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December 30, 2008


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A Thrifty Mrs

Hope you feel better soon.

audrey claire wilson

Hi Lucy,
It has been nearly a week since you last wrote on your blog (not that I am counting!) so that dreaded virus you mentioned in your last entry really must have taken a hold of you....you poor thing!! I hope you are feeling better soon (nothing worse than being sick especially when little people need looking after) and trust you have been getting some TLC?
Keep smiling,
Warmest wishes from Oz,


Hi Lucy,

I am new to your blog and wanted to tell you I just love it. I found your crochet bag pattern. What can I say, it's so fun to make. You give good directions and I'm really having fun with it. I also LOVE your hexagon pattern, flowers and leaves.

Thank you so much for making your instructions easy to follow :)



Hey!!! Where are you? I miss you!!! Looking forward to Monday...I am having Lucy withdrawal symptoms. I need my daily fix into the colorful world of Attic 24. Just teasing you, Lucy, have a warm and happy weekend.


hey, hope it makes you feel much better that you have so many comments! Because you are a special person ho brightens up our lives........thank you and here's to a happy and very colourful 2009


What a sweet post! I'm hoping someone bought you a lovely bouquet to enjoy while under the weather as well!
Happy New Year! Feel better darling.


I hope you feel better soon! This whatever had me ill for three weeks and I had 2 rounds of antibotics! Take Care!!!!!!


Hope you feel lots better soon ... :0)

Shirl x


Hi Lucy,
Happy New Year. Well if you already have the crochet books, we can compare notes (ie. I can benefit from your wisdom)! I've only tried the cafetiere cosy so far and also the hanger cover, but yet to complete both, need little buttons and things. I don't know how it is that I never seem to have just the right buttons, given that I have a drawer full of them!
Hen x

susan hall

Dear Lucy, I hope that by now you are feeling much better, am very impressed that even when you feel rotten you manage such a lovely cheerful post ! happy new year Susan


Hope you feel better soon. This seems to be hiding round corners and catching everyone and it's not nice. Just when we think we've got some 'extra' time to catch up on things it means spending more time in bed and not for jolly reasons either.
Loved your mum's flowers. Hope someone sent you some too.


Happy New Year, Lucy! I hope you feel better very soon. Rest.


Happy New Year to you Lucy and your family, may it bring you lots of love and luck! Like you I've been in bed the last few days feeling yucky, the boys and hubby had it over christmas, making it a rather quiet one tihs year!
The flowers are just the thing to cheer me up, they look so happy! take care Claire xx


Hi Lucy, I've been looking for a spare half hour or so to come on and read through your lovely blog. I needed uninterrupted time to do this so it's had to wait until today! I cannot be interrupted when reading your posts so now J is away to see his dad for a couple of days I have the uninterrupted time and no "mum can we please play this toy now, mum can we play this on the wii, mum how do you play that game again, mum I don't know how to do that" that always accompanies the post-christmas days. I so hope you are feeling better and that 2009 has started well for you. I'm really looking forward to reading and seeing more of the goings on of everday life in attic24 this year. Your blog is inspiring to so many of us that drop by each day and reminds me to take joy from the simple things. Tomorrow I am having a major clear out (this should really have been done before New Year but I was too busy with the aforementioned child and toys and eating chocolate and drinking wine and generally eating, drinking and being merry) and am going to take myself off to Tesco and buy me some lovely flowers. I wish you a happy and prosperous 2009. Lots of love Nicola x


hi Lucy,

thanks for you lovely email the other day. I have restarted my blog - it should work from the link below but if not it is http://jnetzworld.blogspot.com
I wish you a fantastic 2009 and really hope you are feeling much much better.

take care


Happy New Year Lucy and thank you for a lovely bloggy year. I do hope the horrid virus did in deed sod off in time for a little new years eve celebration. I look forward to reading all about your lovely life in the attick in 2009.


Happy New Year Luce, hope you feel better soon, snuggle up on that sofa and take care of yourself.I can't believe I've avoided the bug so far, I'm surrounded by sick people!


Hi - I've just come across your blog and I love it! I hope you are feeling better, and wish you a very Happy New Year.

Tilly Rose

Hi Lucy, Thanks for the comments on my blog, have had a mad christmas and have not had chance to blog for what seems like ages. Yes my coat arrived in all its glory on Christmas Eve, I did not open the box straight away as I was not aure if I was going to be given it by my husband but he said that he had made other plans and so I could have it when I wanted it and oh my yes I LOVE it....... well worth the money and the wait..... ps my husband bought me a BLACKBERRY MOBILE PHONE to try and help me organise my self........ its very hard but I will try..... HAve a great new years eve and please keep giving us bright and cheery blog,..... they light up the day.....



a happy and healthy New Year to you Lucy.
You have inspired me to tackle....gasp...Babette!
daughter came over for visit with a heavy cold.Remedy? Hot toddy last thing, one measure of port, half a measure of whiskey, one lump of brown sugar and top up with hot water.Said she slept v. well!


Oh I can totally sympathise, I am feeling exactly the same. This lurgy has been with me on and off for what feels like weeks and it's back with a vengence today. Feeling rather fed up and sorry for myself so cheering myself up by visiting my favourite blogs. I hope you feel better soon and manage to have a good new years eve. We're staying in snug and warm with a bottle of champagne between us. Should go well with the lemsip! Wishing you a happy and healthy new year. Looking forward to you opening that etsy shop! Fiona x


Ugh, we just got over something similar so I feel your pain. Keep warm under your lovely ripple and get as much rest as you can.
I wish you and your family good health and happiness in the New Year and thanks for sharing your wonderful blog!


Get well soon Luce!
I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year. May 2009 bring you everything you wish for.
Sal xxxx

The Coffee Lady

I'm doing a calendar on my blog and wondered if you would mind me using your colourful buttons picture from Nov 25 for the October picture? I'd put a link to your blog of course.

Thanks so much for your lovely blog, and a very Happy New Year.


Hi Lucy..
I'm new to your blog and you have made me cry. I love the Solstice blog.Your children are truly blessed.I hope you feel better soon and I love the colors of the flowers and the blanket.I don't remember how I've stumbled across your blog, but I'm sure glad I did..Take care and looking forward to reading about your life.Hope you also have a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!!!!!

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