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December 16, 2008


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Oh dear, I am obsessed with you blog it seems :S I just wanted to say how your post has made me long for Christmas, and just how much your little fabric and felt creations from your wreath have inspired me. If only I was as creative as you!
Estelle x


Lovely....haven't made paper chains since my children were very little...must start this tradition with my little girlies. Lucy, your mince pies look yummy...I never had a mince pie before...do you have a recipe? What is it, exactly??? Your wreath is B E A U T I F U L! And your little crafty creations on your stockings and tree..so cute.


We left our Christmas chains up all year once, they were quite faded (and dusty) by the end, but they were so jolly.
Lisa x


Lovely Lucy, absolutely lovely.


Love the decorations, they're very inspiring. Saw some awesome crocheted stockings in the libertys Xmas shop, they made me think of you :)


I so enjoyed your lovely Christmas at Attic 24!! A wonderful Christmas week to you and your family.


Your house looks wonderful! Love the wreath with its little birds... Love the stockings... Love the candle holders (I didn't know Bonne Maman jars could look so lovely)... Love it all - it's so very festive :)



Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.... the house looks so inviting. The mantles look fantastic, would love to visit and have a mince pie and cup of tea in front of the fireplace. Maybe another time...
With Smiles

miriam regina boccardo

I love your blog, but i don't understand english.
Miriam Regina


Hi Lucy, What a difference a day makes...I bought the tree today...the children went to a Christmas disco (PTA one at school) and I now feel festive. Still no presents and cards - forget them, but hope to do some shopping tomorrow. All your decorations look lovely. A couple of weeks ago I made a wreath using willow (I had been on a course), I think I may blog a picture (sometime soon??!!). It looks kind of OK (well wonky etc but heyho) So, what are you crocheting now? Really want to know!! I am determined to learn to crochet over Christmas and have decided to take some time off in the New Year to catch up and just chill, really looking forward to that! I hope to arrange the textile day too for Easter I will let you know some dates. Kathyx

miss sew n sew

Oooh really enjoyed noseying at your Christmas decorations Lucy they are lovely. Love the stocking ribbon card idea and the paper chains are great I think you should keep them up!


So many ideas at your wonderful home...We'll make the paper garland this weekend :-)


It is all beautifully done. I noticed the plant pot with little bits of green waiting to mature, that will be a burst of colour! I love the paper chains! Oh, I love it all! Two fireplaces, of all things! Wow!



Absolutely stunning - I love your Christmas home!


We've got tiny Christmas decoration at home. My little Rita, as a good cat, love all the handled things. So, we only have a few things (all lovely, of course)in our C. decoration. Yours is beautiful, with all this treasures at the tree!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

It all looks beautiful! Especially your wreath on the door!

Lucy x


all looks lovely hope you have a great christmas.x


Looking good. So good infact... would you like to adopt another daughter? A slightly older, more mature one? I could help with the mince pie eating.

I have red tapes at either side of my fireplace for family cards and then the rest are stuck top to bottom with tape and hung down the spindles of the banister in the hallway.

A Thrifty Mrs

Christmas looks wonderful at Attic 24. So bright and cheerful. I bet you'll have a wonderful festive season.


looks so lovely, which supermarket did you get the wreath from it's delicious xx

susan hall

Hello Lucy ! love the arrival of christmas of Christmas at Attic 24, it all looks lovely. I like the way you let the children decorate the tree to their own design, Iused to do the exact same thing when my 5 were small, it's the way it should be, I have no truck with themed trees even now.
I was not feeling too cheerful about Christmas myself until my mum gave me the little tree (though it didn't seem so then of course) that we had when I was a child. I wish you could see it, it is now 70 years old this year having been given to her as a hard up newly wed by her aunty. She also gave me quite afew of the much loved ornaments which are also very pretty. It gave me such pleasure to set it up yesterday in my dining room where it catches my eye and gives me a little frisson of christmas pleasure all day. Two of my grown sons went for our "real" tree on sunday and the youngest helped me trim it so we'll soon be as christmas cosy as you!


Hello to you on a sleety day in New York.
Your house looks so beautiful, full of fun, and Christmas cheer, and all throughout signs of your wonderful creativity.

Well done! And the mince pies and eggnog were scrumptious, too!


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