Lovely lovely pictures! such a visual treat... thank you Lucy you are a daily tonic

Devon Hanna

Thank you,,I just got my coffee and sat down to your blog and what a delightful way to wake up to,,loved the pictures..Cant wait to the coming year...and the new etsy shop, as I have one to...hope you have a lovely week Lucy..


I agree with Mandy above. It would look great as a calender. I am looking forward to following the year with you Lucy. I think you have the best blog on the block!


thankyou, that was so lovely, colourful and cosy, I would love to have a calender that looked like that, it would beat any that I have seen, you must get your work published, you have such a talent Lucy.
look forward to seeing what you create this year.


I only found your blog recently but you have inspired me to start taking some time to myself and knit again (three boys, puppy, part-time teacher takes up mostly all my time). Love the photos, now just need to get hold of brighter wool to finish my yoga blanket there are only so many chilled colours I can go with!
Keep going with the inspiration it's worked on me.


What a lovely collection of photos, so bright, colourful and ... so you! I love the way you sum up each month with these lovely mosaics. And I for one will be eager to check the new monthly photo mosaics that will appear at the end of each month, such a lovely idea.


What beautiful pictures - such beautiful color! I cannot wait to see what you inspire us with in the new year. I agree with Patricia - the yarns we buy at Michaels/Joanns just do not compare with your yarns. Is there a brand you favor or a mail order source that you have found reliable?


wonderful cheery photos as always Lucy and the mosaics are a great way of displaying them. Looking forward to seeing all your new projects xx Love Gem


I think YOU just might have been the ray of sunshine.


so much beauty. All the images are just wonderful. I love too how although the bright cheerfulness runs through them all, the colours change with the months and seasons. What a wonderful way to look back over the year.

Wishing you a very bright and colourfilled 2009, with many more happy memories to be made and enjoyed. These are so beautiful I know I'll be back again and again to savour and soak them up - perfect for a pick-me-up.

PS I'd second the calendar idea - I'd definitely get one that's for sure! xx


I love your photos, can I ask how do you make a mosaic like that? is it in a photo program? I want to learn how to do this but I haven't been able to figure out how.
Also your crochet projects are wonderful. Is there a certain brand of yarn that you use? I find that the yarn at michaels/joanns just doesn't seem as bright and colorful, and soft like the stuff that I see online.
- Patricia


Happy New Year to you, and many thanks for putting so much beautiful color into our lives!

Your photography is so strong. I truly think that you should be publishing a calendar/diary for 2010. Get going on that project right now, please! I think that many other folks would so love to go through a year, month by month, guided by the enthusiasm that shines from your pictures.

Cheers! xo


lovely! thank you for sharing those with us, the way you have put them together and the ones you have chosen is further proof of how good an eye you have for things. I think a monthly mosaic is a great idea!


lovely, lovely, lovely x
my fave has to be the hand holding in September.... family love and crochet - perfect :)
looking forward to 2009 at the attic!
t x

A Thrifty Mrs

I really enjoyed finding your bright and wonderfully entertaining blog in 2008, I do hope to hear lots from you in this new year and beyond.


so beautiful Lucy, the colours just sing!
more more more please. xxx




Hello Luce,
These are fab-u-lous!!! I always enjoys these "montages" on people's blogs and have wanted to create my own but I just haven't worked out how you do it yet, (so untechnical, that's me,) and now I can enjoy yours instead, wonderful. I played "which is my fave month" game and started with July, then it became September and then I couldn't believe you made December so colourful, and not even in a predictable red and green xmassy sort of way.
Loving it!!! Thanks, thanks, thanks.
Hen xxx


Lucy, I am feeling so lucky to have found your blog in early December. You have inspired me so much with all your vivid colors, I love it. When I saw your hexagon blanket I thought it looked like a field of flowers and knew I NEEDED to make one. Thank you for getting me back into crocheting. It's been awhile that I have felt inspired to make anything. I have been crocheting since I was 10 (I'm 50 now) I started my Hexagon love on 15 Dec and only have 40 more hexagons to go! (out of 154) I am using only scrap yarn that I have had lying around forever, goodness that's a lot of scrap yarn :^) and it looks just like that field of flowers! So very colorful. I would also like to attend your Knit and Natter sessions. Do you think a commute from Erie, Pennsylvania is too far? No, I don't think so!


Really enjoyed the mosaics. Great idea to do one every month.

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