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December 19, 2008


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Ankita Vj (India)

Oh yes i know this feeling...i get it everytime i m in attic24....love ur etsy banner..its amazingly gorgeous...


Oh Lucy....beautiful. Just reading thru some seasonal stuff for heart warming inspiration. But what made me laugh was your reference to wishing you had done the LPs Chrissie shopping earlier and not being organised!! Have you got FLYLadys Journal this year!! After you mentioned her, I went and joined up....I'm as hooked on her as I am on hooking! And made some lovely friends across the pond too. Thank you for the new worlds you have opened up for me and others.


Merry Susan



What a divine place to meet for your knit & natter. The knitted chain is going to catch on, might start some for next xmas. Hope you and yours have a lovely Christmas & New Year Lucy.
With Smiles
Kathryn in the Loft

Marianne Penner

Hi Lucy, I've been reading your blog daily. I came across your blog by way of Anna Maria Horner's blog. You two are my favorite crafting bloggers. You have inspired me to crochet again, I haven't crocheted since I was 7, that was 34 years ago, and I'm having so much fun with it. I love your flower tutorial, I've already made 6 of them from my wool scraps. I have been knitting many felted bags and was getting tired of only knitting so your blog and crocheting have brought excitement for yarn back to me.

I love the cafe with all of the crafting inspiration. It's just beautiful. It's so nice that we can see another part of the world through the computer. I'm from Canada and have never travelled outside of North America, so I really appreciate seeing parts of the UK through your camera lens.

Thanks again.


greedy nan

I love the look of the cafe - all that beautifulness and knitting too - almost heaven! Loving your mooted colours and will be back again tomorrow to see what they're for.

Umm Hibaat

What a beautiful blog you have here! I came across it last week and have been going through the archives since! I adore it! The beautiful crochet, the vibrant colours, the view from your lovely home, the wholesome, delicious recipes, the flowers … You’ve made me miss the English countryside even though I was born and brought up in London ;) Thank you for giving me great moments of inspiration as I relax with a cuppa. I loved the blankets exp the Hex. Can't wait to see what you'll get up to with those grannies!


I just love your blog! The cafe was so cute! I wish I could visit! :) And that new jacket of yours is to die for! I love it! It goes so well with all of your happy creations. The photos were so fun to look at!

What kind of yarn do you prefer to use for granny squares? I know you mentioned Rowan dk handknit yarn before, which is so hard to find in the US. At least in my area. I found one shop an hour away that carried some..I might just have to try online shopping.


That's a lovely cafe I especially like all the differnet stockings hanging up. My wee boy has the bug now and was upp all night last night it seems to be doing the rounds of the UK! Still better now than christmas day! Have a lovely weekend cc

Laura Fortune

Isn't it amazing how a new garment can lift one's spirits? I love your new coat. And I love those chairs in the third photo. If only I could get some of those for my kitchen, alas they are not available on this shore.
PS - Your blog is such a day brightener for me. Thank you!


Oh how I wish I could spend a morning in that cafe. Please tell your friend that she has a lovely, cozy, wonderful place, and that I love her creations.
I've bookmarked that crochet paper chain for myself too. Thanks!


Your work is beautiful and you give me lots of ideas. Thank you so much !


What a fantastic cosy cafe for your knit & natter .... i would have loved to be there !!!
Have a great weekend :)


What an AMAZING cafe! (and a great coat too!)


The cafe looks great Lucy! and thank you for all your wonderful comments - I couldn't have done the crochet without you! one of the best things about '08 has been your friendship! I can't beliveve how lucky I am! to know you in the flesh so to speak!
have a great christmas and wishing you a healthy, happy and creative '09 lots of love C


What a lovely cafe, I'd love to join you one day for knit & natter. I have a feeling you like your new coat...is it green with a red lining?? I thought you mentioned it!!!
I'm glad to hear you like being in your PJ's, I'm not the only one then!! On my day off I sometimes don't get dressed & I've also been known to do the gardening in them!!
What are you making???? Something green with flowers.... mmmmmmm maybe something for the spring??? Can't wait to find out :)

Tilly Rose

I blame it all on you.... the fact that I too have now bought that fab green coat from Boden..... when it arrived I will tell my husband that it was all your fault..... Fab price toooo good to miss. I love all things green and I too have drooled over that coat for a while....I have been pondering on what you are making in those muted colours..... baby blanket ????

Helen Lambert

Hi...where is the cafe ...we may take a trip to skipton in the holls...we love the market...I know what you mean about the inspiration buzz..I am going to make some paper chains ...along with the scarfs that i have on the go (3) and the humungus jumper waiting in a big big baket an the Maggi knits shawl...better get knitting...I hope you dont mind me asking but could you give me a simple blanket pattern..i am dying to make one but I need something simple..love H


The colours are wonderfully calming. Looking forward to seeing the finished project. And what a fabulous cafe! I wish I had one like that near me!


What a cozy morning you had at that lovely homey little cafe. I still want to come to Knitt and Natter too...especially to drink one of those luscious lattes. I am loving the colors in your new granny squares...they would match my home perfectly. Have a good weekend, Lucy dear, and don't stress too much about all things Christmas.


thanks for the lovely pictures of the cafe, it looks like the perfect place to go, so cosy looking, I have to do christmas shopping as well, and will be glad when it is done,
enjoy your weekend, by the way is that a scarf you are making ????? now we are all curious.



That cafe is a gem! It must be quite an incubator for lots of creative folks.

And your green coat with that splash of red ... what a merry wrap for this season. I know you will feel merry every time you slip it on, and add your own hand made accessories.

Happy Christmas!


Goodness, how does she manage to run a cafe and do all that crafty stuff? Wish there was such a cafe near me, it's mostly costas and neroes.

Although do have lots of independent ones too (17 coffee shops I think at last count), none as lovely looking as that one.

I would love to go to a Knit and Natter but time prevents me. Oh, and the fact I can't knit and natter at the same time!


Looks like a great cafe, I do like those round cushions I spotted. Now your new project is very un-Lucy, colour-wise, what are you up to???
Have a great weekend.
Hen x

Devon Hanna

Oh Lucy,
You have a right to be happy between getting your coat and going to a sweet cafe like that,,how can you not be in a happy mood...have fun at the little people concert..I miss those days...and thanks again for sharing your world with all of us,,I hope you have a wonderful weekend,,,,


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