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November 05, 2008


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Thank you ! From France !!!
I promess you I try to do it soon.
Very nice hexagon.


Thank you, your tutorial is very clear, even for a foreigner!
I'm planning to make a cardigan with these hexagons but I'd like bigger ones - how can I make them bigger? Can I add more rounds before the final one that forms the hexagon shape? I don't really know how to do that, what would you suggest?

Molly Russo

Hi Lucy!
I am new to this (and from the US)...I'm attempting to make something like this for my mom in blanket form. About how many yards of yarn do you think I would need? Thanks so much!!


I love your color choices but how much of each color did you use

Sheila Leader

Thank you for sharing the pattern for your Hexagon blanket. As soon as I've finished my patchwork granny blanket I will certainly try the hexagon blanket. Best wishes from Sheila Leader, Tasmania,Australia.


Thanks for your generosety I'm so hooked just loving it... :-)


This is great I know how to make the hexagons just putting them together without a mess was my problem but this looks like a great solution. By the way how do you get any crocheting done with 3 children? I just got my 2 year old grandson living with me and my crocheting has been cut down tremendously.
Thanks for the info,

Christine Mckenzie

Thank you so much for this lovely pattern and tutorial.


Fantastic tutorial!!!
Thanks a lot


Hello from California. This looks lovely and more than a bit complicated, but I may give it a go, if only I can figure out how to print it. Thank you!

Nevine Awad

Thank you very much for teaching me how to do it I'm new in crochet

Rebecca Blackburn

I just found your blog a couple of days ago. Thank you for the photos with instructions...it was very helpful to me. Now I just need help in how to make half hexagons...I want to make a blanket with straight sides. Any suggestions?


thank you for the pattern and the detailed explanation.
I had already made a blanket fo my daughter's birth, but after a few weeks some of the hexagons "opened" so now my work is kept in a wardrobe.
It was so beautiful though that I would like to try again, but could you help me understand where I went wrong?
Was it because I used wool instead of cotton or because I joined all the pieces at the end or maybe simply because I work to loose?
Thanks, Monica,


I know this is an old blog post, but somehow I fell upon it searching for a hexagon pattern. I just want to thank you so much for taking the time to share your talents. I have been trying to crochet for a frustratingly long time and after carefully reading your blog I was easily able to make a beautiful hexagon. So thank you!!!


Thanks for the tuto . It is easy just with the pictures .

Deb Lorenz

Lucy, hi!!!! Thank you so much for this pattern..But most of all your spirit of happiness and joy..Quick question..On the 5th row...Should there be a chain 1 between all those triple crochets and corner triple crochets?

Emily Epperson

I think I figured it out from the pictures you posted. Do you mind if I repost in my craftsy account without the British terms? I think more people might enjoy the pattern if not written with British terms. Thanks

Emily Epperson

Thank you this is the only hexagon pattern that doesn't have a shape included. My question is can you describe to how to connect two. I read it but don't quiet understand. Thanks

Christine Quinn

Just happened upon your site via Pinterest. Just love all your colors. Have made my first hexagon, it will eventually be a blanket for my new grandchild. Thank you for the inspiration, please keep up the good work, am loving it.


Love this pattern.


Holy comments batman! Hehe. I think I'll add mine too. I'm terrible, TERRIBLE, at following patterns but I followed yours easily. I'm new to crochet and I've made several hex's now. It only took a few minutes, too. I'm so proud of myself but couldn't have done it without your instructions!

I can't wait to make it a full-fledged project!

Carol S

Hi Lucy,
These are lovely hexagon shapes. I will have to try to do them.


how would I join these hexagons to make a purse


Hi Lucy,
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou so much I have made my first hexagon I was so excited and your instructions were excellent....and now I have made 82 of these beautiful things and aiming to make another 40 for a little rug for our couch in the winter.

Samantha C

Wow! This is absolutely amazing! Can't wait to give it a go.... thank you for such detailed instructions... they are the clearest by far out of all the sites I've visited looking for an easy pattern. Thanks again! xx

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