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January 20, 2009


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Oh - those colours are so beautiful together - I have to learn to crochet! Am a competent knitter but never get very far when I attempt crochet... :(
Am off to look for tutorials on YouTube - you have inspired me!


Your new crochet is looking wonderful! I am sure it will look brilliant when its completed. Hope your bathroom gets sorted soon! XXXX Gem

Lucy Locket-Pocket

I hope your bathroom gets sorted quickly! And could you please send me some magic "crochet-faster" medicine as I am trying to make a hexagon blanket for my friend's baby who is already 8 days overdue - if only I had started it sooner than 3 days ago!!!

Lucy x


good luck with your renovations, the noise is the worst.

your squares are coming along beautifully, such an inspired collection of garden colors! hope you make good crochet progress while escaping your house turmoil this week.

my fave today is your photo of your bowl of snipped yarn bits. i love to gather mine in a bowl too, they remind me of colorful fallen flower petals, so pretty.


I think you just might have to crochet a dolly size blanket fot a little girl person! Good thinking to get out of the house whilst all the work is going on. It will give you a head start on getting on with your crochet.


Wow, and I thought I was having a bad morning!...its always a treat to visit your colorful blog.


Thinking of you today and how you still manage to find such beautiful bright spots in your bit of stress. Don't worry...it will all be over soon and you will have a beautiful bathroom to enjoy!

elizabeth of course

It's true. You can never have too much yarn and flowers! I love that your first block was stolen. It does look like a tiny afghan all on it's own. And I love that you keep all your ends together in one little bowl. Do you do something with them all later? Leave them all outside at once for birds to collect for nests?


Beautiful...your blog is like insta-cheer! Can you share what yarn you are using by chance?


I am just in love with your latest crochet project. The colours are lovely and the way you put the whole thing together is... well, just lovely too! In fact, I have used a fairly similar approach to my crochet pillow that I am making, only my squares are large and there are only four of them, but I am in the process of crocheting several rounds around the initial four (I needed to make the cushion bigger than the four squares, you see. Photos will probably be available in my next post). Do enjoy you week despite of all the goings on in your household. And just imagine the lovely new bathroom you will soon be having. I am looking forward to photos!


Love how the crochet is coming on - I'm itching to try out granny squares but know if I start - boring blanket wont get finished.

Looking forward to seeing bathroom



hope the bathroom chaos is over soon, and loving all your crochetty goodness.


I just want to say how much I love all the colour in your blog. I'm just like you when it comes to colour, makes my tummy go all fluttery!

Good luck with the bathroom makeover!


Your crochet is coming along well!!
I love that last tulip photo...could almost be a painting!


The squares are looking FABULOUS! The colors are really great all together. I do hope that you have a quick post or two this week so we can all have a dose of color goodness to keep us going. :)

I feel for you with dealing with the bath re-do. Not the most exciting thing. But I'm a little envious with the thought of being able to go and chit-chat and crochet at the local "hang out". Oh, wouldn't that be dreamy! No, I don't get out much. :)

Do try and have an awesome week even with the work going on around you. Think about the end result!


There can't be many things worse than having workmen in your home. I hate having them there. They seem to take over as if they own the place. I think they should all go on a training course as part of their job, to make them all more domestically acceptable. Make them polite, friendly, considerate, cleaner, smell better and less obtrusive. Well maybe if they could just wipe their feet and not leave the front door wide open, that would be a start.

Bertie Meadows

Oh kitchens and bathroom re do's they are the worst. I don't blame you for abandoning ship. At least you can take your lovely squares with you.
Bertie x.


I wish I could do grannies so quicly as you do. And nice.
And the flowers are wonderful too.

A Thrifty Mrs

I love gawping at your crochet work and flowers. There can never be too much, never.
Hope the work on your house gets done and dusted soon, sounds like a pain!


yes that is a good idea to get out of the house, leave them to it and go and have coffee and a natter, and a pee in peace LOL !!!!! it will be worth it in the end.


Definitely no need to apologise for such gorgeous colourful photos - all so beautiful in fact that I've been inspired to try some hexagons and made my first one last night! Might have to blog about it when I've made some more. Have a good week - its horrible having workmen around the house but the results will be worth it!

Lara (thornberry)

Very very beautiful crochet, progressing along nicely too. Hopefully the workmen will progress also. As always your photos are inspiring.


Your crochet has inspired me to take up the hook again! Today I'm off to buy some Rowan yarn. I'm so excited....will post a few pics to on my blog later.

Its awful having workman in your home...I never know what to do...I try and get down to some sewing done but its not the same as when you have the house to yourself...thank goodness its not for ever!

Thanks again for the inspiration, Lucyxx

Tania Hrziwnatzki

I love seeing your blankie's progress so please keep the photos coming.


You have inspired me so much with your lovely blog. I am a non crocheter and have just ordered a "Learn to Crochet" book! I want a crocheted cushion!

Hope the bathroom work is over soon. It will be worth the hassle when you have a lovely new room.

Have a good week.

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