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November 11, 2008


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you inspired me. I went to tescos after work for some bits and pieces and they sold packs of those glass vases that you put a bulb at the top of, plus the bulbs (one white, one blue) - two vases and bulbs for just £4!! bargain!


What a grea idea Lucy, Hyacinths in the cornish Bowl. I don't know what I like more.
How lovely they will look. What room did you put them in???
With Smiles


Oh Lucy! Congratulations! That must feel so wonderful to see your work being admired and appreciated in so many places. That is so cool! On a lesser note, I love Hyacinths, but they make me sneeze. :~)


Such beautiful pictures - could not help but spot the hexagon afghan in the background. I absolutely love that colorful piece of art. Actually love everything about your inspirational blog - can't wait for the flower tutorial.


Yet another great post... how do you do it?? Even your lunch looks good!! The bulbs look lovely in that bowl. Glad your talent is spreading. I'll be back tomorrow for the flowers. :)


Delicious anticipation! Tinged with guilt as I think of the Amaryllis bulb I bought recently languishing unplanted in the garage.


We have bulbs at home too since... last year. Shame on us! But maybe we can planted this winter, why not?
Thanks again for the tutorial, I'm looking forward for the new one. You are amazing, Lucy!!!


yes I must confess that my bulbs are still in their boxes too, so naughty, I must get them planted, looking forward to the crochet flowers tomorrow.


Aww, thanks so much for the mention. I loved the hexagons-so cheerful and full of color. Just what we need during all this drizzle. Your hyacinths are going to be gorgeous! I love all the anticipatory shots!


oh i may have bought the same horrid brown £2 pot of bulbs a few days ago - unfortuanately mine still in it as havent got round to planting in something else but you have just made me feel guilty enough to go off and do it :-D
Lesley x

Rachael Rabbit

I love them too - I simply love the bowl they came in ... that will be a fantastic mixing/kitchen bowl once they have finished blooming and filling the air with their amazing scent ;-)


the hyacinths will be lovely! I adore the scent of them, so utterly floral, like nothing else! I have a cake mixing bowl very like the one you have planted these out in. what did you do for drainage in the bottom? curious..

S x

Daisy Steiner

Beautiful. I really need to get some myself, they would look fab in my potty. Love them in the stripe bowl.


You are a crochet star! Am so pleased your tutorials and designs have been spread far and wide because I have found them so helpful and know others shall too.
Love your bowl with the hyacinths. Am hunting for a Cornishware jug at the mo'. You've done the right thing in not bowing to your other half's desire to have the house a scented flower-free zone!
Hen x


Great eye candy as usual Lucy, love that hexagonal gorgeousness in the background!
Julia xx


Lucy, have you considered having an etsy shop for your textile work AND your crochet stuff? I would LOVE a bag like that one but don't crochet. Think about it...


I find hyacinths so cheerful, they were hubies grans favourite flower. They look great in the blue and white bowl. Enjoy your lunch...Claire x


What could be lovelier than the combination of hyacinths and cornishware. Two of my very favourite things. I'm really hoping to somehow incorporate hyacinths into my Wedding flowers because I think it will be lovely to have a bit of scent and I'm wanting off white, pale blue and pale pink as my colours. But Mum, who is doing the venue arrangements, but not the bouquet says they are difficult to arrange because the stems are too floppy. I need to work on persuading her. Off to look at those crochet links now. Enjoy your lunch. x

do you mind if i knit

Love the Hyacinths in the stripey bowl................. I can smell the flowers when they open, from here................... Sweet Peas and Hyacinth scent are always glorious.................. I'm panicking now, and thinking I should pot up some Hyacinths............................ I'm rubbish with indoor plants and bulbs, I always get the timings wrong, and end up missing the boat, so-to-speak......................................
So............................... if J is a bit sensitive to scent, I imagine you're not allowed to wear perfume then!


wow that bag on Flickr is huge and very lovely. I like hyacinths too, I just noticed an old bulb from last year beginning to shoot whilst in the shed so I've brought it inside - fingers crossed
Lisa x

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