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November 28, 2008


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What a beautiful giveaway! A little about my home - that's just what it is, my home. I had a very unsettled childhood, moved around a lot and never lived anywhere for very long. Then I got married, and in our first year of married life we lived in three different houses. Now I have two beautiful daughters, a husband I love, and I've lived here for 14 years. This is home. This is where my family are secure and happy, this is where I belong. It doesn't matter to me that it's not a farmhouse in the country with a cottage garden and roses round the door - all I know is it's a part of me, it's growing and evolving with the family, and it's where I want to be. It's true what they say, home is where the heart is! Please enter me in your draw. Thanks x


I've been living in my house for a year and a half...and my favorite part is my art studio. It's a sunroom off the back!! I love my whole house, though.

Your little art piece reminds me of the row houses in San Francisco. So I would love that as a reminder, the last place we lived was San Jose, CA and we drove to SF for the most fun day trips!

I just found your blog, but really like it...so I'll be stopping back! THANK YOU for blogging!

do you mind if i knit

hello Lucy................... well now, as you've seen my house, I'm going to make up my ideal home..................... a great big beach hut! That's what I'd like to own! With tongue and groove walls, painted duck egg blue, with gingham check curtains at the windows................... a huge wood burning stove and lots of squashy sofas covered in quilts and crochet cushions, like yours......................... And to reach the sea, it would be a short run down some steps, a beach no one else ever used...................
Just to change the subject................ have you got a new e-mail address? Cos I've been trying to reply to your comments on my blog, and they're being sent back to me....................... : )
Gorgeous embroidery , so happy, and lovely colours.............. delicious!


Hi Doll

Its gorgeous, so much so I shall come out of lurkdom to tell you. So happy you have found joy in your home, that is such a wonderful joy to find.
Our home isn't quite in the right steet, and isn't the prettiest home in the street, but its home. My favourite room is our kitchen/diner which has lovely aquablue and fushia pink blinds, our fabulous bosche oven which I'm rather attached to and its the room where Angus was born. :-))))


My home.... is no longer mine! This house is soon to be filled with boxes. But the new place... it will be a place of haven and rest for the 2 little pinks, their daddy and me. It will also be a place where we welcome Little Blue (in about 9 weeks) to our family. The pink ones and I will fill this new place with smells of cinnamon and cookies, the tree will be up - albiet no doubt on a lean cause the Pinks haven't yet learnt symmetry.... there will be polka dots and cup cakes, the precious Cath mugs and of course the freshly brewed tea.... even though here in New Zealand it is hot summer. It will be home - my home.... sweet home. Congrats on your one year. xx


Your picture and key ring are beautiful, and I would not expect any less, as you have such an eye for colour.

We have lived in our house for over 9 years and it is a warm and cosy house in the winter and light and airy in the summer. I love my house's garden, especially in the winter, but today I love my house's kitchen as it smells of the banana and cinnamon muffins I am baking!!

Hope you had a good time youth hostelling!

tilly rose


I've got an award for you on my blog..

Well Done great Blog



Your post made me feel so good on so many different levels. My husband has until the end of this year in his job and that will be that. He is pursuing other opportunities in other places because there is not much where we currently live so we are looking at a move. Hearing your positive experience has lightened a little of the load I have been feeling.

I love our current home. This is the first home we purchased together (in 1993) and it needed tons of work. It had been a half way house for up to 16 young men at a time. It is two story and had not been treated very well. Over the years we have slowly made our mark. Our 5 children ages 13yrs down to 3yrs were all born here. My very favorite room was added this past summer - it is the sunroom. It is 500 square feet of sunlit wonderfulness!! It is the place where the kids and their friends gather and the place where I sit in the mornings after they are all in school after the morning chores are completed.

You are such and amazing crafter/designer and I would be honored to win this contest.

Thanks again for your uplifting words about your relocation.


This is the first time I've visited your blog and I love the pictures and the key ring. What about my house - a very old small cottage in a small village filled with three boys, hubby and dog (male surprise, surprise). I spend most of my time chasing after all of them but have just started nitting again and am getting a sewing machine for Christmas so am looking for inspiration. Mustn't forget the vegetable garden, but given where we live (deep valley in the Highlands) there's not a lot growing at the moment.
Please please brighten up my testosterone filled house with your lovely picture.


