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November 19, 2008


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Hi Lucy - Loved your finds. and your descriptions. You could be a writer because you feel like you right there with you!

I love Kaffee Fasset too so much that I hung up a piece of his fabric over some stretch boards for a piece of art. It was really easy to do. I'll show you some day. Jen


Wow, gorgeous haul Lucy! Thanks for sharing.


ooh how lovely! Thank you for sharing your shopping with us... those Liberty buttons! Beautiful!


Oh how i absolutely love your blogs!! and today i was so excited for you. You lucky lady! with all those lovely treats, i especially love the fabric and the teatowels.Thankyou for sharing this you have inspired me with so much inspiration.July x


I wonder if you've ever visited Hemingford Grey Manor? It's delightful - oldest house in the country, and it was the setting for Lucy Boston's Green Knowe books. But you also get to see Lucy's quilts and there's a wonderful Utility quilt made from dusters and dishcloths. Rather a long way for you, I know - but well worth a detour some day!


Oh Lucy, you certainly have a gift for shopping. And I really love the fact you go on these special jaunts by yourself for a bit of you time. Very lovely indeed.
I am very excited on your behalf about the tea towel quilt. As you know I have an obsession with teatowels myself. I think the quilt idea is inspired, and if I could sew I would join you in making one!!
I also have an obsession wit buying cards...there are piles of them stored in old Liberty bags in my cupboard. Simple things in life...xx

Kitschen Pink

I need a seriously large cuppa. Just bliss. Once I've recuperated I'm coming back for another look. OOohh Those liberty flower buttons ooooh oooh . t.xxx


what a truly wonderful trip, and I just adore all your goodies!!!!


I love this virtual shopping trip.

A Thrifty Mrs

A feast for the eyes, so many gorgeous things to look at. I love the little tree, I bought one from Muji last week.


Ooh so enjoyed admiring all your goodies I love them all just posted my goodies on my blog I was there Saturday too I bet our pathes crossed!
I can see why you got excited about your fabric sometimes it's just good to think oh blow it and make that purchase it's so satisfying! I bought off the Greengate stall too I share your passion for all things Greengate!


What an incredibly colourful and beautiful selcetion of goodies and treats you bought.
Love the buttons the most.
Lisa xx


a choccie before breakfast?
you are seriously a great mama - i love a bit of chocolate first thing and admire you so much for saying what the heck - you will have kiddies that are happy, healthy and well adjusted!
when i was a nanny i never set fast rules - childhood should all be about fun - right?

as for the other goodies - yikes - perfect.
i am planning an away day shopping for goodies next week - just me and a good friend - it is quite an event as we have to drive two and a half hours to get to the town - i am so excited at the prospect at even seeing M&S - it has been that long!!!!

enjoy your fabric stroking

t x


Oh such loveliness! I especially like the Greengate teatowels. When we were in Belgium at the weekend we went in my favourite shop which stocks lots of Greengate. I managed to restrain myself. Aren't I good?! Marylebone Highstreet is my most favourite street to shop in London. You should definitely have that trip.


Well, this post confirms that I'm not the only one who loves to buy mugs, cards, tea-towels, buttons, tins... I have never enough of these things! And I agree with you, these little things (or "perfect things", as I like to call them) are a great source of inspiration,

do you mind if i knit

Sigh! You lucky thing................... though I do actually feel I've been shopping and done the same trip as you................. it's been rather wonderful! I think the only places I would have added to the list, would be Loop, and that bead shop in Kentish Town, I think, can't remember its name................... oh, and the V and A shop, which is amazing these days.................... yeah............... that's all I'd add Lucy!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I enjoyed shopping with you, and drooling over your purchases, especially the fabric................ even though I don't sew......................

Hannah B

Oh you lucky thing with all those lovely liberty purchases! I love it in there, but am yet to treat myself to a financial blowout - but one day!

Joanne Stocker

Phew-antastic! And I am glad you share all your love here! Housework or no housework...

I know exactly what you mean about remote interest. I am rather in the middle of nowhere here in central Germany with my love of British Vintage stuff.

Goolly, do I love those flowery buttons! Yipes!!

Take care,


Oh, that is GORGEOUS! I am inspired to start saving now (realistic given that Christmas is so close? Worth a try!) to have a shopping-just-for-Lynda day!!! Wish I could include Liberty of London in that, but I'll have to try and find an antipodean equivalent.....!

Glad to see that I am not the only one who buys cards for my own satisfaction as well....

Beautifully done and thank you oh so much for sharing!!!!

Lynda :)


OOO! I think I'm almost as excited as you after seeing all those goodies. I was going to say, I'm loving those fabrics, but really I'm loving all of it, the whole lot!
I was as emotional as you when we went to the V&A last month, I had a big lump in my throat as we were going round.

Lucky you staying at the GD in Hardraw. I love that pub, it's our favourite. When the weathers dry enough we walk the dog across the fields to the GD, stop for a drink and the walk home again. It takes about 40 mins. I can just see the end of Hardraw village from my kitchen window!
If you manage a trip to York House Antiques in Richmond while your there, you could travel from Hardraw over the Buttertubs Pass, through Muker, down Swaledale to Reeth and then on to Richmond, but I'm sure you knew that already. OOO, I'm so excited for you. If you make it to Hawes give me a bell! (There are plenty of pubs to leave a husband in! Teehee!)


Lucy, that is a seriously fabulous haul my lovely. I have the entire Susie Watson website on my Christmas list - amongst many other things - spoilt moi?!?

Clairey xx

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