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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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November 20, 2008


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I do that also! When I know that I need some motivation I invite people over and then my house gets picked up and cleaned! Judy


Lucy, I've been meaning to tell you how much I love your home. It's so bright, cheerful, and cozy.

I'm also doing the "Company is Coming Cleaning Plan". Works every time. Although, the "Must Check Email Plan Before Commencing the 'Company is Coming Cleaning Plan' Plan" always wins. ;~)
(whew! that was a lot of tricky quotations)

do you mind if i knit

Your house looks wonderful Lucy..................... but I know exactly what you mean...................... I suddenly become very house-proud when people come to visit................. so visitors always think I have an immaculate home! Which is quite amusing really!

Anne Bebbington

When our three were little people we used to do house swaps for holidays, usually once a year but sometimes twice or three times - it's amazing how the thought of another family staying in your home for a fortnight galvanises you into cleaning action - my home has never been quite as spruced up since we stopped doing them - maybe we should restart next summer - no doubt the house would be delighted and so would my beloved husband!

Kitschen Pink

I always clean the kitchen floor ready for Christmas - does that count? Come visit me - I'd have to clean up if you were coming - your home always looks so colourful and creative! I love it! (I don't generally find the chaos that is our sitting room any too homely - boys mess isn't the same as girly mess) t.x


Hi Lucy, Can Sarah come and stay with me next?! May be then I will feel inclined to clean. If people come to mine I just tell them to look ahead, don't look down....too much dust! Kathyx


oh I love that sense of satisfaction when everything is tidy and in order :-) I may have to go and dig out my feather duster now :-)
Lesley x


What you really need is friends like mine, who just "pop in", unannounced. It scares the daylight out of me enough that my house is "just in case" perpetually tidy!!!!


My MIL and SIL are my Sarah's, If either one is to make a visit I run around like a headless chicken tidying every nook and crannie or I get the is M ok living like this or M would you like me to take your washing home I'll iron your Shirts.
Your house is beautiful so colourful and cosy. I love your cupboards that live in your alcoves they look fantistic. All your lovely crochet all around the house you should be very proud you have a lovely home.
Joanne x


Hello Lucy. This is the first time i have visited your blog and I love it! Off for a read through now xx


Ah yes, all that cleaning and the catalyst that gets it going is so great. However, I just bet that your home looked just fine even before!

Cheers to having old and new friends come by to share time and interests ... much better than any dusting/polishing that might occur before.

I do thank you for getting me interested in getting my crochet hook into lots of stored up yarn. Might even finish a special Christmas present.


Your home looks just beautiful - I'm sure your glad you had a big tidy up! So many gorgeous bits and pieces.


Dear Lucy,
You home looks so inviting, I imagine the sun would coming streaming through that large window, onto your table with the hyacinths in the cornish bowl. How lovely..
Kathryn in the Loft


Now then Lucy, what can I say...such kind words in your blog, I am very lucky to have your friendship! Your house is just as I imagined...very cosy and very you...it had a very special warmth and can see why you fell in love with it. I too had a wonderful day..meeting your fellow knit and knatters...seeing your favourite parts of town...it is nice to know you are settled in your new home. I will certainly be making my visits more often....we have lots to catch up on and important crafty ideas to discuss, have a great weekend, see you soon x


Isn't fascinating when your nest is all cleaned and tidied up?
I did the same today and the funny part is that I actually enjoyed it. I love the pictures of your house, it looks cozy.


Oh yes, cleaning to order! A phenomenon I know very well indded (sadly)!

But your place is looking so bright and welcoming. Hooray!


yes! I do the same - I'm not the only one!!! The management here complain regularly about the state of our house and I just push at the bits of thread and try to poke them under the piano/cat bed/cat/small children's bums and whistle to myself pretending not to hear.
What you must NEVER do is invite me round, although you'd find that after I left there'd be much less stuff for you to dust (and my previously empty bag would be bulging at the seams with all the stuff I'd snaffled)


Smoldering quietly ends up doing a lot of burning to a relationship. Much, much better to have your friend over - it could even save your marriage! ;-) Cherrie
Ps. Yes it does all look homely and nice.

tilly rose

Thanks Attic 24, nice to now that I am not the only mum who thinks she has seen too much daytime tV and is going around the bend..... I am actually pondering over your blog as we speak and looking at a lovely photo of a choc pastry and strawberrys....



Your house looks lovely... I think I need to have a friend around because I hate house work.... I'd much rather knit & watch a DVD then clean on my day off, glad to hear this is normal!
Looks like you had a good trip to London, loving all the fabric. Did you make the crochet dec hanging off the coffee pot??? I love it, think I may have a play around tomorrow or if you'd like to be kind you could give me a few hints!!


What a great home: the perfect balance of creative style and warmth! I believe you would be the friend with the "most beautiful, desirable, inspirational, clean and tidy abode" that inspired me to clean.

tilly rose

I LOVE your blog,

Ive Tagged you


A Thrifty Mrs

Your house look very neat and tidy but in a homely way. I don't like very prim houses. Yours looks like the perfect place to while away hours chatting, knitting and reading.


your home looks very pretty and cosy, I love your little white tree on the table, and what a lovely friend to bring you a homemade heart and biscotti's ( my favourites ) yummy.


P.S. Does J. realize what a treasure he has?

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