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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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January 20, 2009


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flowers philippines

Great! Very creative. I like it specially when you formed it as a blanket for baby's. Your flowers looks like very alive, glow and baeutiful. Nice post.



So beautiful! Can you share your granny square pattern? I love how the center looks like a suburst! You are my inspiration!

flowers philippines

Its a very nice hand made,i wanna learn this very innovative from the creation of flowers,Good job!

by: vee

Kelly Bassett

I do so hope that you will post the pattern for this when you have time!!
As always, your work is lovely!!
Congratulations on your new bathroom!! Now that all the racket is over, the F-U-N can begin!!!
Good luck!!


hey i love your grannys! could you post the pattern? i would like to crochet blankies too but somehow never got round to it cause it was always too much of a hassle :)


WOW...your granny squares take me down memory lane when (in my 20s) i too crocheted a 1001? granny squares which i made into a huuuge double? bed blankie...it weighs a ton & i've still got it lol!!...it's been around and it's coming undone in spots, (not bad for 30yrs old). You've inspired me to drag it out of the garage and do a few spot repairs...who knows i might even blog about it lol!!

Mary Ann

Cheers from Denmark!
Just found your blog...I love it!
Your blankies are just so pretty!
Just wondering what kind of yarn you use?
Have a great weekend!


Hi Luce

keep your chin up! As long as you dont smell you will be alright! Pop to your local swimming baths and use their showers! I would love to visit Janet Bell's gallery but it is 300 miles away - one day! Check out the Lynsey Walter site though she has more stuff - lurverly!

Love Emma xxxxx


Looking good :) x


You are a brave woman, Lucy, having your bathroom renovated!! We contemplated redoing our kitchen for a little while but when "push came to shove" I just couldn't bear the thought of mess everywhere and strange people in my home. Plus, having 4 kids added into the mix...it all just screamed CHAOS!! "Well done" to you, though. I look forward to seeing the "before and after shots". And I will miss not being able to get my 'daily dose' of Attic 24 for the time being... Take care!


I've linked to your blog. I just had to share all your color and joy.


I am just curious to know if you do something with the little ends that you have trimmed out of the granny... they look pretty in the little bowl.
All your pictures always look pretty, by the way.


lovely crochet!! I must learn how to do it.
Twiggy x

Chez Tine

bonjour Lucy
ton travail est fabuleux, les couleurs sont magnifiques
il s'en dégage beaucoup de joie et de plaisir
c'est un vrai bonheur de visiter ton blog


Hello! first time here...i love your beautiful granny squares. I have been so drawn to those squares lately. You should do a tutorial...unless you already have, like I said this ismy first time visiting your blog...I love it!

Wildlife Gardener

Wonderful vibrant colours you have coordinated into your beautiful creations :)

susan hall

Dear Lucy,I hope you manage to find some fun anyway you can this builders week, lots of visiting sounds good. I really really hope those workmen jump to it though , I so miss my daily dose of attic 24 - withdrawal symptoms already biting!
the new blanket looks to be the best yet and buying all those colours at once is positive financial genius, after all they all go together so beautifully which may well not have been the case if you had to trail back and forth matching things up and buying stuff which didn't work when you got home. I will definiteley follow your lead from now on. Buy more wool!
Good luck this week love Susan


too true there can never be enough yarn, flowers or colourful pictures.

Feel for you with the workmen situation, it's horrible being invaded and having the place turned upside down. Just keep focussing on how good it will be when they are gone and you have a shiny new bathroom. And peace!

Hope you enjoy your socials, looking forward to seeing developments, bathroom and yarn related.

So lovely that she hijacked the block - the question is are you going to let dolly keep her blanket and do another or are you going to steal it back ?!? xx


Hi Im quite new to Blog world and I love your blankets, your hex tute has taught me how to crochet so I have mentioned you on my blog as I am now in the swing of my very own hex blanket.
Next step the bag, its just right for summer days at the park.


wow, you get to have workmen in the house redoing your bath! that's pretty cool! i hope the trauma is short lived, and that the results are what you imagined when you started out! in the meantime, the crochet is marvellous, and your plans to work outside a-24 during the reno. are great! everyone loves seeing all the pretty colors/combos in yarn and flower, so keep posting! we don't tire of your creativity, work, photos, trips, etc... you get the idea!! jkj

Laura, Lulabellesview

Absolutely gorgeous! It's great fun to see the progress you're making. The colors are wonderful. And, is it really necessary for the "Mr." to know how much thiry balls of yarn cost??? I'd say the joy of having them far outweighs the cost, wouldn't you? :)

Sue Wild

Loved the pretty crochet squares. Reminded me of my grandmother who made crochet blankets, either small ones joined together or making one huge square "for the old people". Not as artfully put together with all the lovely colours that you have, but used any colourful yarn that was available. It's great that a blanket is keeping dolly warm!

kitschen pink

I brushed my teeth at a kitchen sink for over 7 years, because, in our caravan there was only one sink. It was hell. I hated it. Before we even moved into the caravan I hated camping and now my boy announces that his new hero is Bear Grylls and we're all off on a 'real' camping trip without even a tent..... Hang in there. Do new bathroom visualisations and defeat the grumpy builders with tea, sugar and lots and lots of chocolate biscuits! t.xx


your crochet is looking great really cheerful and I love the colour of the tulips. I hope your bathroom chaos is over soon and that you will be able to enjoy the calmness of your new zen like spa soon....

take care love Janette

Umm Hibaat

The blanket's coming along beautifully! I hope you're bathroom is too :)

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