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November 28, 2008


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Lucy I hope you all have a lovely weekend and congratulations on your housey versary. Did the year go quickly for you? - it must be so nice to read back through your blog and be reminded of so many lovely things.
I love your houses pictures - I'm imagining you up in the attic window of the pink house enjoying the view and crafting.

My house, oh Lucy you said your house was messy - you should see mine. We have six small people here (aged from 1 - 11) and although I love Cath Kidston and Laura Ashley and all things Greengate, most of the designs here are pegged onto string to dry. I do love it though - lots and lots of colour! We bought a big red fridge when me moved here 2 years ago and I was thinking of dressing it up as Father Christmas this year! (only joking ;))
My favourite places in the house are the big red sofa opposite the fire and next to the bookcase (I'm always looking at book spines and don't get to open them enough!) and I love to go up to the children's rooms and look at the view. We can see the mountains from the back of the house - they're so far away! I'm sure I could see them better if we had an attic window!!

Thanks for doing such a lovely giveaway! It's great reading about everyone's houses - and eating cake!

Roanne x

Devon Hanna

Hi Lucy,,
I just found your blog and love it, it is so colorful...well I live in the desert and on an acre of dirt...I love shabby chic and country decor,,I love color and lots of stuff in the house..we are hoping to move to colorado next year..and then my choice of house would be a old victiorian with wooden floors and built in cabinets..but I have a question for you the crochet pillow you made what pattern did you use..I tried to use one from Lion brand yarn and it is wrong,,keep the pictures coming..


I was soooooo looking forward to your give away & the gifts are beautiful.... my house is 1950's, it's not in a very nice area but when the door is locked it's all mine!!! My bedroom is very red & white & I love it, it feels warm & cozy. It's not the house I would've chosen, it was my boyfriend's mum's house but she past away nearly 3 years ago. We had problems selling it so decided to move in & do it up. My boyfriend hates it, guess it holds to many memories, he's only planning on staying for 3 years which will be up in March. I hate moving, in fact I more then hate it, when I moved in 2 years ago I made myself very ill because I didn't want to leave the old place.
I'll have my fingers crossed that I win!! :)

Jen Gough

Well I first have to say that your blog has been a great find. I love to see what wonderful things you are working on and your photos are amazing. I just love the housey goodies! What a treasure it would be to win them. Our house is wonderful thing that my family of 6 never thought we would have something so new and for us. It is filled with books and things that inspire my husband and myself. Thank you again for sharing with us all!

Have a great weekend!


Hey Lovely Lucy Lady, you have worked so hard on the picture, it's beautiful and I love the flower buttons on the keyring.
Our home is a terraced Victorian 3 up 3 down..with a herb garden at the front and a little garden and patio at the back. There is nowhere i would rather be, despite the fact that it needs quite a bit of money spent on it. We have a downstairs bathroom, and an upstairs loo, with 3 bedrooms. It backs onto a high school which means it's beauituflly quiet at the weekend and in the school holidays!
May you all have many happy years in your lovely cosy house, sweet lady.x


How lovely Lucy - our house is the typical US two story home, 4 bedrooms, garage, fireplace - boring I know - but it is home. What makes a house a home is the individual touches each of us puts into our home. These touches tell a story about those who reside in the home. We do not have an attic, though, and this I really miss. Attics are so special. The homes I grew up in all had walk up attics that held to many secrets. Oh how I miss an attic!!

Molly Severtson

We just bought our first house, this month! It's not a "home" yet, but that will be my project for the next many months - making it ours. What a joy.


congratulations on your one year anniversary.What a beautiful,colourful picture you have made, you are so talented! I would love to win this!! My house is a half timbered cottage at the edge of a beautiful wood where i have happly lived with my husband and children for 19 years.My favourite room is are cosy sitting room with inglenook fire place,all warm and toasty especially this time of year! July x.

Heather Thorp

So lovely all that you share - i have enjoyed popping into your world sooo much! Have a beautiful winter.xx


once again: beautiful work!

