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November 05, 2008


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Hala Alfi

I love this hex design! Do you have a matching half hex pattern?

Glenna Ninos

Great way to use up scraps.

Helen Hardinge

How can I print this beautiful pattern out please


Thankyou so much for this pattern I really love it It looks like a beautiful gypsy blanket .🌺

Doreen Torres

I made one of these blankets for my daughter when she was a baby. That was 38 years ago. I did it just by making a shape. Sewing them all together. The blanket came out beautiful. Now i have this pattern to follow. I wont have to try so hard. Thank you


Hello, thank you for the pattern. I am making a blanket and would like to know how to do half hexagons to fill the gap to make my rug even on two sides. Appreciate your help.

Glee Workman

Sorry but 2nd row stitch is not a bobble or a popcorn stitch. It's just 2 sts join together.

Lynn Warren

Love your pattern, will be making them to make a pillow for Christmas. I am here in Texas now but was from Devonshire before we moved to the states.

Kerry Persson

I am almost finished with the hexagons but wondered how to do the half hexagons? Please could you help me!
Kind regards

Dorothy Sankowski

Thanks so much for sharing your pattern. A friend asked me to make her a blanket much like yours but I wasn't sure how to get started since I have never crocheted a hexagon before. I'm sure she'll be very pleased.


This is soooo cool!!!
I love it!!!
Makes perfect christmas presents!!!


I would like to extend this pattern another two rounds. It’s not straightforward though. Can you suggest how to do this? The closest I’ve come to flat sides is 2dc-sl for the shells instead of 3dc.


Would do love a printed pattern !

Beth Len

I taught myself crochet to make your awesome blanket out of sock yarn leftovers. I need help figuring out how to do the half hexigons to fill out the sides of the blanket.


I bought beautiful bright cotton but had not decided what to do with it. I came across your pattern and fell in love with hexagons. Thanks so much for sharing. :)


Here's a link to half hexies to go with Attic24 hexagons:

adna m west

To print, copy and paste the test to Microsoft word and print.

Amber R Hoffner

I did the pattern with a 5mm and continued on. Total there are 7 rounds. But it looks like a snow flake, the sides aren't straight. Am I doing something wrong? Should I maybe ch.1 in the corner instead of two..?
Thank you!

Barbara Davis

Hi Lucy,
I am new to this, but I love this blanket.
However, many of the shades are discontinued and I am not clever enough to substitute different colors. Could you offer alternatives for colors no longer available?

sue mca

Thank you so much, just started it so I can use it in my photography of babies and children as a prop, much appreciated.


Hi Lucy - great pattern and I'm really enjoying making a hexagon blanket. Do you have a pattern for making half hexagons and flat triangles to make the blanket sides straight? Thanks Sarah

Eleanor Kilduff

Hi Lucy
I love your hexagons - and wonderful colours! I have made some hexagons in a similar pattern (but regret not having seen yours first!!) I will be putting them together using your method - so thanks a million for this. Please may I ask for your help about how to do the border. I would also like to know about a printed pattern.Can't wait to see my completed blanket for our expected grandchild! Eleanor

Jenni Twigg

Hi Lucy, my blanket is almost complete, can you please give me some advice about the border? Thank you for the amazing instructions, was so easy to follow xx


I was looking for crocheting projects and suddenly I found myself in the description of your Hexagons on Ravelry. I specially love the way you can easily join the hexagons together. Thanks for sharing 🤗
Love from Norway 🇳🇴


I was looking for crotchet prijects and suden,y found myself in the description of your Hexagon on Ravelry. I specially love the way you can easily join the hexagons together. Thanks for sharing 🤗
Love from Norway 🇳🇴

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