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January 30, 2009


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Hello , Lucy !
I am from Brasil,São Paulo.
I saw your blog , looking for flowers ,and I saw your crochet is very, very beautiful ! You love to use red colours , yes ?Red is the colour of LOVE,is Hot !
I want to be your friend, what do you think about this ?
Now,I am very ,very sad , because my husband died ,and I am alone, my days are sad...
Excuse-me if my english is with errors,cause I am without pratice,but I promise I will study ,for to write for you. Kisses , Roseli .


Wonderful post. I understand you sooooo well. I'm dreaming of being a stay a home woman for so long. I hope it is getting near.
I will be so happy.


I, too, love home. Thank you for sharing your inspiring thoughts. And lucky you, to have a whistling electrician! People who whistle bring sunshine where ever they go.
Looking forward to seeing the big bathroom reveal.

Shelley in SC

Have a great time in London. ::Sigh:: Unfortunately, although I love home, I am not gifted in "prettifying" it. Therefore, I am totally reliant on people with your gifting to give me inspiration and ideas. That's another reason I love, love, love your blog. Can't wait to hear about your shopping expedition.


hope it was a fantastic trip xxx


Hi Lucy, hope you have had a wonderful time in London. Its a lovely place to visit but very nice when you return home I find, and I am only 65 miles away. So nice to read that other people like being at home and nesting and making. Sometimes I feel I am the only one, especially around here where everyone seems to go out to work. Have a lovely lazy sunday. Karenx


your blog is very uplifting.
love it!


i love it too,staying at home....i hate it go to work and leave the kids sometimes alone in the house..its only for one hour when my husband is coming home...but i hate it,and so i rather became sick about the situation....and so im going to try staying more time at home,and not at the job...because i love my home and my family and pottering around in my small house with my big family and my friends,to cook,to take care in my minigarden,and sew,crochet and knitting around and be a good mum...
i will thank you for your posts...hey make my smiling and happy to stay here in your house and take time with you....!!
enjoy your ride to the big,big city and enjoy coming home from the big,big,loud city in your lovly life...!
greetings from germany


Hey there! I did it I finished my Hex Afghan its not as nice as yours I think but I like it! I also finished the crocheted bag like yours if you go over to my site I took a pic or two so you can see my work:) I made a little pillow too! Keep up the inspiration Blessings,


I hope your shopping day will be full of fun and inspiration. I am a home bird as well even though I also work. I am a teacher which allows me to do what I love - being a wife and a mum. Your color play inspires me! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic


I am the same way with being at home. I LOVE decorating and making our house a home. I have always been like that and so has my mom and aunt. I would rather be home usually than any other place. I come to your blog everyday and scan the archives for inspiration. I LOVE all your bright and happy stuff. Oh and I had forgotten about perler beads but when I saw a pic in your archives I went and bought some for my kids to do. Now it is one of our favorite things again. I can't believe I had forgotten about them. :)


"Home" is the perfect word. :)


How wonderful Lucy, please take your camera and show us foreigners what London is like! Your bathroom will be gorgeous, I'm sure.

PS, The first hexie blanket I made has inspired a wave of appreciation from my friends, all of whom are now demanding one for their birthdays this year. :) Did it ever occur to you that half a dozen people in Brisbane would be snuggling in hexie blankets because of you?

Elspeth Thompson

Dear Lucy,
I've so enjoyed reading your blog and looking back over your past posts since realizing that you had kindly linked to my own blog - thanks so much! I got quite lost in your wonderful whirl of colour and family life - the way one sometimes can in Blogland - and have had to pull myself out and surface so I can "de-lurk" or however they say it, and thank you. You may even have inspired me to take up crochet! I love the look of it and have many 'granyy square' blankets and cushions picked up in markets all over the place, but have never dared think I might make one till now... even maybe one with flowers on it, if I become clever enough...
Love and blessings from the south coast.
xx Elspeth


hi luce, it's me..just read the latest instalment, thought would send you the following link www. Alternative-windows. Com this is the site I used to teach myself roman blinds, if I can do it, you will master it in a flash! Have a great day in London, don't spend too much, we are all off skiing tommorrow for a week, catch up when we get back. X


Lucky you Lucy! A girls shopping trip & a room to decorate & make your own!! If I lived nearer, I'd pop round & paint it for you - I love decorating sooo much - I find it very therapuetic (& it's not because of the paint fumes...)In return you could teach me how to crochet & feed me your yummy looking buns. Heaven. & on that note, i wish you a lovely day & look forward to your tales.


Oooo! I want to come! Shopping in London with girlies who like the same sort of stuff as me! I'll be thinking of you, have a great time. Spend lots.


Home birds rule!!
Have fun in the big smoke.

A Thrifty Mrs

Enjoy your trip.


Oh I'm so with you on being a home bird. Since losing my job in October I'm totally loving being at home. Despite the lack of pennies as the selling of my things is not making enough, I am loving pottering at home. Creating my designs and home-making. Making the house lovely, creating nice dinners for Simon. Oh yes, I'm more than happy being here. Love the colours you are looking at for the bathroom. Looking forward to seeing it all finished. Have a fab day in London tomorrow.


I just can't wait to see the unveiling of your new bathroom! The colours you have posted are yummy - tough decisions!

Enjoy your city day. I hope you find lots of great stuff!


I am looking forward to seeing the bathroom makeover as I need some ideas for changing the one I inherited 11 years ago!!! Have fun with your jaunt 'up town'. I really must go myself sometime. I love being at home too. It's the only place where I can truly be myself.

Vickie Curry

Ooooh I love those paint chips and the colours of the two tester pots you have! I might have to take a wander over to our local Focus DIY center and pick up some of the Crown paint chips myself. I'm thinking of repainting some melamine furniture and I seem to remember that Crown do a special paint just for that purpose.

Have a fab day out in London. I'm looking forward to your city tales.

Take care,



From one homebird to another, I completely understand where you're coming from. People don't understand how I can be happy always being at home. How I always can't wait to get home after work, and how I'd rather stay home on a Friday night than go out and party. But that's just me. I agree, home is where it's at.


The colors for the bathroom are gorgeous! Can't wait to see how it turns out! You know I am going to "pee" my pants just waiting. hahaha! :)

Hope your trip to London is FAB! I get excited on big shopping trips also. I don't normally like to go to stores. They see your money coming a mile away. So going shopping is exciting for me too! Have a blast!

I have got 7 hex's made and I am loving it. I'm trying to be totally spontaneous when picking colors. It's hard being I'm such a control freak at times. Will post pics later so you can see when you get back!!

Kar xxxxx

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