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November 28, 2008


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Aww, those are lovely! And congrats on one year complete!

Hmm.. my home? Well, in all honesty, it isn't much. We've moved twice in the past year, downgrading slightly each time due to the housing market slump (thus unable to sell our home... but we want to move to a different state!). We're currently in a reasonable apartment, but I'm content here, for it isn't the look that makes it a home, it is the feel. And my family cares a great deal about one another. The community is lovely. My friends, the best anyone could ever ask for. So, in my opinion, we live in the most lavish home, filled to the brim with caring and kindness. I couldn't ask for more. Happy Holidays!


what a pair of lovely creations - i should think there will be lots and lots of us hoping you pick our name out out of the hat :)
as for my home - where shall i begin!!
it is currently being built so home at the moment is inside "Betsy" - our slightly tatty round the edges trailer.....
what makes my home and home to be special is all the animals that are in it and outside around it - everyday they make me smile x
pop over to my blog and take a peek :)

hope you all have a great weekend away
see you back in the Attic next week
t x



I would love to win the house picture, it's gorgeous.

My house right now is not one of choice, we are a military family and therefore get sent all over the place, so it's a military base house with it's boring eggshell color walls and tiled floors. But I try to make it home as much as possible, at least for the year or two we'll be at this base.

I love homemade things and I think your beautiful house picture would be perfect in my living room, just another piece to make it feel like home :)


Somehow I feel like I shouldn't be commenting on this one, I don't want to ruin the nice feeling and it really feels like I will, sorry for that. I hate the place where I live... :-( Everything about the flat itself, the house, the broken elevator, the raining-in-through-the-ceiling, the mould making it hard to breathe, the unfriendly people of this city, the feeling of not belonging, really everything.

However I have hope for the future, we will be moving in two days time and are spending our time frenetically packing our life up! "We", that is me and my husband and our unborn baby boy. :-) We are moving to a city we don't know but we've lived in the area before, up north, it is also in the surroundings where our baby was made and we hope we can give him and ourselves a better life there. I really, really hope this is gonna be good!

We've been moving around a lot and have seen many places in our country but never really found our home. That is something that takes up quite a lot of our thoughts, we just want to come home wherever that might be. Due to both our economy, our life style and our personal taste we keep our "home" simple with things that suit us but are also cheap and easy to replace. I try to make things personal and feel homey with details, small things that makes me feel happy and that I feel is me, the person I am inside. I better stop here not to make this an essay. ;-)


Hi Lucy! Wow! I Love the picture. I can't believe how talanted you are! And the key ring would make me smile everytime I would use my keys. I love pictures of homes. They make me feel cozy!

I love my home because its on street where we get many walkers - bikers - runners. It feels like we maybe live in a park! Maybe too because our street sits up just above a gorgeous park. :)

I also love our home because I've tried to make it cozy, organized with some order.... and lots of bright colorful objects. As you can relate the more colorful the better!

I also love to try to have it comfortable for everyone. A table near to set your coffee on - an afghan on every sofa - a lamp for reading nearby - current magazines to thumb through...stuff like that!

I feel like my home is my place to putter - (oh how I love to putter) - and make it comfortable for all my family.

It truley is a place that I come home to and say this feels good. I'm home!

Thanks for fun give away!! You are an amazing artist! Xoxoxo Jen

Bertie Meadows

Hi Lucy congratulations on a happy year in your new home. May there be many more. There is no better feeling than loving your home, and making it your own. Cementing happy memories for your children, and the feeling of security that you hope will never leave them. Thats what i strive for everyday, and everyday i pinch myself at how lucky, and happy i am to be at HOME x


Happy Housey-Versary, I adore your housey picture and as we started to redecorate our downstairs this week i could find the perfect place for it if I was lucky enough to win.
We had are ten year Housey-versary last Thursday which has become a day for even moor celebration as it's also Lily's birthday.
We were only suppose to stay in this house for a couple of years and have put the house on the market at least 4 times but have never found another house that has made us want to go through with a sale.
It is looking a bit tatty at present and needs a little bit of tlc, this is a good thing as my style has changed dramaticly since we last did any real decorating so I'm really looking forward to putting a new stamp on it and making it our HOME again.
Your Housey picture could be just the inspriation we need.
Hope your having a good weekend.
Joanne x

moss stitch

Happy anniversary. A super giveaway, I couldn't resist posting a comment for an original piece of art.
My home is a 1920's Art Deco house. I didn't like it when we viewed it, it wasen't Victorian with those lovely features, but hubby decided it was right for us. Five years later after removing every last trace of the previous owners it is.
My favourite room is the kitchen. Formally two rooms, we knocked them into one. It has a big Midnght blue Aga at one end and the kitchen table at the other. It really is the heart of our home. Every thing takes place here: eating, crafting, baking, homework, music practice,I could go on.
I like to stand and look out of the kitchen window with my hands in suds watching the hens and enjoying my cottage garden.
Enjoy the Lakes.


