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January 09, 2009


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Hello Lucy, I've just discovered your beautiful blog via Lucy Locket. Your Granny Flower patch cushion is gorgeous!


Oh, you are a bad influence. I just subscribed to Country Living. I'd never really looked at the magazine until I started reading your blog. Bad, bad influence. :)

Catherine G.

3 days without you ... I miss you. I need to see your colours this is very helpfull for me. Would it be possible to have the pattern (in French perhaps, i am the french girl who have discovered you a few weeks ago) of your so colourfull things. Thank you for existing in the blogworld.
Catherine C.


Hi Lucy,

Advice needed please! I'm looking to start off with a very easy thing....I want to make a cushion. I've been looking at some fabric on ebay (i'm trying to keep costs down and have sold a couple of things on ebay so have money in my paypal account) but don't know where to start really. Any help gratefully received. Thanks

Nicola x


Hi Lucy, Glad to hear you are feeling a little better and hope by now you are back to full fitness. It's such a grey dull day here so the daffodils brightened it up for me! I've just been to shop for Sunday papers and they were selling some daffodils, I refrained from buying as I've decided to be thrifty and only take enough money to buy what I need, maybe tomorrow I'll pop back for them ha ha! Love the mug too! Hope you have had a fab weekend devouring the pages of CL.

Nicola xx


LOVE those colours and cant wait to see what it is going to be!! Going to get my mag tomorrow, I havent got the stamina that you have and have it sat next to me and not be able to peak until Sunday, so it will just have to stay with its others pals on the shelf of Tescos until i collect it and bring it home with me tomorrow!! Have a Good week-end! x


Lucy, I adore the colours and style of your mug. I cannot wait to see what you are creating....a mother daughter bag to match the other gorgeous one you made for yourself. My first guess was an oblong bowl(the lemons would look a picture in such a bowl) but I decided to follow other possibilities.

jennifer mclachlan

LOVEEEEEEE the stripey mug!!!

hope youre back to feeling 100% soon! xxx

Mary Poppins

I have a very similar ritual too :)

I purchased Real Homes and it has been on the Coffee table for two days, am yet to delve in :) Saturdays are such good days for reading yummy magazines I find

I think a bowl too, would look lovely with some lemons in, though what happens to the edges do they flop somewhat, a crafter I am not, can you tell :)



rebecca thorne

I really look forward to reading your blog, such lovely photos, beautiful bright colours, you make me feel all bright and cheery on a gloomy day.
The daffs look great, looking forward to spring now and as for that mug, WOW! you must really look forward to your morning coffee.
Take care
Beki xxxx

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Another lovely post Lucy! I saw it earlier when I first got home from work but there were lots of other distractions at the time and I decided to save it to savour later when I had more time - a bit like your Country Living magazine I suppose!!!!

Have a great weekend, Lucy Locket x


I am afraid I don't have your restraint chick and have just devoured CL over a glass of Coppella apple juice - heaven! There is something on page 11 that made me think of you... oooh see how I have made you want to read it even more! Go on... just page 11... one page can't hurt... :-)


S x


My favourite magazine, my favourite day of the week and a new crochet project from Attic24!! What could be nicer?!! Have a lovely weekend and hope next week finds you fully recovered. Bx


PS by the way did I tell you I ADORE your Mug????


Lucy - I love coming to your colorful blog each day to see what you're up to. I too have a very similar ritual with my favorite magazines. I recently discovered the British version of CL and love it although I haven't got beyond the cover :-) Thank you for brightening my day.


right I must go out and get country living tomorrow, and I love the daffodils, I have not bought any yet this year, but they certainly do cheer the place up don't they!
have a lovely weekend.

Bertie Meadows

Hi Lucy, your home looks so bright and cheery, and it's been such a grey day to day. You're really teasing us, I haven't got my copy of CL yet. I hope your energy levels are topped up over the weekend.
Bertie x.

P.S. You are welcome anytime, but only if you bring your carrot cake! x


I've only just discovered CL and love it. May have to treat myself to a subscription. And don't those lovely yellow daffodils just cut through the cold of today - my neon roses from New Year are on their last legs and may have to be replaced with similar fleurs tomorrow. I hope it's a technicolour crochet bowl!

A Thrifty Mrs

Gorgeous colours. Love those daffs.


Thank you for your regular posts Lucy despite not feeling too great. I hope your lemony drink perks you up a bit. I was pleasantly surprised to see Country Living magazine for sale in the shops today. I feel cheered up by just looking at its cover. Have a lovely weekend and I will tune in next week to see what the 'stripy crochety thing' is!


Ooh, you little tease! Is that Rowan yarn the cotton DK you like? Where do you find nice colours because I have bought the bright pink and the acid green from Liberty and the duck egg from J Lewis and all the other colours are a bit pants. I particularly fancy that bright blue one...Anyway, I shall look forward to seeing what you produce...
Thanks for the message re the hexagon bag. Of course you must use the ribbony-clippy idea, I'm sure it's hardly original to me, anyway! In fact, I am reminded from the deep dark recesses of my brain, that my Orla Kiely handbag has the same thing, but she used elastic which is good 'cos it's obviously stretchy but unfortunately, pink elastic eludes me so ribbon it had to be in this instance.
Happy weekend.
Hen x


My copy of CL plopped through the door this morning and it may have to wait until next week until it can be read - sob! Enjoy your weekend, I'm intrigued with that latest bit of stripiness!
Julia xx


Well, good morning, sweet face! Glad you are feeling better. I can picture you happily putting your daffs in your pretty yellow vase and sipping that deliciously-luscious-looking coffee (ooh, sprinkled with cocoa...I might have to try that) out of your bright happy mug. I can tell by your post that your energy is bouncing back happily into your charming little soul. Enjoy your magazine, crochet and your weekend, Lucy.


Lovely cheery blog Lucy. What's the surprise article going to be? Pretty colours.

Helen McGrath

I think your blog is the most inspiring of all you always manage to brighten my day even of these cold dreary days just love your work kind regards Helen

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