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October 17, 2008


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These are soooooo pretty! =]

Tara Thayer

Lucy, these floral pieces are really beautiful; you're obviously full of talent for all sorts of things. Don't downplay how creative you are now, at home though, even though you're focused on the kids and house, etc. I'm just as inspired by your house & outlook as a sahm as I am by these wonderful works of art. Keep it up-and maybe this is all to do with 40? I have the same symptoms, myself! Best wishes...


Muito lindos seus trabalhos, Lucy!!
Como se faz?

Lace hearts

Wow, and triple wow, those are definitely worthy of an etsy shop. You are amazing.
Thank you so much for your very generous comment on my crochet post (and for linking), you really helped boost me back up yesterday. But I will work on the next batch of crochet pics very carefully! lol. Crochet is such a wonderful thing, that yes, we should spread it a lot. Your crochet is fabulous. I'd got purple but decided not to use it in the granny sq blanket I'm making, but wish I had now. I'm definitely going to try merino next. xxx


Thanks for brightening and warming up my morning Lucy! I love these so much - especially the tulips and the 2nd pic. too :0) orange and blue together are one of my favourite colour combinations and the pink in the tulips looks amazing with orange.
A friend of mine had their upstairs loo decorated in orange and blue - now you really needed sunglasses for that!
Must run off to school now .....:) x


Wow...they are fantastic. You have a real talent and yes, I think you should reclaim a bit of you BC and have another go. x


I went on at work just now to show my colleaugues your work and there they were - even more - fabulous.


Tell me something--are the details like the "shading" on the tulips (the lighter pink) and the stripes on the jog smaller pieces of fabric cut to make that detail? WOW! I love them and would DEFINITELY purchase one to frame and hang. Do it!


wow fab pieces Lucy you are very talented! I love the 3rd one down (with the dotty border) especially :-)
Lesley x


I just logged on to check emails and then do a quick blog check by randomly visiting someone in my list. You pictures are so amazing I am inspired to sign off now and go and do some textile work! more of these please and I think your coloursceme is fab Have you seen Lin Pattersons quilts? WWW.linpattersontextiles.com


ps - I meant to say that I really like the unfinished look!


Lucy, they are really are fantastic! I love the one with the tomato and the Cornishware jug. Fab.
Is there any chance of seeing some of the cards you used to make (or did I dream that you used to do that!!)
hugs from over the Pennines

Mrs Be

Oh they're beautiful! Clever, clever you. Yes, I think an Etsy store should be on the cards!

Pink feather paradise

Oh they are gorgeous, it reminds me of the wallpapers and furnishing fabrics I use to design, I recently had to get rid of my plan chest and I went through all my work that I did when I worked for an agent in Stoke on Trent and I ended up in tears as I threw layouts away, I couldn't believe I had done some of it as it was so nice. Unfortunately every time we have moved talk of a studio has been discussed but I end up without and end up getting rid of more of my stuff to make way for other family items.
Go for it and make the world a brighter place by adding to the colour and variety of peoples surroundings.
Cheers Alex

do you mind if i knit

Wow! Wow, wow, wow! Just fabulous Lucy................. and yes............. an Etsy shop would go down a storm methinks! I must admit, I love the colour, it's not too much for me!
We saw the Dahlia walk at Cragside............. it was extraordinary............ I love Dahlias, their sculptural qualities, and the intense colour................... I definately think you're ready to reclaim a corner of yourself.............. go for it!


Lucy, they're beautiful, especially the one with hearts and the one with the tomato on the windowsill. How long did they take to make?
I think a little tutorial is needed here. lol!


Absolutely beautiful!!!!

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