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November 05, 2008


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Samantha C

Wow! This is absolutely amazing! Can't wait to give it a go.... thank you for such detailed instructions... they are the clearest by far out of all the sites I've visited looking for an easy pattern. Thanks again! xx


Thanks for sharing!!


Very genorouse and direct.Thank you so much!


omge! This is amazing! Can i make one of these to sell at a school fete?

Carlyn Darrah

thank you so much for your hexagon granny square, that was easy. I am doing the turtle for my 5th new grandbaby and the squares have been so confusing till now. Thank you again so much. I'll be back.


Hi, these are amazing and I'm about 100 hexagons deep into my own colorful blanket...thanks for the inspiration! Question- about how many single hexagons did you need for your blanket? Also, how do you join them after you've made them all? I was too overwhelmed to join as I go. And one more question...I am thinking of doing a deep blue border around each hexagon and using that to join them...any tips would be greatly welcomes!!! Can't wait to see how my blanket turns out!

Thanks again for all your directions. Really inspiring.

Deirdre McKenna

Hi Lucy - Im about 1/2 way through mine, its turning out smaller that I thought - Ive run out of one colour with no option of getting more, so might use the remaining colours or one of them to crochet a border - did you do this, its hard to see in the photos of projects completed on Ravelry. Thanks for a great pattern.


I love how nice you are. Most people wouldn't be willing to help other people with fabric Hexagon's. You are a truly good person.


Thank you for the pattern. I was especially interested in the "connecting" rather than tiresome sewing together. This will be a good winter "piece meal" afghan. Excellent for left over yarn you don't have enough of for any one project.


Thank you for the step by step. I have been looking for a new "granny square" pattern to use to make my blankets with. This will be fun!

Carol Archer

Absolutely adorable! I think this will be my next project. Thanks for sharing. And, I love that you used cotton!


Even if I'm Italian, so I don't speak English very well, I find your explication very easy to understand. Thank you very much :) I love the colours of your life!


I know I'm a few years late in commenting, but I just found this pattern and can't wait to give it a go. I've made a practice hexagon and it came out beautifully. Now, I'm off to the store to purchase the correct colors. Thanks so much for sharing!

Karl Gjoerloff

This is just beautiful! I am also going to make one :)




any advice on attaching a fringe to a hexagon bed spread please????


I just wanted to say that I am new to crocheting and I have fallen in love with your patterns...the problem is that I have spent the past two days learning the terminology for US crochet, but I love your tutorials so much ,do you know of any web sight that will translate the stitches...

Patricia Pike

You do great job joining. I join my granny squares in this manner also. Works out great. beautiful.

Kumari Suda

I will give it a go. Ta


I just stumbled across this, and....YOU ARE AMAZING! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I have always had a hard time doing squares and hexagons. You've made it so easy!


So much for the President Elect LOL but the Hexagon Pattern is just WONDERFUL thank you!!


Lucy you are an amazing artist!! I absolutely love your creations and color management that you have! You're a great inspiration for me !!! I follow you forever!


I love your work!!! You are a true artist in every since of the word. Your work speaks to me and makes me want to learn to crochet even more. Thank you for the inspiration.

Manoli C.

I love your blog...
Great tutorial, you are so talented,thanks for sharing.

"Enjoy your day and your sewing"

Jennie from Mrs Beckinsale

I've been crocheting for 12 hours (not straight; I first picked up a hook 12 hours ago). I made one granny sqaure, pretty simple, so I found your wonderful tutorial via Ravelry and am working on my first hexagon. I'm afraid I'm stumped on Round 2:

"So this is the pattern for round 2::

Chain 2, then 1 US dc/UK tr in same stitch. Chain 1.

Work a bobble stitch into next stitch as described above, then chain 1 to space."

I can't for the life of me figure out if 'chain 1 to space' means I'm meant to anchor it to the space somehow, or if I chain one and then chain another two to start the sequence again. Studying the photo, it doesn't look like I'm meant to anchor it to the space. So should I just be chaining three?

I bet you love getting questions like this, four years after publishing a tutorial! I'm going to proceed with chaining three and see how I go. If I'm wrong I'm sure I'll find out soon enough!


Hi Lucy!!
I absolutely love love love your blog, I follow it unconditionally, check in everyday juuust in case :).
I am halfway through a project, a pillowcase made entirely of hexagons, but I've hit a snag- I have NO idea how to make up the corners for the pillow case, so I don't know what to do with it. I was wondering if you knew how to make the hexagon corners or if you know of any blog which might help.
Just wanted to say thank you in advance not just for the help, but if you can't provide any for the simple act of reading this and trying to help anyway. Thanks ever so much!! xxxx

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