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January 22, 2009


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I hope the supermarket isn't too far away!!! I bet your bathroom will be a lovely blank canvas for you to add the Lucy touch to it. I am looking forward to seeing the final result.


The picture is wonderful! It will make the bathroom look so nice when you add all the great colors with it. One day I will get to a re-do in mine. The bunting will look FAB in there! Almost done with the current blanket so that I can move on to the hexagon blanket. It's absolute torture!! Have a great day Luce!!!

xxxxxx :)


It sounds as if its going to be wonderful - that card gives me such a happy feeling - and I feel its summer even though its a miserable cold day.

Cant wait to see how it comes on


I'm still plodding through my boring blanket - hubbie reckons its about 18 inches long now XX (that's the blanket - obviously)



How funny.... I've been thinking of making crochet bunting!!!! I was going to put flowers on mine - great minds think a like!!
Hope the bathroom will be finished soon, what a pain having to go out for a wee :( x


Love your crochet bunting, Luce. I'm sure your bathroom will look fab and cheery and colourful. I remember having the bathroom done in my flat and I had to go to the local gardens to use the public loos! Personally, I'd love workmen who don't want to chat - and particularly ones who don't want tea making every ten minutes (I don't even drink tea!!)
Been into the West End today, much yarn seems to have accompanied me home, eek!
Hen x


We've done loads of serious remodeling as well so I understand what it's like having to leave for ... ahem, a quick moment. It will be worth it, it always is.
I love the idea of a bright and cheery bath and you couldn't have a more perfect starting point than white tiles and chrome.

kitschen pink

Did I really write about loo paper and crochet in the same sentence? Sorry. Lowering the tone again! t.x

kitschen pink

Oh I can't wait to see the finished room! It's going to be just wonderful! (keep crochet out of reach from loo - you know what men are like about using up the last of the loo paper!)
I think basic white/cream is the only way to go with bathrooms! You can change the colour scheme all you like with accessories and never ever have to re-tile ever ever again...at least that was about as much of a plan as we ever had! Pop in when you get a mo sweetie! I have an award for you! t.x

Shelley in SC

I'm so delighted to find your blog!! Thank you so much for the time you put in to bring such a joyful, bright spot to the day!!! I love your style. Really, really fun.

A Thrifty Mrs

That is a beautiful print and great inspiration for a bathroom.
Lovely bunting.
I did have to laugh at you nipping to the supermarket to use their loo. Sorry!

elizabeth of course

That print is great. It reminds me of Cape Cod, which we're not far from. And it makes me want some summer around here. Can't wait to see the bunting finished. And best of luck with the bath re-do!

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