Many congratulations on your 1 year anniversary !! I've been enjoying your stories so much :)
I also have organised a "give-away" because it's almost the 5th of december and we then celebrate Sinterklaas...we then get our presents as you get them with Christmas !
Greetings and have a nice weekend.

Kirsty Lambert

Lucy thats so beautiful, exactly what id create myself if i had an ounce of creativity within me!...seriuosly, i read all these blogs in wonderment at how clever everyone is, i wish i knew someone who could teach me to sew...maybe next year. Anyway, looking at the little row of houses reminds me so much of my favourite little holiday destination, Dartmouth, which is in devon, it is home to rows of these lovely little(what my daughters and i call) Balamory houses, so delightful. Ok, so my home is a tiny farmworkers cottage in wellow in hampshire, we're kinda in the sticks in the middle of a field but i love it. Its VERY shabby chic, with an emphesis on the shabby! With lots of hearts, cath k all over the place, and lots of collections of what my husband lovingly calls 'tat' i.e odd collections of tea cups, pictures etc, oh and cushions calore!....lots of love, kirsty xxxx


Hi Lucy, Happy Housey-anniversary! I love any sort of imagery associated with houses and homes and your picture is very beautiful. I wish I was that clever! My house is on the other side of the pennines to you, close to Saddleworth Moors. It's not my own house (we only rent it) and we are hoping to move next year to start a family as our house is very small. If this house wasn't so small I would like it more as it is a lovely stone terrace and the street it is on is lovely and we have fantastic neighbours. The location is great as the village I live in has all the shops we need and there are farmers markets taking place almost every weekend. It's also close to the canal and the train station so we can go into town if we wnat to. As this is our first ever house together we have a real mish mash of furniture but I love Cath Kidston, Greengate etc and we are trying to decorate in a country style. What do I love about my house? We have 2 bedrooms and the spare room is my craft room so I think I'm pretty lucky to have that space for me to be creative (although more often these days I am to be found crocheting on the couch - I blame you for my addiction to this as you have created such gorgeous crocheted pieces!!!) Whew, I've rambled on a bit now so I'll go, but I have my fingers crossed that I will be lucky enough to win your gorgeous picture :)


here's to many more happy years at attic 24. things I love about my house are the sun streaming into the conservatory in the mornings, and the bench in the corner of the garden that is positioned to catch the last of the evening sun. x


Delurking to say how much I love the picture and your blog - it cheers me up whenever I read it. My home is very old (about 300 years) and has all the problems associated with its age - draughty, some damp, always needing something done to it but I love it and can't imagine living anywhere else. I can't choose a favourite room as it changes depending on the time of day and the season! I live up in Scotland near Stirling and I have lovely views of the Trossachs from my home.


Thought it was about time to make a comment. I've been reading the blog since the summer and I love the colour and fabric and flowers in all your pictures. Thank you for all the time you put into it (I guess you love doing it or you wouldn't spend that time!).
I am quite inspired by the the housey picture - I think I will give something like that a try. I'm a knitter and patchworker really, but branch out into other things sometimes to decorate our 110 yr old terraced house.
I love the attic views too - my in laws are in Filey and we love N. Yorks. Nothing so exciting from our little Leics town.
Keep blogging and I'll keep reading.


How lovely your pic is!! I live in Australia, right at the bottom ,right hand side about 20 mins from the City of Melbourne. My house is from the 1920-30's it was like stepping back in time when we bought it 25 years ago. But we have modernised it, but still kept with the era pretty much. I too have an attic, where my modest studio is, I call it, a loft. My house if full of old furniture, lacey or embroidered linen, old clocks, old cups & saucers and a club lounge suite. But the thing it is full of the most is peace and love, we are all very happy here and wont move until I am carried out. I am showing my house on my blog in the near future if you want to look Lucy..
With Smiles
Kathryn in the Loft


Hi Lucy, must say once again you have impressed me with your skills another fine picture with such wonderful colours, you can sew, crochet, bake is there no end to you talents! I'm hoping that if i keep reading your blog some of you skills will rub off on me. My home well it's 18 years old and we built it our selves, every room is used every day (there are 13 rooms) which i like it feels lived in, but it wouldn't be my final ideal dream home, although i have to say with a stream at the end of the garden it is lovely in the summer. Have a good weekend to you and your readers, December is nearly here, Christmas decoration time, Christmas Carols on the CD player and Christmas scents in the burner oh what joy!


