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November 04, 2008


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Oh yes, I can relate to the need for quiet time. We had a fantastic week together, but I loved the silence on Monday morning when I returned to an empty house.
I feel so guilty about making sure the children have enough variety of things to do, you just want them to be happy above everything don't you.
Thanks for sharing.


my two were just the same - "do we have to go out?" and so the house became overun with lego and colouring and it hasn't recovered yet...... oh and yes we watched a fair bit of tv too........


Isn't life with kids full of lots of little bits and pieces?! Bits of jigsaw, beads, fun, tears, quiet times, busy times, sighing, laughing....and the list goes on! There's nothing wrong with wanting a bit of peace too! Grab it when you can.

Kitschen Pink

Sounds just perfect to me! You can come share jigsaws with us any day - (although hubby has a bad habit of staying up late and finishing them when the house is asleep!). My boy loves to stay home and potter and rediscover his toys. It's so it's important for him to recharge his batteries! Besides- the whole country is out there queuing and yomping around. Best to keep out of it methinks!
Big hug to lavenderhouse ! What a hoot to leave such a long comment. All sounds totally normal stuff to me!! Ride it out honey! t.x


Ah, now I can empathise with this as Harry never wants to go anywhere but just stay in and play, that's his idea of a treat, to the point where when I asked him what he wanted to do on his birthday, he said "Have free play at home"! I'm quite glad to be back to peace and solitude and my normal routine too, but I hate having to get up at a certain time in the mornings!
Hen x


Wonderful Lucy! I especially like the tootsies photo at the end!


Lovely post as always, with great photo's. I don't have children but I can imagine how you feel!! Hope you've enjoyed your 'you' time today :) x


yep I'm really pleased you put in the last bit about the tv watching too as it does make me feel far less guilty. Your half term sounds fab but yes really get where you are coming from about needing peace too. Hope you have a great week getting back to normal stuff before the weekend chaos(well that's what it is in our house) kicks in again.

have fun


Alice C

Do you know - I think that you could have a profitable sideline offering restful halfterms to tired grownups. I would LOVE to come to No 24 and be fed wholesome food, sit on the sofa, bit of hopscotch, jigsaws and hama beads....sigh...

Rosie Graham

Sounds like a fab half term, the kids enjoyed themselves so stop worrying, you have plenty more half terms to do something "interesting".


Do I get the prize for being the longest comment ever left. Should have put this on your email instead sorry!


I am glad you put that list bit in as well - i was gulping down the guilt rising as we had a sicklyish half term so lots of dvd's etc - although lots of hama beads like yourself as well - what is with small girls and hama beads!!! looks like a fab week Lucy as usual I feel inspired to do something vaguely crafty now.......
Lesley x



Love the honesty. I dont want my kids to go back to school but I do want, when they are here, to be QUIET!!!! One in particular is giving us all problems - says NO to everything - I mean everything!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is all a bit too much sometimes isnt it. Have to rally myself at times to keep going. It all seems like a big flipping mountain to climb sometimes doesnt it! By the way have been very rude and not answered your email about what I did before kids I think (who knows - either have alzheimers or brain injury - not sure which?!?!?!?!?)

Before kids I trained as a medical secretary - had very poor careers advice. Got loads of o levels but never did A levels. Everyone was failing them at my crap school so decided to do a course instead. Didnt know I could do a levels at college too - doh! Never went to Uni but met my husband in London when I moved there at 18 not knowing anyone else - fate - meant to be etc! Good thing to happen. Would love to have gone to art college - told to get a real job instead!!! Worked in hospitals as medical secretary/slave and then temped in Central London commuting from here. Gave it all up to do our house up and have kids - kept having miscarriages so needed to pace myself a bit to get kids. Would love to have had an artistic career - my life is dominated by colour and its effect on me and creating things - dont know what to do now - at a major crossroads or t junction or roundabout or something - dont know where I am going with my life mmmmmmmm 41 - smacks of midlife crisis - oh well!!!!! As Jasper started in school in sept have just been given the brain space to think a bit about it but seem to be unravelling 10 years of child rearing tension so in current meltdown I think!!! Also have 10 years of sorting out to do of crap in the house etc - so MUCH to do! Have loads of ideas, need to lose weight, get fit again, career, house, make some money, work out my place in life etc - SORRY Lucy - think I should have phoned the Samaritans instead of leaving you this comment!!!!

Anyway, at least life has not come to a grinding halt and have nothing to do! Just too much - certainly must be fixable!

LOVE Emma xxxxxx


It looks like you give your children the most wonderful time! Wish I could come to your house!!

Mrs Be

When all the noise and mess and people saying "Mummeeeeee" without ever finishing their sentences gets too much for me I quite often snuggle under my duvet (but I usually fall asleep).....

I don't think anyone will think you're mean or rubbish or whatever, sounds like a perfectly normal half-term to me and perfectly normal reaction at the start of a new term!


Looks idillic. My children are 6 and 4 and they too adore time spent at home. My daughter can easily be persuaded to go out at anytime, but my son loves lego and star wars and they go together so perfectly that he would rather go into battle with.....(whoever the baddies are) than go out! I love it too, it means there is less pressure on me. Enjoy the quietness now they are back at school - I am.


Sounds like a fantastic week. So good to see so many creative activities. I had a huge urge to do some 'colouring in' over the weekend but as we have no little people in the house as yet I had no colouring books. Hubbie to be did give me a very funny look when I told him that's what I felt like doing! Might treat myself to a colouring book for future wet Saturdays. Another jigsaw lover here by the way.


Glad you 'fessed up to the screen time element at the end, as I was feeling decidedly crap-mummy-ish before that point!


I meant arty time. i really ought to re-read my comments. I also meant to say that I fully understand needing to escape sometimes. Cherrie

French Knots

Looks like a smashing week, hopefully the keyboard batteries wont last long!


You have had a busy time but it is nice to see that your children have an asty time as well. That skirt is to die for. I should turn it into a bag when she has outgrown it complete with frill on the bottom. I love it. Cherrie

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