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November 14, 2008


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I am lost for words!
I found your website today in Simply Knitting. What an absolute pleasure. The photography, your subjects, choice of magazines and craft skills have just struck a chord with me.(I too live in North Yorks, (Ripon).
In amongst the 'not' cleaning, tidying, and crafty stuff, I know I shall be back to read your blog regularly.
Thanks for the burst of sunshine!
Best wishes
Margaret Prince


Sometimes sharing the downs helps to get them out of your system and move on with the day free of your heavy load.

Glad you did.


Lucy when I saw your lovely box of chocs I gave in and got out the box I'd been saving - the children were so surprised and delighted. The top layer was scoffed in minutes.

I'm so glad you felt better later and I hope you have a wonderful time in London and at the Fair.

Reading blogs always cheers me up and inspires me too - maybe more in thoughts than deeds ;o)

Roanne x


I think it's to do with the long year nearly to an end, I'm exhausted as well. Hopefully the joy of Christmas will pick us all up and add some sparkle to the day.


I know how you feel. We are going through a remodel here and you won't want to hear this, but it gets worse before it gets better. In the end though, you will be glad you've endured the hardship and researched the choices out there because you'll have a truly special home that is all you. Good luck and I'll be thinking of you during your remodel. Have fun in London!


Hello from New York!

Wish I were on a train to London, since this is the time of year I used to fly across the pond that lovely city.

Peanut butter and soft banana on toast ... perfect sandwich combination. I first learned to love it when growing up in Virginia.

Your blog is lovely, whether you are full of energy, or resting up and recharging.

Promise to visit again soon.


Enjoy the fair lucy.....I have just had the wall in my front room sledge hammered and the fireplace ripped out, replaced, a hold load of mess and the stove isn't ready yet...argh.....going on a free machine embroidery course tommorrow to forget about it. Looking forward to next week x


We all love you Lucy - especially the fact that you are human just like the rest of us. We all have ups and downs and believe me looking at your beautiful blog is an upper for me!! Enjoy your weekend.


Hey Lucy! I totally despise when there is a workman in my house...I just want them to hurry up and get out!!! Glad you're feeling better...it's funny, sometimes I read your archives and it makes me feel better too, in fact, I am off to read a few while the girlies are napping. Have a sweet little comfy weekend.

Alice C

Now we know that life at Attic24 is not all sunshine we will appreciate the sunshine all the more when the clouds go away.

But reading through the post to the bottom it seemed to be a small cloud - I'm glad!


Hi Lucy, I am feeling the same as you today. I was awake nearly all night with a headache and now my tummy hurts. Most unusual for me. This is the first year I am not going to CL fair so looking forward to hearing all about it from you next week. Have a wonderful time. Karenx

Anne Bebbington

Peanut butter and banana sandwiches - the best pick-me-up ever :o)


Glad your feeling better but don't fprget we are all allowed the odd off day. Have a great day in London tomorrow are you of to the country living show?


Hiya, I often have days like that, I sometimes wake up thinking I'll go back to bed but never do...honest! Think the peanut butter and banana sandwich might have give you a boost, I love it tooo!
Have a fab time in London, enjoy the country living fair. ....Claire xx


Chocolate and a bit of blog mooching is sometimes what's needed.
Enjoy your day at the Christmas fair, you won't be disappointed. It's a feast for the eyes. Wear comfy shoes!
Lisa x


You can always find refuge, tea and cake at my place! have fun tomorrow! x


oh i do hope you enjoy the fair!! and thank you for sharing the ups as well as the downs were only human after all :-) oh the building work stuff is horrid but like childbirth you soon forget :-D and you will love your home even more than before......
Lesley x


Lucy, glad to see your day improved with coffee/tea/chocolates and a bit of blogsurfing. Blogland can provide much good cheer on a gloomy day.

Enjoy your trip to London (envious!!!) and please bring back all the wonderful details... and maybe some pretty finds too.

Try not to get down about your coming household upheaval. First enjoy this holiday season with your family. When the messy time comes, you'll take it day by day and it won't feel so overwhelming as now.

And the fresh house will be so worth it in the end! Especially in such a beautiful location as yours.

Cheers & safe travels.

do you mind if i knit

hello Lucy,
ups and downs................ we don't mind reading it all, because it's always so entertaining.................. But I am glad you're feeling much better............... chocolate has magic powers doesn't it......................!
I am completely sympathetic to what you're feeling about the builders................. their gratitude when you make them lots of cups of tea will cheer you up................... and they can sometimes be a friendly bunch......................
Have a wonderful time in London.


Sorry to hear you're feeling tired, its your bodys way of saying 'hey slow down, lets take stock'.
Have a great day in London, wish I was keeping you company. Don't spend too much. Fi x


I'm so glad that you didn't delete this post. Yes it is real life, the ups and the downs. I can understand how you were feeling earlier in the day, we all get down from time to time, and it's nice to know that we can share it with others and get hugs, both virtual and real. Glad you are feeling happier. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend! :~)

Oh, and I believe you have several joie-de-vivre blankets at your disposal. Just look on the bed, or the couch, or in your crochet bag...

Kim Johns

It must be the weather. I feel like this as well today. Can't get motivated to do anything except sit at the computer and eat chocolate! That's not a bad thing I suppose.
I have only recently found your blog and love it.
Kim xxx


have a lovely time in london, hope you feel better soon, enjoy the choccies!!!!!!


Yes, chocolate is our best friend for those moments. Check it at my blog, and you'll see!


I'm sure the chocolate will help. In fact, I might go and find some for myself...

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