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December 22, 2008


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Reading this just over 10 years later and I’ve laughed out loud at J’s reaction, my own Mr just asked me “What?” as he’s engrossed in a book...”Oh, just a blog post I’m reading...”

Happy New Year Lucy xx


Well, here I am 2 1/2 years late to this post. ha! I only discovered your blog a week or two ago and am reading every thing from the beginning. I'm also on Ravelry (wiltinrose) and currently working on a Ripple. You are very inspiring, Lucy! (and one of my fave shows is Last of the Summer Wine - filmed in Holmfirth, I think maybe not too terribly far from you?! - I'm in the USA, however. Bah. I love all of your countryside photos.) Sooo, we get a live tree every year and cut a big piece off the bottom...this become our Yule Log for the next solstice. If we are living in a home without a fireplace, we burn it in our metal fire pit in the yard...but that is our tradition and I wanted to share it with you. It is a very lovely thing to do and we all enjoy it. ~Shannon

The Garden Bell - Kate

OH, it's so clear to me know. I have lots of back reading to do. Now, I know what W.S. is. Glad to add this to our fun here. We have a Yankee Candle shop here in town. Most, of their winter scents are great..but some are just to fruitie for us.

Off to see more...


I've only recently discovered your blog and am enjoying it so much. A knitter for years, though I can crochet well enough for granny squares.... or at least I could! I'm inspired and going to start the bag and then maybe a ripple blanket. Thank you and all the very best for Christmas and the new Year.


I highly recommend the Christmas Cookie flavour Yankee candle - so much so, I've bought the 'normous one to burn over the hols. If only it were edible too ...


Yule Blessings, Lucy. I love your sun. Winter Solstice is my favourite celebration; because now the days start to get longer again.

Have a lovely Christmas too ... :0)


audrey claire wilson

Hi Lucy, Lovely reading about your Winter Solstice. As you were celebrating your shortest day, here in Australia we were celebrating our longest! And, yes, I am ashamed to admit I didn't do anything for it..!

Anyway, I just wanted to wish you and your family a magical Christmas and exciting new year!! I really look forward to reading of more adventures at Attic24 in 2009! Take careX


what a lovely day! traditions take time to develop, I think this one will become a real winner xx


Thank you for your honesty Lucy, at the sake of repeating myself (I just can't remember where I said it) it's good to know that life isn't perfect for others too. I often have these ideas in my head of doing things with the family that just don't happen but then it is often what we don't plan that is nice. Seasons Greetings.


thank you for your post, all is really lovely and wonderful.


What a nice idea and I love the way you presevered in spite of a lack of interest from your big and little people....one day they'll look back and appreciate all you do, and probably do the same for their own children..........wishing you a Merry Christmas, thank you so much for your wonderful blog which is one of my favourites.
Gill x


Lovely once again to follow your endeavours. You fought and stuck to your feelings about this day and I think that is fantastic!

You have taught me about Yule Logs! And I had forgotten that kind of coloured paper!

All's well that end's well. My Gran's favourite saying.... (sniff, thank you!!)

You never seize to inspire me, Lucy.

Merry Christmas from

elizabeth of course

it sounds marvelous. And my husband gives me those very same looks when I try to explain: what I'm up to now, and how it's significant, and for crying out loud, just play along for me, willya?
How come the kids never want to play when we do, huh?


Happy Solstice Lucy! I've really been enjoying your blog and photos (so bright!). My husband is from Yorkshire, and curious where exactly you are. He describes the weather much as you do - grey and gloomy!

We have more snow here than we've had in years...



In Sweden we still use the word "yule", but modified a bit so nowadays it's "jul", and the 24th for example is "julafton", like yule evening. The logs are actually what started the christmas gift tradition. Back then people took a piece of wood, knocked on someones door, opened it and threw the wood inside and ran for it so no one would know who left it. Our word for christmas gift comes from the sound of the knocking on the door to deliver those logs. Ethymology can be so interesting. :-)

We had a nice winter solstice with unexpected visitors and we lit 30 candles and lay out some light chains and it was so cozy. :-) Not as organized since we just moved but still very nice.


Oh I completely adored this post, mind you I adore them all. Have a lovely Christmas I for one can't wait to read about it/see it.


Hi Lucy, Your solstice celebrations looked lovely and the whole idea is to create your own celebration which is exactly what you did. I expect your little people are too excited about Christmas to think about anything else. My husband and sons tolerate my celebrating and enjoy the food and fire. Hope your little man is feeling better today.


Lovely story Lucy - you are a marvelous writer - and remember "all's well that ends well" - I have said that so many times!!


Oh well you tried your best.... it comes to something when you can't get your children to join in!!!...poor you but it looks like you had a good day in the end. I love the candle .... I'm sure I've seen those somewhere but can't remember where.... I love Christmas smelly candles.
Your secerts safe with me...*wink,wink* !!! x


Have a happy christmas Lucy with your family.Ihave really enjoyed reading your blog x


Happy Winter Solstice!! Your post did make me chuckle - I know just what you mean about having a great plan, but facing a lack of enthusiasm from Little People and a large helping of scepticism from the Big Person! Bravo to you for keeping going (I probably would have thrown in the towel and had a tantrum of my own - I will have to try and follow your example and persevere in future)- clearly they were all glad in the end and the special wishes sound lovely.


Happy Solstice to you. I am pleased you managed to start your own celebration albeit with some reluctance from those around you. I found that introducing these ideas gradually helped and now the girls happily celebrate with me and understand why. You have now set the seed for your own family tradition which is great and i can tell you so had fun too.


Good effort Lucy! I think I would have liked the smell of your Yankee candle. You really were determined to celebrate the winter solstice weren't you?!!! I think burning the yule log and making a wish was a lovely idea and at least they all came around in the end. I hope you come and visit my blog sometime. It misses you! Have a lovely Christmas. x


happy solstice. your children are blessed to have such a creative and interactive mom! i eagerly read your postings and relish your photos and adventures. have a WONDERFUL christmas!!!! jkj


That candle smells so good... we have those at home ... as i'm travelling i brought one with me so my hotal room will at least smell a little like home....
I hope you enjoy Christmas ... i just wanted to say how much i enjoy your blog... i read it all the time it gets me into the right frame of mind when i need some insperation x thank you

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