A big hooray that you packed out your sewing stuff - and the result - colourful geourgeousness, nothing else expected!!!
So, darling Lucy, when will we see your Etsy/Dawanda/... shop online ;-)))

Congrats on your house! We are living in a lovely flat with the most amazing balcony, where we were able to get our own tomatoes until a few weeks (as the snow came, the green ones are know on my window sill turning greener, orange and dark red [no normal tomatoes ;-]). The rest of the house a little cozy, a little chaos, several packed cardboards as we are intensifying our search of a new home next year, constant fluxus.


I love your gorgeous house picture and the adorable keychain. You are a clever little sausage! My house is in country Victoria, Australia. It is painted sunshine yellow and has beautiful red roses climbing up the side wall and verandah. I love my house because it is part old/part new and has lots of space for our whole, big family. It is a friendly, at times messy, comfortable house that is a real home. x


I love my home (we've been here nearly 10 years) but unfortunately it's utterly bursting at the seams with lovely things. Finally, I have persuaded my husband to bring in the builders for a loft conversion so I am eagerly anticipating Attic21! Presently all my craft materials are scattered around the house: sewing machine under the dining table, bags of yarn squirrelled everywhere, fabric in the airing cupboard, buttons and reels of cotton in an assortment of vessels around my bedroom so for any new project I'm like a hunter-gatherer trying to assemble everthing together. It will be wonderful to have a dedicated area for it all.
My usual style is a combination of vintage and modern in pastel shades (mainly blue and cream) but I feel inspired by your picture to go for some funkier colours for the new attic room and, of course, if I were to be the lucky poster your creation would have pride of place.


Joanne Stocker

Hello there!

Well why not join in. What a lovely pair!

The house we live in is an old house with lots of white wood inside and old floorboards.

It is filled with inherited vintage furniture and bits and pieces (which is sad in its own way).

We made a point of having a very simple kitchen. Just a gas cooker and gas oven (both using bottled gas) and a toaster, that is all, nothing else electric. It works very well! Washing up conversations are such fun!

I am lucky to have a studio and my hubby has his big garage/cellar to plod on in. We get stuck inside a bit often pottering and making...

I love the fact that we are surrounded by pine trees and I can walk straight into the woods without having to cross a street.

I don't like that it is not in Britain...

That is why I like reading your blog, too!

All the best! Jo

elizabeth of course

Isn't that just the sweetest thing?
Our house, now that's always a story. My boys are the fifth generation to live here. We live in a two tenement. about eighty to ninety years old. most of it is still original, or at least still here from when my great grandparents bought and owned it. I adore it. We've been here seven years and I think it's going to be dreadful to buy a house and leave. this has become HOME. my boys came home from the hospital here. I came home from my wedding to this place. I share so many similarities with people who lived here before me that I barely knew or never knew at all.
I'm sure you meant you want to hear that I love the antique doorknobs, or the giant windows, or the beautiful French doors. The porcelin sink, the clawfoot tub.
but when i started to go, I had to just ramble about all the great energy here. All the decades of love.
I wish you many generations of love at number twenty-four!


I live within walking distance from a beach - Blacksmiths Beach, NSW, Australia. I love where I live - I love walking my dog on the beach - and watching her bolt in and out of the water. My house is nice - nothing grand, but over the years we've made it quite nice.


Hello Lucy, I've only recently discovered your blog and I'm loving the colour,ideas and joy that your entries/pictures are filled with. Your fabric house creation is truly beautiful and inspiring; you see, we have just signed a contract to purchase a weekend cottage in the country about an hrs drive from home and we are bursting with ideas and possibilities for our little piece of paradise. It is so exciting to be dreaming up paint/fabric/curtain colour combinations and then there is the garden!My 'Inspiring' and 'decorating' folders on my PC will now have so much more meaning...I mean what is live for, if not for ideas, planning and enjoying your own little space with your dearest and nearest...can you tell that I'm excited?! Thank you for letting me share in your joy for your home, Holly


We are currently living in a rental home in a great area of town. I actually live in a place called Niceville, FL. My decorating style is antique furniture, washable fabrics, simple uncluttered accessories, and "recycled and restyled" items. I am painfully practical so items need to be very loved or useful. i look foward to buying a new home in the next year so I can have creative freedom to do as I wish. You are blessed to have such a lovely home.


