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November 05, 2008


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Dear LUCY:
I am Ana , I am from Chile and my mom loves what you do , I have to say that your work is just lovely and I would like to know how can I get the yarns you used, because in my country we do not find that kind of material ......I will thank if you send me some information


got lost on step 5 but all the other steps are so easy to understand its just hard for me to understand last step


I'm using this pattern to make a baby blanket. Any idea on how many you would use for a baby ?blanket?


Such great pics for the visual! Good instructions also. Am going to try this.
Thank you!

Denise Kalinowski

This is very kind and generous of you to share this knowledge with others! I just started to crochet (long time knitter branching out!!!), and this will be enormous help to me. I love all the colors that pop! Thanks, Denise

sue smith

I love this pattern, I have only one critasym(not sure about tha spelling there) that is that it is very difficult to print out without using loads of paper as it also prints out the rest of the webb site too........but thank you any way for a realy pretty pattern...x


Holy crap, I can finally crochet a hexagon THANKS TO YOU and your awesome instructions and pictures!
When are you going to write a book????


This blog is amazing! I'm going to make a hexagon blanket for my new baby boy. I love that everything is in 12's and he will be born in 2012 :) Thank you so much for writing this.


They look wonderful! I've started working on a hexagon blanket too but I don't understand how to make the edges even when you sow them all together....I know this is a very old post but I was still hopping to get some advice from you....Thank you for sharing!


I just wanted to thank you for putting things in such easy to understand directions. I bought a book a long time ago and I was never able to understand what they were telling me to do and thanks to you I can now understand some of it. the book I have uses the bobble stich a lot but they call it something completely different. I was able to do the pattern that you posted in one try and was also able to start doing ones from my book so again thank you!!!:)


Thank you!

Mabel L. Pepper

Lucy, I'm from Independence, MO & in the process of making a shawl out of hexagon granny squares (only 3 rows make up each square). My problem is they are to be connected at the POINTS of the hexagons. I already have the 54 squares made (18 in each row) & do not know how to go about joining them now. Can you help me, please?


I loved your hexagon and I'm getting rather good at it now.

Froufrou et capucine

Thank you very much Lucy, I have my blanket too and I'm really happy !! Your blog is so beautiful, congratulations !!

Vanessa Ryan

How do you make the 3-sided triangles for the edges?


Thank you so much for this great tutorial. I came upon it through a post on Pinterest that took me to Ravelry and then to your blog. I was working another hexagon pattern that never worked out and alomost gave up until I found your instructions. I love ease of the pattern...thanks to you!! =D C


Thanks so much this is beautiful!! In the process of making one now!

Alice Kay

I know that you made this post ages ago. I hope that you are still responding to questions on it. My question is: Once you have all the hexy's made, and joined, do you do a border on the entire afghan? Or, do you leave it as is? If you do, how is it done? I'm attempting my first, adult sized afghan starting tonight, and settled on this pattern.


Just discovered this post! So much more fun than circles or squares :-) Thank you and well explained. Making some individually at the moment.

nancy Toner

you have a great eye for the colour combos, I love them, I am a crochet maniac myself

lola keamey

OMG, Thank you. When I was growing up all the kids in my family had Christmas stockings that were like this, but in red, green and white. They always made Christmas seem so special to me. Now I can try and make one for my son, thanks to your beautiful pattern.

I love your website and all of your projects. I am envious of your design skills.

Go in peace,


Ya estot haciendola, la blusa.... Ya te envio... los comentarios. Muchas gracias


I love this! I can't wait to start :)


Isn't it amazing that you posted this 3 years ago, and you're still getting comments? It's because this is truly a well put together explanation with beautiful, captivating photos. Thank you :-) I will be subscribing to your blog, just based on this post. I hope there are more things to come.

ms. kelly pauls

I love this pattern and would like to learn how to do it. I crochet afghans for a charitable organization here in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada and would like a new pattern to use left over yarn from other afghans that I have made. One gets tired of doing the same patterns all the time. I would like to know how I can print this pattern without having the comment section printed with it. I just want the pattern. Thank you for your time!

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