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November 05, 2008


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For some one who hasn't written out many patterns I'd say you do a fabulous job! I love all of the picture too, they help to avoid errors and ripping! Great job, love the hexagon!

Pam Buel

I began making this for my granddaughter, then had to put it aside for a year. I have lost the printed pattern to take in my bag with me. Can you tell me where I might find it again? Thank you so much.

Patricia Cuddeback

Love this pattern and your tutorial. I was looking for just a granny square and like your hexagon so much better. Planning to make a cover for a chair.


Lovely blanket! I can see I'm not the only one asking ;-) , but is there a printable version of the patern?

Jackie Rooke

Is the pattern written out somewhere as a pattern and not a tutorial? I'd love to have it in a 'take with' format.


Sadie Hernandez

this is a perfect site for visual learning! I thank you and look forward to making a purse with this pattern.

Sharida Painter

Is there a way to print your instructions? I love your colors and really would like to make a blanket for a gift!


I love this :) I'm doing it in black and white with a touch of aqua


Thanks so much for the pattern 😀


Wow, I'm late to this party, hehe!

I was curious about how many hexagons you ended up using in your blanket. I am planning out my pattern of them and would like to know what I'm getting into!

Ruth Noble

I just found this yesterday and cracked making hexagons (thank you) and am looking forward to using my Christmas wool for a hexagon blanket. What are the principles for colour choices and combinations? I notice that you have yellow for all your centres, would you advise a brighter colour centres? I am planning to use more muted colours and would value advice before I order.

Kim Mason

I am so excited to get started with these lovely hexagons! How many hexagons to make a blanket? I am traveling overseas and planning on working on the circle part while traveling and then putting it together when I get home :)


Was für eine wundervolle Arbeit. ich finde es so schön.
Danke für die Anleitung.
Liiebe Grüße aus Deutschlannd von Beate


Hi could you tell me how could I print your patterns. please

Roseli R S Ferreira

Que lindo e maravilhoso o seu trabalho.
Parabéns !!! Bjs


Hello! I am working on a blanket in this pattern. I chose to do individual hexagons, but know I am having a difficult time figuring how to join them. I know you can sew them, but I can't wrap my head around the best way to do that. Any tips you could give would be very much appreciated!


Thank you for the clear instructions! I haven't crocheted for over 35 years and only ever learned a treble stitch as a child and I have successfully made a hexagon. I'm chuffed to bits :D Time to visit my local wool shop I think.


P.S. I realized that I may not have not been entirely clear I meant the edges of the BLANKET not the hexagons. Sorry. and still a huge fan. SO glad i found you on ravelry.


Dear Lucy Ir really like this pattern and the way you have written it out. However I have encountered a problem with the edges. One side looks correct but the other is just wierd looking. I am very worried I have done something wrong. Could you please let me know what to do with the edges? Even just a few pics would make world of difference. Thxs and I'm a huge fan.

Laura Lewakowski

I too just stumbled upon your post. I was looking for a summer project, and this fits the bill. I can crochet bits and pieces at work, and put them together later! Thanks so much for your detailed instructions and clear illustrations!
Belmont, Michigan

Linda Duff

Thank you very much for info . I'm wanting to try this soon l lDuff

Rose Scalamandre

Thanks for the join as you go pattern. My blanket came out so much nicer because of your idea. :)

Sabrina Jaye

Oh my! I just made my first hex and I love it! Your pictures and your instructions make learning to crochet so easy! My first project ever were ripply baby blankets for my twin grandbabies --Jaye and Lyla! They were so easy with your instructions and pictures. Now, I will work on two of these. Thank you for continuing to inspire!


Stumbled on your post. I love the colors, being in your weather sister in the states, Oregon. All those bright colors do make a difference in perspective on those long rainy/overcast days. Thanks for your well written instructions.


Thank you .

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