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November 07, 2008


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So lovely, I can see why you were smitten with it when you first saw it. I will go on over and check out your talented friend's blog. So glad you have it now. :~) Oh, and so glad that your friend encouraged you to start Attic24! :~)


I'm so excited for you! That painting is indeed extraordinarily lovely. Enjoy!!!


What a lovely thing - your post, your friendship and your new painting!

Kitschen Pink

I hope there was no drip drip on the picture! It's very beautiful. Happy birthday you colourful lovely! t.xx


How wonderful for you. I am sure you deserve it completely.

Now, I will go see about your friend's blog.


What a beautiful painting and gift - hope you have a wonderful birthday. You are such a wonderful person and all your readers love you!!!


What a lovely picture...wished I could paint...hopeless....the log burner your friend has installed is the one we are getting...skip arriving tuesday argh! No pain no gain x

Daisy Steiner

Totally gorgeous. What a kind person.
Oh and happy birthday.


Lucy what a lovely reaction to a really beautiful present, Vanessa is indeed a very talented lady. Am v. jealous that you have seen the inside for real of her studio - lucky you, I just drool over it via pics! Am soooooo looking forward to seeing you on Saturday - I am the short one looking v.v.v.v. tired!! Kathyx


it's beautiful xx


DONT CRY ON THE PAINTING! =) What a sweet and thoughtful gift. The generosity of blogland inspires me SO much!


For me it´s always again overwhelming how warmhearted and generous blog-friends are. And it makes those friends so very 'real', not only being a blog and some mails here and then anymore, no, suddenly you know that there is a lively wonderful friend behind the screen. And without blogs we would have never ever met, and that´s the most fantastic thing with all the blogs. Your present is a gem, it´s absolutely charming and I love the way you are saying "thank you" here.


That truly was a wonderful gift. So much better for knowing the artist too.


Hi Lucy, I have also benefited from Vanessas genersoisty and know exactly what you mean about her paintings. I keep looking at the depth of colour in the flowers and can't quite believe its mine! happy belated birthday.
Ps I adore you fabric pictures aswell so if you are ever in need of tooth fairy pillows.........!


oh what a lovely gift you got and what a nice friendship to read about :-) even better to get a belated present just when you think your birthday has been and gone:-)
Lesley x


Oh it is absolutely beautiful. I can totally see why you fell so in love with it. For one awful moment I thought you were going to tell us your tears dripped onto it! phew! I'm going straight over to visit Vanessa's blog. Enjoy looking at your lovely new painting.

do you mind if i knit

Thankyou Lucy! Gosh............... I'm completely overwhelmed by your generosity ...................... but I think my strongest feeling is one of sheer happiness at your reaction to my gift................... the perfect reaction, and I think the sort of reaction that most people would hope for, but would very rarely get...................... And you say such lovely things about my blog, and have taken some great photographs of the painting............. and, and, well............. gosh!!!!!! The only other time someone cried over my paintings I gifted, was when I gave my Brother-in-Law three portraits I had done of my Niece, his daughter............... It was Christmas day, and he opened the gift, and promptly burst into tears infront of all the family, and sounded pained................ I was astonished that he felt so moved, and felt a bit guilty at the same time................ but also torn, because there was something very flattering about him crying over my gift.............. he did like the pictures by-the-way.............. he wasn't crying because he disliked them! I'm so, so glad I had a very good excuse to give this to you as a present Lucy, and I'm so thrilled you love it..........................A late Happy Birthday!

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