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January 13, 2009


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Great word! Happy renovations!


I like your colored universe !!!
Bravo !
I want to make more thing, always more thing.....


Ahhh what a re'fresh'ing post hehehehe!


such a refreshing top photo - especially since it's winter here


Great post.. never thought of 'fresh' that way!! :) x


What a lovely inspiring post. Cat x


HI Lucy.

I agree with everyone who has already commented - Fresh what a fantastic word and a great attitude to have. I think if I had to choose a word it would have to be 'energise' and be a gentle prompt to make me get on and do the so many thing running around in my head. Looking forward to seeing your next spot of crocheting.



Lucy...you inspiring little angel, you!! Luscious strawberries, lemons, yarn, and words...lovely, lovely words. Your fresh outlook on life is always a joy. How come every time you post you always make me want to do this:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, I know why....you are full of so much positive energy, you bounce it across the sea to little old me!!!!!!!!!!!


oh yay! a new blanket! i just love your blankets :)

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Hi Lucy,

A brilliant choice of word! I forgot to mention yesterday that I blame you for my need to buy lots of bulbs and daffodils and tulips yesterday! I would normally start to buy them at this time of year but you were definitely the prompt yesterday!!!

Your blog is costing me rather a lot of money! I'm so glad!!!

Lucy x


Hi Luce,

Glad to hear you're on the mend. Looking forward to all your freshness" this year! Was just lookig at the Rowan website this morning and considering ordering some shade cards and now I see they have real little tufty bits of yarn on, well it's too exciting for words! Roll on the new Attic 24 blanket...
Hen x


Lucy what a wonderfully inspiring post! When I read your blog I can almost hear you singing along with excitement at what lies ahead. I can't wait to read the changes throughout 2009 for Attic24.
Nicola x


Great choice of word Lucy.
Lots of those defintion words could be used to describe your photos!
Good luck with the bathroom overhaul, hope all goes smoothly and I look forward to seeing your new project take shape.
Thanks for kind words regarding my op.
Take care.
Lisa x

elizabeth of course

Where do you get such a perfect little thign as a yarn sample card!? It's beautiful! haha!
I think Fresh is a perfect word to start a new year with. I too have a thing for fresh flowers. I'm lucky that me Nana's crocuses are usually the first up, but they're abouta month away still. It's market flowrs until then!


Hi Lucy, great word for 2009, lovely inspiring post (yet again!). I look forward to seeing your new project, I adored the cushion. Fresh this time of year means ideas for my jewellery, new colours, designs etc. And the tax. Not so fresh...! Kathyx


Fresh is a great word - I will try and think of one too - though at the moment the only one that comes to mind is knackered so maybe I will wait till tomorrow.

Cant wait to see your new crochet - its you thats inspired me to learn - I'm about 12 inches down a very basic blanket but cant wait to try some flowers.



What a great word to choose, and a wonderful outlook for 2009. As ever, think the photographs you have selected are fabulous - it's so lovely to check in with you each day and receive a gorgeous boost of colourful loveliness through my screen. xx

A Thrifty Mrs

Fresh is such a great word to use for a new year. It is very uplifting and a great word to fix in your mind. I would always have summed your blog up as fresh as it is.
So glad that you're feeling better.
Wishing you the best for a fresh 2009!


The word FRESH sums it up well Lucy. Love it! I think I will use it, if you don't mind, to keep a bit of optimism going each day here in my little world. What wonderful colors on the sample card. Makes me want to get my current project done even more so I can move on to bigger and brighter ones. Have a Fabulous day! :)


I think you have chosen a great word Lucy. I find the word inspiring and uplifting. It may become my daily mantra!


The word "fresh" sums up your blog perfectly :) Hope you are feeling better and make sure you do take the time to look after yourself!!


Lovely Lucy you have a fantastic way with words and manage to make me feel motivated just by reading your posts some days!!!
I did a version of the flowers thing last yaer but on a weekly basis - nothing nicer than a splash of colour to greet you in a morning!this post had me singing that song "Fresh, fresh exciting so exciting and new" was it Kool and the gang or someone similar?? hmmmm showing my age i think!
Lesley x

Helen McGrath

Hi Lucy,
Yes you have just summed it all up what a great way to look at the year ahead, treating everything new as Fresh, I do feel totally inspired by your outlook and energy and look forward to reading your blog so much.
kindest regards
Helen in dull and cloudy Manchester.


How optimistic of you and refreshing, we should all take example on you!!! Like you I don't make any New Year's resolution, but choosing a word and applying to adhere to it all year round is a great stimulant and view on life.

You do end up having some kind of resolution, yours being to take better care of yourself!!!

Please do!!! don't want to miss out on all your wonderful posts and projects!!!!

I love the color scheme you chose...... very inspiring.

You have inspired me to take part in a Crochet along for the Babette Blanket in France, here : http://grannymania.canalblog.com/
It all begins on January 15th. I haven't posted my colors yet... but will soon, and you'll see, it would fit well in your attic, but this one I'll keep, if I finish it!!!!

I'll keep visiting you....

MMMmmmm Fresh.... something to ponder.....

Thanks so much, it's grey and very wet and cold here too!!!!

Bertie Meadows

Hi Lucy, FRESH I like it, that word is so you. Bright and blooming - as Attic24 is everyday.
Bertie x.

( I hope you are getting my replies to your emails? )

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