I have moved, with my husband and two kids, to this house last May and I'm also looking forward for our 1st anniversary here! this really feels like home! :D

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Oh Lucy! That is such a beautiful, happy, house-y picture and I most definitely want to win it!!! The colours are fantastic - very like your beautiful crochet and just the thing to change my mood after a rubbishy day at work so thank you for your happy post!

My house? It isn't beautiful. We didn't fall in love with it when we looked round before buying. It doesn't have quite enough room. It is always in a total mess. But it's ours and I LOVE IT! My favourite things are my exposed brick fireplace that we stripped back almost as soon as we moved in because what was there before was so awful and my eldest's teeny, tiny bedroom with its wall of bookshelves - I've told her I'm having it for a sewing room as soon as she goes to University (unfortunately she is only 11!!!!!)

Happy anniversary in your lovely home!

Lucy xxx


Happy house anniversary! We've lived in our current house for about 10 years. It was a big change as I thought the first house we bought was the house I would die in. Well, it wasn't so here we are in a very nice house. From the outside it looks modest but once you step in, especially in the kitchen, you can see out the windows and door, our lovely backyard. It looks like a park. I sit in the sitting area and knit or crochet with all the sun light coming in. I love to listen to the quarreling squirrels as they use the treeways to get to where ever they are going. Enjoy your blog and your reponses when I have questions. Love your colors.

Anne Bebbington

Now why didn't I think of tying round hyacinth stems like that with a pretty ribbon to stop them flopping over? I seldom grow them indoors for that very reason - now I have the solution! Love the house picture and keyring - my house is the total opposite to yours - a newish (1999 build) estate house which is quite pretty outside but a bit flat and characterless indoors - lots of straight walls and low ceilings! It's also chaotic and messy at best and a complete mayhem at worst - five almost adults with not a tidy gene between us - eventually either DH or I flip and throw a hissy fit which ends up in a big argument and everyone mucking in to help tidy - but somehow we never quite get to the end of the task - but it's home and we love it :o)

Jane W

Happy houseaversary!! I absolutely love my house - it is the 3rd house we have lived in since we've been married but it is my "family" home. The house was built around 1908 by my great grandfather, then my grandparents lived here, then my parents. When my father needed to move out he asked if we would be able to buy it and we went all out to get it! It has had many alterations and hopefully improvements as trends come and go over the years, each of us have made our own mark. One strange thing about the house (or perhaps the owners!) is that the house has never been without a dog - my parents didn't have a dog until they moved into here and we never dreamed of having one until we moved in and it felt right to have one!

I am amazed at the wonderful picture and keyring you produced so quickly - you certainly had a great talent.

Hope you enjoy your weekend away.

Jane W


Lucy, how can you bear to part from such a beautiful piece of work - so full of Charecter.....just love your blog, it brightens my day here in the midlands. We live in a 1960's estate house with very little charecter, but it does have a beautiful hall that the light just streams through. I have also acquired the 'spare bed room' and nested very happily there with views of the changing seasons across the railwayline and the tall poplars either side of it. looking forward to 5th December - have a happy weekend.


I live on the east coast in an Ashley style cape cod. Just.Love.It. We converted the gargage to a 'family' room but really, it's my room. My stained glass artsy craftsy stuff sits in there, along with a treadmill. I use the artsy stuff more. ;) I painted a huge mural on one wall, but the drywall cracked so it looks like the land went through an earth quake. Keep crafting...and I would love,love,love the pic and/or keychain.


