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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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November 28, 2008


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Somehow I love little houses images (maybe Freud explains it) and these ones are just so adorable.


Lucy, nice blog. Thank you for the inspiration.


Hi Lucy
I'm new to your blog and I just love it. The colours, your crochets, quilt are all so gorgeous. I wish I have the means to the same. Love your house too


I have absolutely fallen in love with your beautiful and delightful textile creations :) Bravo you.
Estelle x


I may be too late, but my house is in a village outside Yeovil, in Somerset and it is unfortunately all we could afford.... I would not say that it is my dream home, but needs must and we needed somewhere to live.
We have a lounge and a kitchen, and unfortunately the bathrooom is straight off the kitchen....
Upstairs there are 3 bedrooms and I really miss having a landing, and a hallway.
Presently we pay far too much money on our Mortgage and we are considering posting the keys back to Northern Rock and renting something much nicer for less money as the market is currently flooded with properties around here.
I beleive that as long as I have somewhere to keep my family warm, happy and loved anywhere can be a home.



I've been admiring from afar...your orange and raisin cookies are very popular in our house at the moment. I love my house, its victorian with lots of features remaining inc original sash windows still at the front (brrr!!) we've been here 3 years, and its very nearly finished (I say finished.....),it feels like my lifes blood has gone into it with all the builders in and out so I will never leave!! My attic window sadly doesn't offer me a few quite as gorgeous as yours though!! Gorgeous picture..if I don't win I'll be stalking your etsy shop as soon as you open up!! :)

Jenny Kearney

Our house is a little bit like the pink house is your picture! We have a lovely Edwardian terrace with a loft conversion. We have been in our house almost 2 years and we're enjoying decorating it and buying antique furniture to fill the rooms. My favourite room is the lounge, especially when we have logs burning on the fire :)


Hi Lucy, Wow your picture is so amazing. You are far too talented (but thta's only my envy speaking). I love all the colour you put into everything, making the textile pictures feel so alive.

As for my house - it's a very tall house, new (only 2yrs old) and we've been here 13 months now. We're only really getting started on making it ours and we're about to have a very brave moment and paint a room a colour - yeah no more magnolia! We really like our open plan ground floor - kitchen, dining area and family room bit, which is funny as we didn't think we'd use it half as much as we do. All it needs now is a fire - investigations are ongoing.

I don't know how you've managed to do so much to your house by your 1st anniversary but it looks so homely and inviting, you've done a fantastic job. Keep enjoying your home and inspiring us.



My house? well...I still don't quite know how the place of my dreams exists in some detail in my head but is not where I live .. whats that all about?...somehow this normal ordinary semi with it's dust and chipped paint and mis matched furniture and rattling pipes is where me and mine eat, sleep, go from and return to, bathe, laugh, and generally carry on with life...and for that I am truly blessed...


Hi Lucy Love all those baskets of fabrics waiting to be made into wonderful things. Our house has been lived in by five generations of our family, and three of those are still here. Its an old cottage originally weatherboard fronted but now tile hung and very pretty. When the wind blows everything rattles and its a bit of a tight fit with 5 people and all their stuff but we love it, especially our open fire and rambling garden. Karenx


Oh, what a wonderful giveaway Lucy. I would dearly love to spend some time with you as you inspire me in many ways.
My home? Well, I love it because it's home but I have an endless battle with tidiness ( should read untidiness!).
Oh yes, I'm so envious of all that snow...sigh


O I want that! I thought in my muddled up brain that the drawing had already occured but seeing that it hasn't I will put my name down too. (Or maybe I already have!) Your colours are always so happy and sunny. I just love seeing your pictures. Cherrie


I don't know how you can bear to give something so beautifully made away...but, if you really have to, I would love it to come to me!
Although I live in a fifty year old bungalow, with no redeeming period features or character, my heart is in old bricks and mortar and that's what I've tried to do inside. And really, the outside doesn't matter that much because you can always turn a house into a home.
Deb x


That is so pretty, and I would love to be included.
My home is an ordinary house in a suburban street, it has no particular style, just filled with things and people I love....and Wrecks the dog!There is alot of pine and duck egg blue sort of colours.
I am being very inspired by your blog and keep peeping back at your older stuff. BW Goosey


I am so happy to have found your blog! I was searching on Flickr for "crochet bag", and yours jumped out at me. I am almost done with mine. Not nearly as cute as yours, but it doesn't matter to me. It's the inspiration that matters! Now, I visit your blog every day for more.