Happy House-iversary! I love my home in Missouri, USA. I live in the suburbs, and enjoy a lovely flower garden with a small pond of goldfish and a koi named Fuji. My favorite features of the house include the fireplace that separates the dining room from the living room, and I set up my looms so I can weave in the light of the bay window. There is no place like home, wherever you are.
I love anything handmade, so I hope I win.


My house is a very ordniary house, it doesn't have a veiw and would never be featured in any magazine. But its an amazing house where I can nourish my children and love them in peace.


I love what you've created! I've always loved house imagery of any sort.


After living in almost 200 year-old houses for most of my life (old here in the states), I've moved into a 1960's split level. It's taken some getting used to--no little nooks and crannies of an old house, not that much in the way of built-in character. But it's got two things going for it--it's WONDERFUL for parties (which we have a fair share of) because it's got great "flow" and my husband feels so comfortable in it, that he's often said he's going to have to be carried out of it--and only for his final "move." One more thing: we have it because of the generosity of my father.

Right after my mom died, he sold his own home and gave us a huge financial gift so that we could move out of our bursting and not-well-built house to this one. It's bittersweet: I have this home because I lost my mother. But she would be incredibly happy that we have this house. I look forward to adding my own character and having loads more parties to fill it.


What a lovely post, and such cute items. I'm a bit of a lurker but I follow your blog :)

What do I love about my home? Well, I don't like the size, I don't like the area, I don't like the lack of central heating but what I do absolutely love is that for the first time in my life...it's all mine. No-one can tell me what to do, how to decorate or when anyone can visit. And it's up to me when I close my front door and shut the world out.

karen smith

awww how lovely to read such a happy post it make's me feel all warm inside and that housey picture and keyring if georgous it must have taken you age's to make.
so needless to say I'm gonna have a go.

Ok well my house is nothing special on the outside it's a new build and needless to say small 2 bedroomed house. We have the best of both worlds in the fact that it is in a lovely quiet location with a brook running in front of it and lot's of tree's and nature around but still only 10 minutes away from town.
But best of all It's the place my son has and will grow up in, The place my husband and I curl up togther in and the place we as a family will share many a happy time together. It's our Home.
Sorry for garbling on lol.



hi Lucy, please please include me in your draw, your picture is absolutely fantastic and would look so perfect in my home. I live with my husband and son in our lovely 120 year old small terrace house on the other side of the pennines to you. Please don't hold the fact that we live in lancashire against us especially as I am married to a yorkshire man so it is the best of both worlds surely??? Anyway our house is on a street that looks like coronation street from the front, but we are soo lucky to have an amazing view from the back as our yard leads down right onto the lancaster canal. I feel so blessed to have this house as it has become such a happy home for us. We have a cosy house full of bright colours and I have made most of the decoarations myself, My favourite is a penny rug wall hanging in lovely bright colours on my lounge wall and I am busy crocheting a striped bedcover for our bed. We are at the moment saving up for a woodburning stove in our lounge which would be the icing on the cake for us I think. And my favourite view is from the kitchen window where we can see right down the the water and watch the swans and ducks swimming along. I really love living here.

thanks for your blog its so cheerful. I really do wish you many more happy housyversaries to come.



You have made some very beautiful gifts.
Our home is a quite small mid terrace Edwardian house. It did seem huge when it was just G & me here, but now we are bursting at the seams with all the paraphenalia that comes with 2 wonderful children. No favourite part as I love it all, well most of the time when it's not looking too dishevelled! I love that we had our wedding reception in our back garden and we've made so many memories here I can't imagine being anywhere else.
Enjoy the lakes.
Lisa x


Ilove the houses and when I look at them I think warm and cozy. Sitting in a comfy chair sewing and feeling content. I live in a special house that is owned by the church. When I moved in it was a drug house and it's now a house that three people live in; each in their own apt. The guy and the lady were once both homeless but now have their lives together and help others. There are two other houses on the property and there is one family that has had a lot of problems that are now back on the road and the other house has two apts. and two single mothers live in them. We have developed a community that the whole neighborhood loves and we love them. I work for the church and this is my special ministry. Each person needed a new start and they now have it. I'm glad that you love number 24 and that it is a home for you and your family. What a sweet word "Home."

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