Hi Lucy, I love your home it looks so cosy and inviting, I also love my home. It is cosy and colourful ans arty and home sweet home. I would love an attic studio but have to make do with using the dining room table with all my 'stuff' in the shed! I have just been doing up my bathroom and your house picture, which is stunning would look fabulous in it, but i don't suppose I'll win. i love your blog and Happy Anniversary. x

rebecca thorne

Happy anniversary!
Love the picture, you're so clever.
My home is a gorgeous victorian flat with lovely big rooms and high ceilings but in serious need of decorating. Unfortunately though as it's rented we're a bit limited to what we can do. I can however add lots of pretty accessories and painted furniture, which is what i intend to do in the new year.
Take care
Beki xx


Hi Lucy
Happy Housey Anniversary to you! I LOVE your house picture and keyring. I have a bare white painted tongue and groove wall in my new garden room that is calling out for that picture so I have every thing crossed!! Like you I love my home I used to walk past my house and dream about living here so the fact that is now mine is very special to me. It is a small Semi detached Edwardian cottage with lovely original windows and features,it only has two bedrooms but there is room to extend we want a extra bedroom and a large family kitchen. My fav bits are that although we live on the edge of a small city our view looks like we live in the country side. We are 1 of 4 brick built cottages on a private little lane it's a bit unkept like a dirt track but I like it that way were not overlooked with our own little bank across the lane filled with huge trees. Hope your having a great weekend away!

tilly rose

Happy Anniversary in your house, time flies when your having fun..... I live with my Husband, three small boys, persain cat (Jackson) and Yorkshire Terrier (Tilly)in Newton Abbot, Devon. We all squeeze into a two bedroomed semi detached house built in 1985. When we looked to buy this housem its our first, I wanted a period house, Terraced but with charector, I got talked out of it saying that modern houses needed less work. I now wish I had stuck to my guns, don't get me wrong I love my HOME its not a house to us, but our tastes would be so much better suited to a victoria property, I loves tiles, stained glass, glass pannelled doors, bright coloured kitchens etc etc etc...unfortunatly you dont get these beautiful features in a modern house, not even a fire place.....

Oh well it may not be perfect to want we want but its HOME...



Your houses are beautiful! My home is an apartment building, but my favourite place in our apartment is my sewing room. An oasis filled with everything I could need to create. I'm hoping soon to have a house with a backyard so I can plant flowers and a veggie garden.


Congratulations on your home-aversary! I commented on your little quilt on Flickr and didn't even realize you were having a givewaway! I don't know how you could part with the little beauty, but I'll have to enter because I adore it so!!

Our home is a cute little 1946 ranch, built in the first real "American subdivision" here in Reno, NV. It screams post-war from the inside, but the outside still needs a lot more restoration work to get it back to it's former glory. We have a lot of fun little built-ins, they really didn't waste an inch of space in the design! I love our yard best of all, with plenty of fruit trees, blackberry bushes, and a nice soft lawn for rolling around in on a summer afternoon.

Joan J

I absolutely love your little fabric houses. How sweet! Congrats on your anniversary. I've lived in my house for 20 years and love my home. It's a two store red brick with cream trim, green shutters, and a bright red front door. Inside my favorite room (other than my quilt room) is the kitchen - three sides of big windows overlooking the woods. Now if I could just pick the whole thing up and move it back to New Hampshire, I'd be about the happiest person ever. LOL Fair's fair - you're invited to come to my blog http://quiltingonabudget.blogspot.com and sign up for my giveaway, ending 12/05.


Oh gosh, so lovely! I live in an apartment but dream of a house. We have the loveliest little cottage on our vision board. I am making a granny square afghan that I envision reflected in a beautiful hardwood floor someday soon.

Your home is always an inspiration to me.

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