I live in northern California. It's far from white here. We're in shorts today. Our house was built in the 1930's so the house is tiny, and the yard is huge. It is very cosy and full. I have 2 girls, 8 and 2 1/2. We all love to make things and display them with pride! I have to say, your little house has inspired us to something with our fabric and floss, but yours would look lovely in our living room!!

thanks again for all of the inspiration.


Happy Happy Home Anniversay.

What a lovely blog you have, I must confess to reading it nearly every day. You sound such a lovely happy person I feel I know you.

Remember a house is made of bricks and stones a home is made of love alone......


They come, the children, to the home, then they go, then they come again, like tides, bringing with them the flotsam, jetsam and treasures from their lives outside. Over the years, in meals we have eaten; discussions we have had; routines to hold the days together; games we have played; in times of celebration and of sadness, we have held hands above them and below them, encircling them with love. And the house holds us all, keeps us safe and keeps its silence.

sara p

I attempted to make a key ring like this once (not a house but out of fabric) and failed. Yours is beautiful. My house is small and cozy. Great in the winter for spending snuggling time with all of my boys but often I dream of a little more "me space"!


Wow how many posts???? Well you have to be in it to win it.

Unfrtunately our home is a bit of an unfinished mess right now, and not really how I would like at all. Still with plans ahead I hope to make it a homely place and find your blog utterly inspiring.

I have also started a blog inspired by you though no way near as good and mostly for the cildren to look back on when they are older. Thanks for the inspiration you lovely lady you.



Hi, I came across your blog not too long ago, and fell in love! The colors you use in your crochet are so happy. It is definitely one that I get excited to see what new pictures you have posted and little stories to tell. I live in the US but would love to come see in real life your area of the world.
My house - not so exciting, we rent half of a 2 family home. It kind of looks funny right now with the Christmas lights on the front porch. My landlord has put up about 4 mismatched strings of icicle lights - actually they were up when we moved in back in March. The 2 reindeer on the front lawn add to the Christmastime feel.


Hi Lucy!

For some reason my previous comment did not show up!

I want to tell you that my sister and I LOVE reading your blog and we are totally inspired by you.

We live in Idaho in the US and love to see how similar our lives are! You love your home as much as I do.

The simple parts of my life are what bring me great joy.

Thanks for writing your blog.



What a sweet little row of houses! :) We are just one year into our house. We are renting because we couldn't find just the right one to buy, so it is not true love here at the White household. I am trying to make it "ours" and surely it will become that with time. And simply by the fact that our children are here...growing, losing teeth, climbing trees , etc, it is our home.

debbie G.

Dear Lucy:
I live in a small house in Ontario Canada.We call them townhomes here but I think they are alot like your row houses there.We moved from a large single dwelling house 16 years ago and it has felt like home the minute we stepped inside.I love our little house because it is full of memories that have been collected over the years. Time pieces I guess you could say.I always feel the best when I have taken something that nobody wants anymore and made it into a treasure that I can use. So I suppose we live with alot of treasures.My home is filled with children, laughter crafts(mostly mothers)good food and a new little pup named Lily.Thank you for sharing your life with us . Debbie


I live near Philadelphia, PA. I had a sweet, charming little cottage house with a huge porch that had honeysuckle growing across it. Sadly, due to a recent divorce, we sold our house. I now live in a very nice apartment, but it's not home. I am hopeful that someday, God will bless me with another sweet little house. I hope you have many wonderful years in your place :o)


Hello there - I'm relatively new to blogs,having discovered them only a month or two ago, and I find I'm checking yours almost every day! I read about your trip to London the day before I made my own annual jaunt into the big smoke and discovered you also coveted the Cath Kidston button tin! I bought mine from her store and cheekily had it gift wrapped, and it was just for me! Looking forward to your Etsy store - best of luck!

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