Everything you do is so colourful and lovely to look at!
I live in a 1950s bungalow,to which we added a loft conversion two years ago.
The location is great,we're in the countryside...but I'd love something a little more cottage like ;-)


What a super giveaway.
Well we are British expats living in The Hague, in the Netherlands. Our house is our choice but it is rented because we don't know how long we will be based here. It is an unusual house for The Hague in that it is only 2 stories tall because of the limited space most houses are at least 3 stories tall. it is large and spacious and I love it, we are close enough to the children's school that we can walk and we are next door to a duck pond, a meadow with grazing sheep and the woods which hide Queen Beatrix's gorgeous palace. All this in a city - we are lucky.


happy house day! I found you a few weeks ago and love looking for inspiration as we moved six months ago to an old police house just outside the gorgeous city (albeit a small one!) of winchester, now the boxes are unpacked the task of creating a home is well and truly started and I'm loving your blog and must get going on mine........thank you for making my days so much happier!!! xx

j ballard

Hello Lucy,
I too have celebrated a house-versary this week! Although I am 15 years down the line.
Yes 15 years ago this week I walked into my new house carrying a week old baby girl!
I had moved away from family and friends and the beautiful Norfolk countryside to the rather bleak November Cambridgeshire landscape. I thought the move temporary. Work, school, college and financial commitments proved me wrong! So I have had to make the most of my modest modern home. The present 'style' is 'messy chic'-a style created for me by my lovely children! It includes a contemporary mix of Laura Ashley, Hama Beads, Cath Kidston, felt tip pens, Ikea bits and a precious sewing machine and knitting basket (mine) and a new MFI Kitchen! The kitchen is based on green shaker style units so looks different to many new modern kitchens,
I have just finished sewing a Laura Ashley roman blind in plum Gosford fabric which I hope to have up before the christmas tree!
My bedroom has a red and white checked roman blind and Cath Kidston floral duvet and is a bit Scandinavian! With vintage brooch collection! We have a small pretty garden but (wait for it) succumbed to children's wishes and now are proud owners of a monster trampoline! Help!
One day Lucy, when work money et al .. I will have a cottage by the sea, or near hills similar to those that you gaze at out of your lovely attic!
Bye Jill


what an adorable picture you sewed...we have lived in this house almost 10 years - before we bought a house my son and i prayed for very specific things - and God granted all of our wishes in this house - fence for the dog, and good neighbors for us! as soon as i walked into this house i KNEW it was HOME..i like everything about it.Now that my sons are out of the house i now have a craft room! and i love it. I rubber stamp and now have room for all of my things..plus doodads that i can now put out. snow globe,little angel card holder,pic of grandson,little angel made out of flower pots..a little Minnie Mouse koosh ball! PLUS all of my paper,stmps,ink, and embelishments.
thank you for the opportunity to win one of your creations..


That is such a pretty little picture - you are clever! - and it would look lovely in my little pink pastelly house (It was supposed to be the colour of strawberries squished up with cream but it didn't half fade quickly once it was done.) The thing I like best is being able to see the sea from my tiny bedroom window and hearing it at night when the tide is coming in. And what I dislike the most is my l-o-n-g garden (I know, I know, I'm an ungrateful wretch but I've never had a garden before and it was only after I moved in that I realised I'm more of a windowbox kind of girl when it comes to physical effort. And the lovely thing about the beach is that it doesn't need weeding!)


Well, I would like to start this saying: Congratulations - for everything, a wonderful post, a happy house... :o)
I wish you many more years of happy attic 24!!
About my house, well, it's very especial to me because it's the house my husband and I bought after we got married. We have been living there for almost 3 years now and we made it our home.
When we first moved in, it needed lots of work, but we have been taking care of each room, little by little.
It's also special because I'm pregnant, we will have a little one to bring home with us.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!
Happy anniversary! :o)


Hi Lucy, Love the picture, the colours are stunning. My house, mmm, always rather untidy, sometimes quiet, sometimes noisy, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but it is always my home. Oh, and you must always look straight ahead and not at the v. dusty wooden floor (dog hairs too!). Have a lovely weekend, the Lake District is lovely. Kathyx


Hi Lucy, I love the little picture that you made, especially the little pink cottage to the right with the green door and attic window, that stands out to me. I live in a victorian terrace cottage in a small rural town, my style is cottagey (cath kidston-ish) cosy with scented candles and a labrador stretched out in front of the log fire, and also my little cottage garden that I love, it's not much but it is home to me. I love living here because the people are so friendly.

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