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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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November 26, 2008


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I love your Blog and I'm so glad that I have found it. You're now one of my favorites.


I'm not sure I've ever seen anything as cute as the little house. It's beautiful. I need to check out her work. Really pleased to see that Vanessa has opened an etsy shop. I've just had a quick look. I think I need to point Simon in the right direction! And not that I'm trying to get in on the act or anything but I need your address please as I have a tiny something for you. My email is on my blogger profile.


p.s. I'm soooo looking forward to tomorrow's post!!


Lucy, Sadly lately I've not been able to post comments largely due to time! Everyday I sit at work & have my set times that I "check in" for that days installment of what's happening at Attic24. I speed read first, then venture back up to the top and read again, this time more slowly taking everything, thinking tonight I will post a comment - then tonight comes and I never get round to it. You bring such colour, loveliness, upbeatness and honesty to your blog and I for one love it!! Thank you to you, J and little man and little lady for letting us in.
Lots of love
Nicola xx


Two very exciting parcels with beautiful contents.
The little house is just the loveliest.

Joanne Stocker

Hello again,

Since I am such a keen visitor I would like to invite you to play along and have 'tagged' you. Pop by, if you like. Otherwise, just have a lovely lovely day!

All the best in any case!



what a lovely inspiration you are, just off to tidy up my own little chaotic space but feel so much more serene after browsing your lovely lovely hose, thank you x


Oh Lucy!!!! What wonderful parcels!! I love love LOVE the house - what a perfect way to celebrate your first year in your happy home.
Roanne x

emma whiston

Hellooo Lucy

The house is gorgeous. I have blogged today my mirror that Ann Wood made (finally got round to sorting it out!) I love getting parcels - the wonderful thing about ordering on line!

Love Emma xxxxx

do you mind if i knit

Aaaaahhhhh............. you see you have the effect of spreading warmth and love............. people are coming to your blog every day to get their dose of warmth, happiness, love and good cheer!
What a lovely gift that fabric is, so generous............. and I didn't know that blog, so I'm thrilled you've introduced it to me.............. and Sarah Ahearn's work is gorgeous! Another wonderful blog to add to my list.................. I have a growing list of blogs to read, and add to my list................. And thank you Lucy, for mentioning my etsy shop, and me! You're very generous with your love and good will............... thank you.................


How lovely is this house.... :)


Such a lovely post - thank you for sharing with us your great parcels in the post! Always look forward to your lovely blog posts.


what a darling little house you got!
that's so nice of you for sharing it with us.
It completely matches the lovely things you make!!!


Melissa Crowe

Followed you from your flickr comment (on my "sweet sweet home" pic) to your photostream to here, and I must say, I'm glad I did! Your pictures are so lovely, so cheerful and bright, and so are your words. Here's to new friends!


Wonderful packages, Lucy! And yes, you are a brilliant writer. I feel as if I am just on the other side of your kitchen table, chatting away with you. :~)


Lucy - You should have been a writer!! I think you had all of us sitting on the edge of our chairs. Such wonderful items you received - the Attic 24 house is awesome. You are such a special person.

tilly rose

I love getting parcels, the excitment of what may be inside. Infact I got one today only it was for the neighbour and not me BOO HOO....



Brown paper packages tied up with string...lalalalalaaaaaa....
How fabulous, dear Lucy, another attic! Very beautiful too i might add, and truly unique.I am off to check out the website!xxx


what truly beautiful parcels, I can feel the excitement from here!


((((LUCY)))) You are such a sweetheart!! A heart full of thanks to you, too, for being such a wonderfully colorful and exquisite YOU!!


lovely parcels, the little house is just meant for you, it is perfect, I have been in my house for 2 years this weekend, and know what you mean about being cosy and happy,
I enjoy all your colourful inspiration from the attic.


They are wonderful and thoughtful packages. The soaps look particularly delicious.

A Thrifty Mrs

Lovely packages!


Oooh Lucy, you're such a tease! You deserve such nice things for brightening all our days. See you Friday, so to speak...
Hen x

Joanne Stocker

Well you have got me all excited now too. I am all shaky and started speed-reading! LOOOOOOOVEEEEEEELYYYYY!!

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