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January 05, 2009


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Moira McArthur

Hi, I love your colourful photos. Just right for brightening up the dullest day. You have me itching to get out my crochet hooks again. Only problem, I have three cats and their fur really intertwines with a crochet blanket. Maybe I can put up with that cos seeing the photo of all those new balls of wool. Yummy!

Hey! I'm getting my crochet hooks out anyway.

PS I would like to pass on an award I was given for my encouragement to another. I'm new to Blogging so haven't figured how to pass images on yet. Take a look at my Blog to see the award. Maybe its just a matter of cutting from mine and pasting to yours.
I will ask my daughter for advice.


Happy New Year. Glad you are feeling better. First day of peace here, and much as I love them, am also savouring every silent moment! And especially the fact it gives me time to savour your new postings.

Looking forward to the pictures! x


Happy new year Lucy. Good to have you back, we've missed you. Glad you're feeling a bit better.
What a mess from your Christmas tree... I'm sooo glad I didn't bother this year.. hate taking it all down :) x


I love your blog Lucy and have been following it ever since I discovered it a couple of monthes ago. Im glad you are feeling better and look forward to hearing more from you.


A lovely post!


I like very much your blog and wish you a happy new year!


Happy New Year! We all had the coughing bug before christmas, so fingers crossed it is now behind us with the old year. I am currently playing hookie from taking down the tree and decorations as its so depressing. At the moment I am surrounded by partially filled boxes and bits of christmas tree. Glad to have you back - jacqui

elizabeth of course

You poor traumatised thing! Clearing out the tree is my least favourite part as well.
But that family calendar looks wonderful! And the lovely sail in the lura ashley one! So much inspiration in one photo.
And speaking of inspiration, I've started a bright coloured afghan! Seeing all the colour in your posts has made me need some here too! wish me luck.

kitschen pink

I don't know. You even make an ordinary box of tissues look zingy and invigorating! See you tomorrow - shall I bring cake? Looking forward to it. Will there be tea? t.xx

Berie Meadows

Happy New Year Lucy, so glad your on the road to recovery. It's always so nice to drop in and see what you've been up to. I'll look forward to a colour explosion of the past year, tomorrow. Bye the way, I think you had the worst case of needle drop I've ever seen!
Bertie x


Hi lucy welcome back,i am laughing to myself, as i have the same dustpan and brush (and have the mop bucket to match just had to have it, it was the pink that drew me to it - this year they have it in orange in the shop) and the Country Homes Calendar is beside me on the wall in the computer room and the Ideal Home one is in my spare/dressing room downstairs. No if only i could crochet like you i would be so happy, oh and cook and do all the wonderful stuff like you......


aw Lucy babe, you sound all flat! You need some smoothies m'girl. and cake. never underestimate the healing properties of cake. Looking forward to attic24: a retrospective tomorrow :-)

Love S x


I understand the needle issue- I will find random needles till Easter at my house. One thing that helps is to lay the tree on an old sheet or blanket and drag it out that way. All you will need to do is shake the sheet out and the few that fell behind. I look foward to following your blog this year and seeing what you create. Have a wonderful Monday.

susan hall

Lovely to see you back glad you're feeling a bit better but remember to be kind to yourself and take it easy.
Took my trees down today with similar results to you- and mine was a nordman! I think its the radiators that cause the drop and I'm not prepared to give them up... I bought some on offer pots of daffodils at the week end so the tree corner now looks positively spring like.

jennifer mclachlan

sooooooooo lovely to see you a new blog from the Attic lucy, i have really missed the regular blogs over the festive period!

hope youre feeling better really soon.


A Thrifty Mrs

Nice to see you back.
I usually relish buying a new calendar but this year I am bogged down with them, I have five from magazines, yes five! And one that my brother in law brought back from Japan. We only have six rooms in our house including the kitchen and bathroom, I have no idea where to put them all.
Nice to see you on the mend. I've had it/still got it and it is truely vile.


glad you're feeling a bit better. I have the ideal homes calendar, the tree is amazing. don't give up on a real Christmas tree, my next December the trauma of all those needles will have worn off!

Anne Bebbington

Lucy - don't give up on the real tree - just buy one that sheds less needles like a Scots Pine or a Nordmann rather than a Norway Spruce. They used to sell the Scots Pines on the Duke of Devonshire's estate at Bolton Abbey - they are a bit more expensive but definitely worth it


Hi there so glad your back and on the mend, ive missed your cheerfulness, looking forward to your pictures and to the year ahead,cant wait!! Best Wishes. July x.

Devon Hanna

Glad to have you back. Love the calendars have not seen those ones before...


hope you feel better soon - that tree photo is just amazing , love it
lisa x


It is so lovely to have you back! I haven't packed up Christmas just yet but whilst yours goes down in the cellar - mine goes up in the attic! I have the second of your calenders but I really like the look of the third one. Beautiful uplifting nature pictures. I hope that you manage to banish those bugs and feel much better.x


Getting over the lurgy here too so know exactly how you're feeling. But you always manage to fill me with enthusiasm. I've been feeling a bit bobbly about my blog. Wondering whether to continue it but whenever I take a trip to the attic I always feel that I should keep at it. Love your new calendars. I've got a lovely Susan Branch one that I won in a recent giveaway which I must photograph properly to show to everyone as it's lovely. Looking forward to your look back over the last year and also to continuing my daily visits to the lovely attic. Always brightens my day. Happy New Year to you. May it be a fabulous one! x


happy new year, glad you are feeling a bit better, I like the third calendar also, I never got that one, I am still using the country homes one from last year as it has january on it for this year,
look forward to peeking back over last year, will visit again tomorrow, will you be having tea and biccies LOL


Happy New Year so sorry you have been poorly but glad you are on the mend!!! I have those calendars to (plus a charlie and lola one.........) but love the Ideal Home one it has fab pictures :-)
i took your advice and bought an expensive tree this year and not one needle did drop ! it did die and the branches drooped a lot but no needle loss!!! amazing! glad to get back to normal today/tomorrow when my children go back to school so will be checking in for your 2008 round up :-)

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