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January 14, 2009


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Ankita Vj (India)

OMG...this looks sooooo yummmmmyyyyy.....i want it all.....


Where did you get this yarn???!!! I must buy some!!


Che emozione vedere tutti questi gomitoli di lana colorata; sono curiosa di vedere il tuo nuovo progetto!

Mitali Whitchurch

Hi Lucy
I have just discovered your blog which I love. I do alot of crocheting and love using Rowan wool. Though originally from England(all the family in Yorkshire) I live in Australia. I was wondering if you could suggest a shop that does mail orders. I usually get Rowan from UpCountry but they dont always have stock.
so much and thanks for your wonderful posts.
Best regards


Oh your crochet....too beautiful for words, it just provides me with the warmest thoughts. Now, can you tell me this? I *think* you usually use Rowan in your projects? And if so, is it *usually* the DK weight? That's what I'm off to purchase, so hope I'm right :-) Wool and cotton, project depending? Ah, back to your pics, truly heaven.


arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr screaming with delight and wee bit of envy! how gorgeous!! xx

Alice C

Hurry up Lucy! I want to see what you are doing...is is hexagons? squares? ripples?...
I am just looking forward to enjoying the ride.


what a beautiful assortment of yarn!! :)
just found your blog the other day and absolutely love it! as well as all your crochet projects, keep up the great work!


beautiful colors !!


30 balls OMG that is just amazing and the colour, oh what colour. You lucky little Lucy.


Yes, happy new year to yoooooouuuuuu ! It's beautiful and I want the same ones.


just beautiful! I am so inspired by this! I cannot wait to hear the details of your next project!


That is so .......... it should be illegal


Love the color choices, So bright and pretty. I can't wait to see what your new project will be.


You look so excited! It must be all those bright colors!


And I thought I was the only one who could stand in a wool shop for hours, simply stroking the yarn. Fab colours! Looking forward to following your progress. Enjoy your day, its a wet and miserable grey one, here in Scotland - Jacqui


Hi Luce,
Thanks for the comment. Yes, you definitely need a thread rack, how did I ever survive without such an essential piece?
The whole world has gone Union Jack crazy, I think. I tried to do my cushions correctly with all the white stripes and things but the real flag is actually a very complicated mathematical affair (never my strong point) so it's sort of a close "interpretation", shall we say! I first made one back in September (you may/may not have seen my post about it) but I like these recent ones even more. Think I need to keep one for me...
Hope the new blanket is coming along. What's happened to the other project you were meant to be revealing to us...
Hen x


What a wonderful new years present Lucy! I bet you will make something gorgeous with it all - can't wait to see! Your blog is always a joy to read - always colouful, cheerful and bright X Gem


Dear Lucy,
I have sent you a message on Flickr mail because I would like to feature your crochet leaves and flowers in our magazine - please get in touch!


How lovely! I feel like diving in....


Wow...how fantastic... I'm so jealous!!! I think my OH would have a fit if this arrived!! x


Oh, the power of colour - makes me want to smile.


Drooling over here!!! Those are gorgeous colors, Lucy! I can't wait to see what you do next. :~)


Hahaha! I can feel your excitement jumping right out of my monitor! Can't wait to see what your next project will be.



hold my breath when i see it, it is so delicious. wish im there to confiscate, lol....

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