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November 05, 2008


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Chère Attic24
I discovered your blog thanks to Granny Mania of whom I am a member. I like all that you make. I made a docker in hexagons by serving me as your tuto : http://catherine-solange.over-blog.com/article-caraco-hexagone-enfin-fini-80700494.html
Many persons ask me how I made. I put a link towards your blog. I shall want to make a tuto in my language(French). I thus ask you for the permission to translate your tuto.
Thanks for your works, it is a delight for eyes !

ms. kelly pauls

I really like this Hexagon How - To crochet pattern for an afghan. it would be a great way to use up scrap yarn that I use for other afghans that I crochet. I crochet afghans for a charitable organization here in Winnipeg, Manitoba and I always have leftover yarn. I am on a fixed income and I am always looking for patterns to use the leftover yarn. I would like the pattern for this afghan but do not want to print all the comments and would like to know how I can get just the pattern from you?

lorraine irving

found your post last night love it been working on them ever since cant get enough my daughter cant wait for her new blanket. i knit all rhe time and just picked up crochet hooks and having a go i find the pictures and the explanations invaluble the ony thing i dont understand this part of the pattern (you are working out of the stitches in this round, not the spaces in between the spokes)
im from england

Leslie Johnson

This pattern/tutorial was one of the best. I don't know how I can get so confused, but with pictures and explanations like yours, I feel confident enough to tackle another hexagon!!! Maybe before long, I'll have enough motifs for an afghan. Thanks so much for taking time from your busy schedule to help all us crocheters out!

Echo Mayernik

this is wonderful! I am going to start testing this out by doing a placemat and coaster set for a house warming/wedding gift... then eventually hope to make a blanket with this pattern! Thanks a ton for a great tut!

Barbara R.

Lucy, thank you so much for the pattern. I am making this blanket for my two year old daughters bedroom. Just a couple of questions I hope you can answer for me? How many hexagons did you make for your blankets? Dimensions? And did you add a border to the finished product and if you did what did you do?!? Thank you j
I hope I am not asking too many questions? Talk soon, Barbara


I'm absolutely loving these hexagons. I'm making baby blankets for my brother and best friends, in Hobby Lobby's I Love This Cotton, and they're turning out fantastically. Especially the join-as-you-go part. Keeps me sane.


Your hexagons are lovely. I have been struggling all afternoon to make just one. So, I am so happy to find your tutorial. Thanks!!


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could you help me with an edging for the hexagon blanket, please, I see one on the photograph I found on Ravelry


Hi Alex - I love the pattern AND I love your conversational and very personal way of writing it. I would very much like to see a photo of the completed afghan that shows more of it especially including a corner edge. Carol in the US


OMG I scoured the internet looking for this pattern when I saw the finished blanket post(and the book called Crochet Motif Item). I finally found the book on ebay and bought it, then found this post 5 minutes later. GAH! Oh well, at least I can get started right away LOL. Thanks so much for posting it, love your creativity and colors, your blankets rock!!


This was really easy to follow. Thanks!

I used four hexagons for a small scarf for my sister-in-law, with a big hook and some Noro Aya. It's beautiful, if I may say so myself. There's a picture on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/hookinggeek if you want to see it/share it.


Thank you Lucy for your wonderful blog and tutorials , your information is so helpful, you are really helpful. I am an old hand at crochet but am picking up tips too. What a bright busy lady you are. Thanks once again.

amber nicholson

wow these hexagons are fantastic! i am doing a blanket now with them, with the entire circle in one colour, and the hexagon part in another, then a row of white in SC around the edge. Do you have any tips how to do this pattern in a half hex to fill in the edges????


Well, I figured, as I have spent some time this evening practising this pattern, I should post to say thank you! It's a great pattern and explained really well. I love your pictures. You have a lot of patience!

So thanks so much for this! Despite my first attempt going completely wrong and ending with one really LONG side and 5 small ones. But that's my fault. I know (but seem not to have 'learned') that trying to follow a new pattern after several glasses of wine and a liqueur, is going to end in disaster!

I shall try again tomorrow.




Just found this today and loving it, thank you for sharing, I was bored silly with Granny Squares, despite generally being a happy hooker! I find it impossible to 'read' crochet patterns, I can only follow pictures or invent things as I go, but your images and instructions really make me feel like I could try this. Thank you for sharing :-)

christie scruggs

My name is christie and I have trying to come up with different ways and shapes. I like what you had come up with.

sis orgu

Thank you, Thank you! San Francisco will attempt the hexagon this evening in between celebrating our new President elect!
gooodd sis orgu


found you on Ravelry, this is just what I'm looking for! thank you


This is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us!




When printing out a pattern to use later,I have to print out 10 pages of comments. Is there another way of printing???? I read the comments but do not want to waste paper on them. This is not the only company doing this. I refuse to print out a lot of stuff just because of this problem. I am old and on fixed income and paper is not on my shopping list. I have been knitting and crochet for 30 years. M.A.


Thanks so much for this tutorial - I am anxious to give it a try with your great pictures and instructions.. Jeanie


Thanks so much for writing this. I'm a long time knitter. I've always wanted to make a crochet blanket, but could never quite get the hang of crochet. With the help of your beautifully explained instructions I've just made my first hexagon (and ordered a whole heap of yarn). It might take me a while but I will have my lovely blanket :-)
Thanks again for your generosity.

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