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January 06, 2009


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From time to time I carry on looking through your blog from the beginning, heading forward to autumn last year when I discovered it. It's really nice! I'm sitting in bed with a pint of Lady Grey tea feeling sorry for myself with a stonker of a cold (box of tissues and now a loo roll gone!!...over one weekend!) But I'm so enjoying the colours of these photographs.
I was in Yorkshire for Xmas 2008 and went down with flu, in our lovely farm cottage we'd rented above Robin's Head Bay. I also had that same academic year spotty diary (Paperchase I think?) for my year in a wonderful school. It's nice to be prompted by memories of own 2008 by looking at your pictures.


lovely mosaics
can you tell me how you can make these mosaics?


Wow. Just WOW!


These photos really do tell a story. You life must be filled with much joy! Enjoy every minute of that stay-at-home mum life. Coming from one who's been there and done that, it's definitely worth the price!


Your mosiacs are pure magic! I am very pleased to "meet" you ...........


Hi Lucy
I love love love all the color!!!
If it's okay I'd like to post about your blog today and provide a link to it. So many bloggers are stuck in the cold and dreariness of winter and I know all this color would brighten their day. I am a quilter and I love to use bright colors in my quilts.
Thanks for brightening my day!
Hugs, Rhondi


I love your monthly mosaics!!!!! The concept is creative and fun...but yours are so extremely fun to look at, well done!!

I can't wait to see your 2009 mosaics!!


Now there's a calendar I would love to have on my inspiration wall. So much gorgeousness!

elizabeth of course

Oh, every one is like a tiny vacation! They're LOVELY!
It looks liek one great year. And the next one ahead a blank slate.
Happy New Year again!


Love your blog Lucy! I recently found it and I love your projects and all the lovely colors you use. I'm jealous. I have made it a goal for the very near future to finally make a hexagon blanket and many other blankets I have been itching to make. Thanks for the inspiration! You definitely have a follower here. :) Keep up the lovely job!


The mosaics are just lovely. You certainly have your own unique colour palette, which is beautiful and very uplifting.


wow..and double wow! I love those pictures above! so colorful and beautiful! and agreed with some of the comments, looks good as calendar's pictures or postcards or MOO cards.. your pictures are just stunning!

have a great week!


Fabulous images. I feel so inspired. In 2009 I will learn to crochet!


beautiful and refreshing - just why I've been stopping by almost daily since I found your blog a few months ago. Living in the Pacific NW I find I need an almost daily dose of bright, cheery color now that the muted hues of winter are dominant. I really liked that the center of each mosaic was the same view and how the changing seasons looked upon it with the colorful activity surrounding it. I hope this next year is one of even more Color and Beauty for you. Thanks for a daily joy!




Oh wow! talk about eye candy, those imagies are fantastic, I love the crocheted bag in the July mosaic, all yummy!


hi, fantastic photos have you thought about using them for a calendar, I'd buy one, so bright and colourful it would be lovely to turn the pages over each month. (Maybe you could put one in your etsy shop). It's great to have so much to look forward to. As for the renovations just keep focussed on how it will look at the end not the chaos while it's being done and you will be fine. You seem such an optimistic person I'm sure it'll be a breeze.



WOW that was brillant! I just want to keep looking at the photos, they are so full of lfe and are you Lucy, i know that they will certainly be my favourite and are very inspiring! Must get a good camera like yours if it can take photo's like that!

miss sew n sew

I have so enjoyed following your blog in 2008 and look forward to hitching a ride and following you through 2009. Your pictures would make the most wonderful calender I love your cheerful images and your zest for life. Happy New Year!

rebecca thorne

Oooh what wonderful photos!
Beki xxx


Your blog-site is always a ray of sunshine!
P.S New years resolution = figure out how to post a comment! Yaay! At last!


Your photos are gorgeous, they would make fab calendar!


Great! We had sunshine in Paris, and snow...


Lovely photo's Lucy.. I also agree about the calender... that's another thing to add to the list!!! Can't wait to see all your creative ideas...you really inspire us :)
(when are you doing the granny square post???) x


a calendar is a definite must. I read your blog every day - you are a kind of cheerleader for all us blog followers who sit on the side lines and appreciate quietly! You should think of publishing your blog as a book Lucy. It is pretty amazing to come up with such brilliant prose and pictures every day. thankyou.

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